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Thursday, November 24, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The prayers of Rabbi Yisroel Karduner on Rosh Hashana:

Such melodies! On Rosh Hashana there were such melodies, whoever saw, had to hold himself! He would begin to sing the melodies of Rosh Hashana (you said that he would pray the shmona esray for four hours?) in the morning I went to Rosh Hashana and I ate, after the prayer I went down from the prayer, and he? He stood alone! (still continuing the shemona esray?) yes. (he couldn't budge?) yes. There was such trembling, with such yartzeit (?), with such clinging, with such happiness, the whole world did not know, Rabbi Yisroel he... I knew that he could be found down in the synagogue, so I went to hear and to see, what was (going on) there, was there a wedding, I will go? He could not move forward, I will get great honor (?), he was trembling all of him, and also the whole building trembled, I will get great honor, (the whole shrine trembled?) by Rabbi Shimon below. (he was barefoot?) alone in the shrine of Rabbi Shimon, he would not go in with shoes. In the winter in the cold, in such cold without shoes, like in the Holy of Holies, and he would cry, I can not... Is it possible to consider that he was untruthful? Where are there so many tears? How? But I saw, that every time he was stronger, the tears more strong. And it was on a very cold winter, and he was standing where he was, when he finished, he left the shrine, he left [from the shrine] like when opening the door to an oven from the heat. He would exit from the shrine hot, so hot from the shrine! And the shrine was damp from the tears, and the shrine was like a stream! And I said to Hashem, “how does one merit to this? I also want to cry, where is there such a thing? Where is this obtained?! Is it necessary to go to all the liars?! Oy vay... he was always worried about Israel (i.e. the Jews). He was always had such pain for Israel, “where is the people of Israel? Where is the Torah? Where?...”

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