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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Awesome Hillula by Saba

B"H awesome occasion!!!

Thank God for giving us the privilege of being by Saba on his hillula!

At night to supplement the prayers and general rejoicing there was music and dancing, and kugel and chullent, and lamb kabab, cake and more. Free books, music, and stickers were given out. Rabbi Nachman's Ark really made the difference, as torrents of rain pounded down, in the first half of the night. The Ark, whose home is in Haifa, by Bais Rabbainu, was also the host of the lamb kabab barbecue feast, and they provided music as well.

Throughout the night and the day the Nanach troops marched in and out, the holiest precious lot of people all in one place!

Alot of big things went down.

Late in the afternoon channel 7 TV came by, and for some reason they asked me if I could direct them to someone who could tell them what was going on, so I gave them a little run until they had to go, they said it would be just a half a minute clip, but when I told them Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman I saw them getting really into it.

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