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Monday, November 14, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Torah (Lesson) 7 from the Second Volume of Likutay Moharan (Collection from our Master Rabbi Nachman of Breslov) “For from compassion he will lead them”

And he (Rabbi Yisroel Karduner) said to me that he want to go to the synagogue. Nu, I went with him to the synagogue, and on the way I spoke with him, and I told him my thing... yes. And he heard everything, and I wanted to make a confession before him, and he did not want to hear, and he said that this forbidden, so/then I walked to the synagogue of the Karlin hasidim. (You made a confession?) no, no, just a generalization, yes. A generalization, I spoke with him and I cried before him, because I wanted very much, I felt that there is by him cures for me, that he should not abandon me, that he should not leave me and go to Meron, so I cried before him, and I asked him that he should not leave me. Nu, he heard such a thing, and I saw that he was very moved, because he saw eye to eye that H”Y caused that he should come to Tiberius... and he came straight to Tiberius, from the donkey straight to my house. And after I went with him to the synagogue, and the synagogues were closed. I did not know where the key to the synagogue was. Just one synagogue that was in Tiberius from the disciples of the Baal Shem Tov and the grandfather of our holy master, R' Nachman Hordenker and R' Avrohom Kalisker, all the holy tzaddikim, they built a synagogue near the sea, in order that they (ritually) dip and pray, in the sea whenever they want, that it should be close to the sea, so they built the synagogue next to the sea, and in the winter, that there was a lot of rain, the sea thickened and rose and entered this synagogue reaching half the height of the tables, and they could not pray there. And this synagogue was open, and the tables and chairs stood in the water, until the month of Nissan, until the water went down. So we entered this synagogue and we climbed on top of a table, and we learned Torah 7 volume 2 “for from mercy he will lead them” and he learned with me this Torah the whole night, and I merited to this, that all my life I never experienced the taste of Torah, the taste of fear of Heaven, the taste like this night that he learned with me this Torah, this holy Torah “for from mercy he will lead them”. We were in the synagogue when the sea was there, all night, and I did not feel that I had to sleep. And also he had candles and matches, which was very expensive, and he was wealthy, and he lit candles and learned with me in Likutay Moharan until close to morning light, until I heard the calling of mother crying, that she cried, “oy my son Yisroel Ber, my son Yisroel Ber is lost!” I heard, so I said to Rabbi Yisroel, “oy vay, it is after midnight and my mother is searching in quest for me”, so I exited the synagogue and went to mother following the call. I reached her and said to her, “what is this crying?” so she said to me, “what did you do? Where did you go the whole night? In any event, do you know? Now it is necessary to throw into the garbage all the dough, all the challah and all the bread! Nu, you didn't hear?? This night Yisroel Ber became a Breslover! And from this night there was a commotion in Tiberius: “this night Yisroel Ber became a Breslover!” She told the neighbors from the surroundings, they came in the morning, “what is this, what was the crying?” they asked, “what? What happened?” so she told over! “a man bought bread, and he (Yisroel Ber) went with him and did not return the whole night!” They did not know who it was, but in the morning, when I went to the synagogue, and Rabbi Yisroel was in the synagogue and I spoke with him, so they said to him, “nu, nu, it has already happened what has happened, this night they vitiated (changed religious faith, God forbid) Yisroel Ber.” and afterwords on Sunday, we went to the Yeshiva, he learned with me the books of Rabbainu and Talmud and Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law) and halachic arbitrators, nu, and they saw! “oy vay, Yisroel Ber has become a Breslover! Rabbi Yisroel Karduner...” nu nu, hostility swept over me, a great battle, and father and mother and the relatives and the family and the whole Yeshiva everyone, it is impossible to describe, they had great pity on me. Just this? They said, “oy vay! Yisroel Ber has become a Breslover! Yisroel Ber has become a Breslover!” They went from the Yeshiva, they went to my parents, father and mother, and they (from the Yeshiva) told them (parents), “do you know? Yisroel Ber has become a Breslover!” So father said, “I am not worried, I know my son, he fulfills (the commandment of) honoring one's father, unique in the generation, unparalleled, he is Heaven fearing, and he fulfills the commandment of honoring one's father, even if I sent him into fire, are you familiar with my son? He is Heaven fearing and he fulfills the commandment of honoring one's father, he will come from the Yeshiva, I will tell him that I do not want, it will be over, he will not be a Breslover! I do not have any worries.” So they spoke with him, “ you do not know what Breslov is? He will not listen to you! You need a heavy war!” so he said, “I am not worried, I know my son!” I came from the Yeshiva, so father says to me, “I heard, everyone from the Yeshiva say, Rabbi Muttel and all of them, and they said that you became a Breslover. Know my son, have compassion on me, I do not want that you should be Breslov. I am a Karliner! I want you to be a chusid! You can choose Gur, Chabad, Slunim, any type of Chusid you desire, but just not Breslov!” so I said to him, “father, you know, you are acquainted with me, I fulfill (the commandment of) honoring one's father, all that you tell me I will listen to you, just this, no! I want only Breslov! I love Breslov! In this (matter) I will not listen to you. “Uhh?... so they were justified. They are correct, they said that I do not know what Breslov is?!... this is the first time that I hear from you that you do not want to do as I say!” Oy oy oy, what was! This is still not, this is still not, it is impossible to tell over everything the way it was. Rav Muttel and all the chasidim and the whole city it was ike a boiling pot. R. Muttel was a great intellectual and he had fine character traits, he was humble and he studied day and night and he was a very wondrous man, even though I was a child and I had a weak mind, but he loved me, my wholeheartedness, my good will, he loved a mitzva, so he drew me close. Father was poor and blind, so he had compassion on me and drew me close, and I was by him like a member of the house, and he lifted me up “from the garbage he lifts the pauper” (Psalms), this is a very awesome story, whoever puts their heart in truth....

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