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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Inroads to bringing Rabbainu to Jerusalem BB"A

MK Wants Breslov Rebbe Nachman’s Grave in Israel

An MK wants the PM to discuss with the visiting Ukrainian president the idea of reburying revered Rabbi Nachman of Breslov in Israel.
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
First Publish: 11/30/2011, 1:02 PM

The tomb of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, in Uman
Israel news photo: Wikimedia Commons
Knesset Member Danny Danon wants Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to discuss with the visiting president of Ukraine on Thursday the idea of reburying the revered Rabbi Nachman of Breslov in Israel.

MK Danon said that he knows someone who has offered to finance bringing the remains from Ukraine, where tens of thousands of Israelis visit the grave of “Rebbe Nachman” every year.

Previous attempts to rebury the rabbi in Israel have failed.

“Hundreds of thousands of Israelis who are followers of Rabbi Nachman are not able to fly to Ukraine and visit his grave,” and reburying him in Israel would allow them to do so, said MK Danon.

Rabbi Nachman was born in 1772 and died only 38 years later. In his short life, he founded the Breslov Hassidic movement that attracted thousands of Jews, particularly those who felt inferior because they were not learned Torah scholars despite their deep faith in HaShem.

Rabbi Nachman visited Israel in 1798, a visit that had such a significant impact on him that he asked followers not to quote anything from him unless it was said or written after his trip to the country.

Before he died, he said that every Jew who visits his grave on Rosh HaShanah will be saved from evil even if someone “pulls his side locks.” (you gotta love how they got this backwards).

MK Danon told Prime Minister Netanyahu, ”We have a rare opportunity to do justice for Rabbi Nachman, for whom Israel was so important. Re-buying him in Israel will bring historic honor to the country that is the home of the Jewish people.”

The Knesset Member suggested that the Mount of Olives Cemetery opposite the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is a potential and central location for the reburial of Rabbi Nachman.

Comment on Rabbeinu Article on Arutz Sheva

My friends, the subject of bringing Rabbeinu to Eretz Yisroel has come up once more - but this time, in a good political way. MK Danny Danon has spoken to Prime Minister Netanyahu about this
and asked him to address this when Netanyahu plans on speaking with the Ukranian president this Thursday. For more details on this, click on this link and write your comments on this (in support of this of course). Unfortunately, some people are under the impression thanks to those who are considered Breslov rabbis that Rabbi Nachman wants to remain buried in Uman when this is the furthest thing from the truth. Whether a Nanach believes in going to Uman or the Kotel for Rosh Hashanah, one thing that can be agreed upon is the fact that Saba was working on plans to bring Rabbeinu to Israel when certain Breslov elements for political reasons prevented this from happening.

Stories from hafatza

These happened weeks ago in central Israel.

The mefitzim were greeted by a woman wearing pants and with uncovered hair, she was very glad to see them. The woman had made aliya with her family around 40 years ago (I don't remember all the details properly so I'm going to write this the best I can B"H), and she attempted to remain faithful to the Torah but the way it was being presented to her alienated her, she even made a trip to Meah Shearim to experience their brand of Judaism, but was turned off. So she drifted away from the holy ways of the Torah until recent years when she discovered Rabbainu. When she talks about Rabbainu she gets very passionate, Rabbainu gave her a new take on life. Her bookcases are full of Rabbainu's holy books, from all types of publishers. She attends regular shiurim on Rabbainu, and in her own ways spreads the holy message of Rabbainu to everyone she talks to. Because of her outward appearance she often reaches people that wouldn't be open to hearing such things from someone else.

