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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

His trip to Jerusalem to the men of truth, to hear words of Breslov, after the passsing of R. Yisroel Karduner.

Because when I drew close to Rabbainu and I traveled to Jerusalem, and in Jerusalem, it is a city of Torah scholars, geniuses, tzadikim, greatly acclaimed people, but our people, they were broken, and they were humbled by them (- society). And every statement that I heard from our people I felt such truth... I saw, I understood, H”Y gave me wisdom and intellect to understand. I saw Rabbi Naftoli Cohen, he was a wise and intelligent man, and was very smart, yes. He was an expert architect, he could build large houses, he built the synagogue.

The things that I heart from our people in Jerusalem.

Certainly, certainly first and foremost, Rabbi Yisroel [Karduner] yes. He opened for me all the gates, through him I merited to understand, I merited yes. And principally Rabbi Naftoli, I asked him questions, what to do with the evil inclination? And he loved to speak with me, he saw the simplicity/wholeheartedness and my truth, so he very much loved speaking with me, yes. Nu, he was not able, there was a great distance, he was already old and I... and also I (was) simple and he was a Ben Torah, and he spoke with me, he did not lilke to speak a lot, but this, it was from the things he would speak, it was holy wisdom, yes. And he put in me a new spirit, yes, in the matter of Rabbainu. Yes. He explained to me what is the matter of false beliefs, yes. He said that it is false, deceiving, deceitful faiths.

Then I thought, my admur of Karlin, he is not prevaricator, until Imerited to know that he also with them together. Until I merited to know and to understand this, because if I would not understand, I would be greatly distraught, the heart, this was the heart, I have a defect in my heart, yes. A blemish. Deformity. Defect.... Nu, what does one do? And thank God, H”Y helped me, that the words that I heard from our people in Jerusalem, it was a comfort to me, salvation, salvation and comfort, and he shined in me great light, to know what this is. (false faiths?) yes. I saw that Karlin... who... and also all of them, I was stronger than all of them, from all the liars, just my prevaricator he is holy and pure, Karlin... until I dismissed this, until I merited to understand that this is a lie, Karlin and also all of them, yes. But I was happy with my lot, that I merited to understand, to see and to understand that this is falsehood and this is truth... yes. Against the whole world, and it was reversed... yes. I was like that. “Who are you? What? What do you know? What do you understand?” no... H”Y constricts Himself (even to) Yisroel Ber as well. Yes. I merited to feel, to see and to understand that this is truth, and this is falsehood. This was in the time that the whole world was sunken in falsehood, in admurs. And I merited to see the opposite from all of them... yes. And it did not effect me, they are many and they are great in Torah, what? Who am I? What are you? no... the truth is strong, a strong warrior like this that similar to it....

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