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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nanach proliferation

last night after having the merit of doing amazing door to door hafatza in Modiin, we (Maor, Gil, and myself) stopped on the side of the road for a bit for the extracurricular Nanach activities, the police apprehended one of us and accused him of spraying Nanach on the side of the road – imagine that! They claimed that he had thrown away the can when he saw them coming, but low and behold they could not find the can, it had miraculously disappeared, but they were convinced that they had seen what they had seen, so they took him away, meanwhile after some heartfelt prayers and petitions to H”Y for the safety, wellbeing, and freedom of our Nanach friend, I fell asleep in the car, when I awoke our friend was with us, B”H he was released with just a warning and no charges were filed. This same friend was kicked out of the holy tomb of Mother Rachel on her hillula, by some haredim for the sin of giving out Nanach stickers.

Over the last few days this Nanach car has seen enormous impediments, the starter went out and we needed to get boosted over and over again often in middle of the road, which didn't stop my friends from giving someone else a boost.... Then our little speaker system went on the blink (we also tried to put in a new sterio, but after all the rumaging and tinkering, while the local little kids had their heyday with us, the tech said that it just wasn't meant to be), we'd fix this and that and keep it going, but finally it went out for good. We were directed here and there but couldn't find the proper technician. All these types of events usually drive people over the edge, but my Nanach friends knew that for little people like us to have the merit of doing something so big as spreading Nanach these types of things go with the territory, so we fortified ourselves with the joy and hope of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman calling on his full arsenal of teachings, prayers, music, dancing, and celebration, and we just kept going B”H. Eventually we found Yona in Rosh HuAyin who really knew his stuff and fixed the problem very quickly, Yona didn't even want to take payment B”H, so we gave him a givald Nanach sticker to strengthen his smile muscles, and he put it up in his shop right then and there. Right after we drove out of the shop the system crashed again, we almost didn't have the guts to go back, but B”H we said a little Nanach and we made our regal reentry into the shop and Yona was happy to fix it again, B”H.

In Modiin we met a guy (without a beanie) who invited us to sit with him and asked us to tell him some Torah, he told us that he had great appreciation for the Nanach, as he vividly remembers how 3 years ago, in 2008, he fell into utter depression, he was crushed, and then he bumped into a full fledged hafatza stand, in middle of the hustle and bustle of the monotony of people chasing after money, smack in the middle were some brave mayfitzim dancing like mad, uninhibited to show full joy and excitement. This guy explained to us how this isolated reality in his whole picture of things turned out to be the real reality, and changed his life forever.

B"H with the prices of the books down to 5 shekel and lower, and free "patzim" - the booklets spearheaded by Aaron Patz may H"Y bless him and protect him, and an abundance of new amazing Nanach stickers, Nanach is really getting out there.

B”H it is happening the holy awesome books of Rabbainu are getting to the masses and the effects are reverberating around the whole universe, yishtabach shimo luad!

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