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Sunday, November 27, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Just trust in God

he (Rabbi Yisroel) had a small ledger, he was a big merchant! He inscribed every penny that H”Y summoned to him, and every income and expense. He made an accounting, how much he was obligated, how much money he owed. And he was always happy, he was happy... he danced, he sang, he was happy, because he had all the money in the world! He had. He had five children, daughters, and an only son. The only son, his name was Mordichai. The only son, I knew that small child, but he grew up, he grew, grew and became bar mitzva, this only son. And also he had, the only son had sisters, sisters... she was righteous so modest, that there is nothing to say, there are no words to say. She thought that I was a brother. He, the only son, his name was Mordichai. And also he had a daughter, that's name was Esther, and she was so righteous like Queen Esther. She was already seven, eight years old. She was so modest! Ah, so modest, ah.Esther. There was in the house Mordichai and Esther. Mordichai... after the bar mitzva he had... he was sick and died. No, Esther, Esther died. And Mordichai died three days before Rabbi Yisroel. He knew that he died, and also Rabbi Yisroel died.

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