The same night the mefitzim knocked on a door, and the woman of the house was very pleased to see them and invited them in saying that someone would be very happy to see them. That someone turned out to be under house arrest with an ankle-bracelet anchoring him to the confines of his apartment. He did not look like the person you'd want to meet on a lonely street, or if you belonged to an opposing mafia. Chaim was in fact happy to see the mefitzim, and he sat down with them and served them pastries and beverages from a well stocked pantry. To start the conversation the meftzim brought up a current issue of how frogs even extinct ones are popping up all over Israel. At the mention of the word frog, which in Hebrew is - Tzfardaya - Chaim immediated mentioned what Rabbainu explained that this word is a composition of two word, tzipor - bird, daya - know. One thing led to the other, and an argument arose over the necessity of staying away from the MSS, and the mefitzim put their neck on the line to disway Chaim from his inclination to seek their offers of good luck, and whether or not he fully accepted their truthful position, he politely accepted their point of view.

This is just a small taste.

Now here's a special treat, the of a recent Hebrew post about the Nanach Hafatza Tour of Israel:

Gd willing, we will write blog stories of friends in distribution.
Begin to speak briefly about in. Dear. He wore a waist spread from house to house and distribute free books, mainly villages and kibbutzim. We are prevented from telling everything to keep it hidden from view. But have a little book, both to strengthen and encourage the distribution and to inform the interested join.
Whoever lives in the far north, near Nahariya, he knew he had an opportunity to join the distribution was all lights, favors, and Hsghot wonders, (which as much meets the eye, also revealed to us we hide ditto). And who is really interested then can contact us [You can joinhim every day and even have a place to sleep and everything, and you can go back to. as well as friends who live in the north, like a fluke or Safed and Meron, should come even for one night, and strengthen and grow stronger because we are all friends]
Well ...
The first day he arrived on. From land to the north, alone, and that day was joined by a member of Safed heard about the devotion and decided to join and help him.
That same day, the evening one of the kibbutzim distribution difficult, met an Israeli man who arranged for shelter that has it all, beds [Although hospital beds ... But beds] air conditioner, refrigerator, near the synagogue, hope close. All it takes. Who does a person know when he heard they were sleeping in the shelter and they arranged a special B & B and moving slept there whenever they want [when customers free Zimmer]
Boyfriend in. Told kibbutzim get them nice and a lot of families given books with joy and thank them for the books, and even those that are interested, they do not forget to thank and congratulate. Individual referred is not nice and of course sometimes needs hassid disgrace and some people who supply this need .... For example, when he came into the schoolyard, a dog jumped on him and barked, the owner came out and shouted "Shoo, shoo, shoo!" Then a smile came to her friends with a book and were glad she was trying to chase the dog ... But then as they approached her she looked at them and yelled at them "Ksita decorated ".... (my edit - this should have been translated as the previous: shoo, shoo...).
But as noted, most people get the fight well, and get to know special people with special relation to holiness. One Jew said: before he moved in the kibbutz he was always praying on Yom Kippur, but the holiday he had when he moved to Kibbutz he would never forget and that he had a feeling that for him Yom Kippur is coming to the world then enough ....That that Yom Kippur was a great resistance of the kibbutz residents who will be where the building belongs to the Kibbutz and he felt this toward the task and responsibility to the full and he fought all the wars for it, and won the war, and reached the count of three hundred people from the kibbutz!
Fun to hear the stories in distribution.

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

R' Yisroel Karduner Returned from the World of Truth (after-world).

