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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The finding of the book Outpouring of the Soul in the garbage can.

One day I found a book of shaimus (when a holy book is in tatters it is set aside as 'shaimus' to be buried respectfuly), with no binding, without a beginning, without and end, 'shaimus', in the garbage bin. So I took it so that it shouldn't be in disgrace, I took the book from the garbage can and I went in order to throw the book in 'geniza' (place where stuff is gathered to be buried), and I went to the courtyard of the geniza, and the geniza was in the Yeshiva. I entered the Yeshiva, and I walked to the geniza to throw (in) the book, like all torn books are thrown, and then before I threw the book, I saw the name of the book, Outpouring of the Soul. And it was torn, without an end, and without binding, and this made an impression on me, maybe this will be good for me? I began to read it, and I saw that this was kindness from H”Y that I merited to find this book. Because every statement was for me. Nu, at the time that I found the book, I went with the book to be alone – hisboded – with the book, and I prayed as was prescribed there in the name of Rabbainu how to seclude oneself – hisboded – and how to pray, and I walked in the fields, no one knew. Like theft, I stole myself in the fields. And I had hisbodidus and I read from the book, I fulfilled what was written there, I saw for the first time in my life that the power of this book, such strength of hisbodidus, this kills all the destroyers and the vandals and all types of bad plagues, all types of actions, all types of desires, I saw with my very eyes that after hisbodidus when I returned to the Yeshiva I was like a new person, I felt in myself, “Where are all the vandals, all the ravagers? They were killed!” So I had this custom, almost every day, to go out to the field with the book, and I had hisbodidus, and I saw miracles and wonders novelties that from the day I became intelligent I had not seen such wonders. This was for a continued time....

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Kalonymus said...

This translation is fantastic.
Keep it coming !!!
Please !!
I look forward to it every day.