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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

One time I was reading from the book, and I didn't know from whom it was, who was the author of the book? Because it was without an introduction, without a beginning, without an end, and I didn't know. And I guarded the book, and I closed it in my chest, and almost every day I went to the field with the book, and I saw great wonders, novelties that I never had, and I did not know who was the author of this book. One time I was reading this book in my room. Then he saw the book, he saw that it is Outpouring of the Soul and he knew that this is from the books of Breslov. So he told me, this friend, he said to me, “Which book are you reading? From this book you are reading?” So I was very shocked and I became very angry, and I said to him, “this book is holy of the holies, what are you saying?! What are you saying?!” So he said to me, “animal! You do not know what there is in the world, you do not know anything, this is from the books of Breslov, it is forbidden to read them. The Rebbe and all the admurs and the whole world oppose this, and they say it is forbidden to read these books, you are brazen like this against all the admurs? All the admurs say that is forbidden to read them, and you do not want to listen to them? This is from the books of Breslov. What, you don't know? Everyone knows!” I said to him, “no, I do not know...”

I heard for the first time in my life that there is Breslov in the world, and that it is forbidden to read from the books. So I said to him, “I do not listen to the whole world, to all the admurs, this book is good for me, I see such wonders, what is impossible to relate.” So he says to me, “you are so impudent, so brazen, against the admur, and against all the admurs? Then you are not human.” I said to him, “for me, this is good,” so he said, “this book is mine, I want this book, it is mine!” I did not want to give it to him, I said to him, “I won this book from free property, from the garbage can,” so he said to me, “this book is mine, and I want it, I don't need it, I want just that you should not read it!” So he overpowered me and took from me the book, with force, and I remained without the book like an orphan.

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