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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

A new Purim and the prayer of Rav Yisroel Karduner.

One time in my life I saw a new Purim, how they lay with towels on the head and on the eyes with fear, in fear, in awe and fear. (Rabbi Yisroel Karduner studied by R' Moshe Breslover?) yes. (the student of Rabbi Nussun?) but he was friends with everyone. He (Rabbi Yisroel) observed his (R' Moshe Breslover's) yartzeit (anniversary of death), day of remembrance, like (for) a father, he would fast on this day and learn mishnayos with (lighting) a continual candle of olive oil, like (for) a father...

On Purim, Rabbi Yisroel may he rest in peace, he began to drink in the house and he danced in the house, and I saw every second that he would drink more, he goes out from this world to another world. (to the future world?) yes. After Purim, he arrived, he began to go from the house, from the door to the street to make it known that it's Purim “to make it known, to make it known, to make it know” ('lihoadiya' – from the songs of Purim), I walked with him, and he went the whole street till the place of Slunim, the hasidim of Slunim are jokers ('letzim'), they scorn Breslov. The next year, he entered the house and everyone were sitting and drinking wine and were drunk, and he entered as if it was his own house, and he danced, he said to me... there was an old there by the name of Reb Lishka, he got angry with me (this happened when Saba would pray next to him, screaming the prayers), “you want to make me deaf? I am already deaf. What do you want from me?”, so/then he said to me, “do you understand his dancing? Of Rabbi Yisroel Karduner? Do you understand what this is? This is wondrous dancing!” So said their head, he was the head of the opposers. He was abnegated, he saw the dancing of Rabbi Yisroel, he (Rabbi Yisroel) entered between the opposers, between the scorpians, snakes and scorpians and he made from them nothing and vapor, (dirt and ashes), who saw such a thing? How did he have such strength to enter in its midst, in the middle. On top of that, happiness! (the opposite of the satan) yes. And to show him, “come, come, come, I am not afraid of you! (you also did the same thing, you danced for them at weddings?) no. whoever saw his dance, was completely abnegated. But after he died, then I went. There was a time, that Purim was on Thursday night, I did not have (money) for Shabbos, but I, all my possessions I had in my wallet, a half a lira. A half a lira? What is a half a lira? [a half a lira of that time] this was enough for Shabbos (that's a big asset!) yes! A half a lira! But this, here it was already Shabbos, a half a lira was in the wallet, I said, “I want wine” but there wasn't any. There isn't wine, it was already finished. So I said, “what? There is no wine? Take a half a lira and buy wine” so they took the half a lira from me. What? What did I do? Why did I do that? Why did I give them half a lira? What will be with me? Tomorrow I will not have for Shabbos! Everyone laughed. They took from me the half a lira (did you drink from the wine at least?) no. they did not buy, they understood that I was drunk, I took out half a lira? They were afraid. This is my whole Shabbos, this is half a lira? (so they brought it to you?) yes... (in China they learn the Stories of Ancient Times) yes?! They examine books, also by us (i.e. in Israel) in the university, every morning, they examine the Recounting of Stories (of Ancient Times by Rabbi Nachman). (this was also on t.v.) yes?! (the best was in South Africa) are there wealthy people there? Only if there are wealthy people there [Saba Yisroel laughs].

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