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Friday, November 25, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Parnassa, Parnassa, Parnassa (livelihood, income)

Parnassa, Parnassa, Parnassa, Parnassa! So if (with) Rabbainu everyone that they scream parnassa! Parnassa! So... so our holy master... what? Parnassa? Just trust (faith in God)! He gave them all parnassa! Ah! But to Rabbi Yisroel may he rest in peace, he... he had a ledger, he was a writer, a great writer, he had a ledger... he inscribed everything that he had, revenue, and every matter, and he gave a fifth every month, he gave a fifth of the money that H”Y gave him, he gave a fifth. nu... he... what? To anyone who asked him he gave. I was specificly with debt. “my fifth pays everything!” who ever has debts, the fifth pays! One time he complained before me, he is already so indebted to the fifth, he was in great pain, he owes money to the fifth, a lot of money, “ I have a fifth, a fifth that pays all debt!” all debts. The fifth is very wealthy... he said this the same way the world searches for money, he searched for a mitzva. Maybe H”Y will give me a mitzva? He went to search. Every time he found, and they became close to Rabbainu. [the convert thought] “if he (Rabbi Nachman) has such hasidim, I want to be Breslov! I don't want to be an intellectual, I want to be Breslov!”

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