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Friday, November 4, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

If not for the strife and opposition I would not know anything about Breslov

If not for the strife, if not for the opposition, I would not know from Rabbainu anything, this specificly drew me close. Yes. This was good presents, “I brought for you a present from the Land of Israel – adversary” (Rabbi Nachman said this to his followers upon his return from the Holy Land), this was was such a present that there is none (like it) in the world! Now if you give all the money in the world, I want! I want!... None! The time has passed!... But also today, Messiah still hasn't came, the truth isn't so much, yes. But the world is beginning to hear and to understand Rabbainu, Rabbi Nachman. Rabbi Nachman, yes. All the days of my life I had... they were afraid... they were frightened to touch a book of Breslov, and now it is possible to read everywhere the books of Breslov. I had questions on H”Y, why do the truth no be revealed? If the truth would be revealed, it would already be the Rectified World. When will this be? How is it possible for there to be redemption? How is it possible? So now I see, from before 80 years until now I see, such power, that the people are drawing themselves to Rabbainu. The people, it would be fitting for all the people to distance themselves from Breslov, because all the greats were opposers, they were... yes. A wonder occurred, such a wonder, so Our Holy Master said, “I have brought for you a present from the Land of Israel, adversary.” The whole world, all of humanity, all the people will repudiate him, and then who ever draws close to me, these are my men. What? Oy, what they suffered, they suffered for the generations, in these generations, they prepared for Messiah, Rabbainu's men and Rabbainu's books, every statement... every adage... and every... but the falsehood... the lies this... this blinds the eyes, obfuscate the eyes, yes. Desecrating and degrading the truth, but Rabbainu has already arrived, when he entered Uman he said to Rabbi Nussun, “Even still H”Y always finishes as He desires.” Such a Master and the disciple unique/unmatched in the world, from the day of creation, Such a Rebbe and such a disciple... and also, all the disciples of Rabbainu, what this is, I, thank God, I was crushed, and broken, and demeaned... but the heart inside was... the truth burned like a blazing fire, this was a miracle...

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