R' Yisroel returned from the World of Truth after his death, to make Kiddush on the night of the holy Shabbos, and he went! (what did you say to the wife of Rabbi Yisroel Karduner?) I heard what she said, no more. I heard, she told me, “Yisroel Ber, what do you say about this? Yisroel came and made Kiddush for me!” after the death he comes with a body? I thought that she went crazy, after the death of all the children, she sang and sang (in Hebrew a different synonym) and danced on Shabbos night?! And I went in to see, what is with her, I thought she lost her sanity... no, I did not see, she told me what happened... she buried all the children, and also the only son, Mordichai, he also died, and afterwords he (R' Yisroel) returned to the house and made Kiddush for his wife... Does one see such a thing in the world? I don't know... she told me, and she told me that he (R' Yisroel) cam and made Kiddush for her, more I do not know... he said to me, “what do you say about this? Yisroel he came and made Kiddush for me!” and after the burial he came and made Kiddush for his wife. (after the death of Rabbi Yisroel, did you also see him?) nu, nu, we were always together by R' Shimon, and I saw his crying, which was like pouring a canister of water, from his tears.... He had a daughter, I was a member of the house by them, like a son, he had a daughter and her name was Esther, Esther... she (R' Yisroel's wife) said to me, “what do you say about this? Yisroel came and made Kiddush for me, and went!” (today is the yartzeit – anniversary of death – of Rabbi Yisroel Karduner) Yeah?... (do you want to light a candle?) no, no, no – Shabbos! What is this? (it is Moatzuay Shabbos, it is not Shabbos) no, no, no, I do not want... when we returned from the burial, from the cemetery, and the only son was Mordichai... big, and she said to me, “Yisroel what do you say about this? Yisroel cam and made Kiddush for me and went! What do you say about this?” I know? That's what was! I came, she said to me, “Yisroel Ber, what do you say about this? Yisroel came to make Kiddush, to make Kiddush for me, and went!” after... this was after the burial! All the children died, and R' Yisroel also died, and she said to me that he “came and made Kiddush and went! What do you say about this? Did you ever hear something like this?” I went after the prayers to wish her a peaceful Shabbos, what is with the children, what's news? She said to me, “Yisroel Ber, what do you say about this? Yisroel came and made Kiddush for me and went! He came and made Kiddush, he made Kiddush for me and went!” He knew that he died! So who will make Kiddush? So he made Kiddush and left! Mordichai and Esther, he had an only son named Mordichai, and he had an only daughter named Esther, and she (R' Yisroel's wife) buried both of them, and she said to me, “what is this? He came and made Kiddush for me and left!” I can not... “what do you say about this? Yisroel came and made Kiddush for me and left!” after dying he came. I entered and I told her, “Shabbos Shalom” and she said to me, “what do you say about this? Yisroel came and made kiddush for me and left!” You never heard such a thing? But this, I heard just one time, one time after the death. And after the funeral, I came to hear, how she is doing, she (he?) said to me... I entered, she said to me, “what do you say about this? Yisroel came and made Kiddush for me and left!” and after the burial and she said to me, “he came to her (him?)... he made Kiddush for me and left! He came, he stood by the table and made Kiddush and left...” But no... I did not know anything, she told me that, “Yisroel came and made Kiddush for me and left!” after the funeral, after the burial she told me that, “he came to the table and made Kiddush for me and left!” the orphans wanted also to hear the Kiddush, the orphans, the Kiddush... five girls and an only son, and the only son his name was Mordichai, and the... another girl named Esther, there were two children (birth children), children – Mordichai and Esther... he... everyone said, if he (R' Yisroel Karduner) would have been in the time of Rabbainu, he would (also) have been a novelty! (how is that possible if Rabbainu said, 'from me till Messiah there will not be a novelty'?) But he said that Yisroel is worth all of them, he stands tantamount to everyone! (but you received?) I received! After several years that we were together and endured what we endured. He did such dancing at my wedding, his pants fell down, they fell, and he danced with his pants down, he didn't feel, from utter happiness and sweetness, the dancing and music and the pants... (they went down?! He didn't feel?) yes. And he danced in Meron, Shabbos night, after the chupa (marriage ceremony)... Kiddush and left... ifyou would have been there, you would have heard the whole Kiddush, Shabbos go up on the table (?), hearing him make Kiddush, afterwords he went! He made Kiddush and left, after the burial and after the funeral, he came into the house and made Kiddush and left... (he did not make hamoatzy – blessing on the bread?) just Kiddush, he came and made Kiddush and left... and went... he danced after the chupa, after the prayers, at Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai by the holy shrine, he danced and he also danced in the hall, there was a hall for the family that came, and there was a hall, and he danced so much that his pants fell, and he was unaware that his pants fell (he didn't realize from the great delight of the mitzva to make grood and bride happy). This is such a present!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

R' Shimshon Barski.

He was a friend of R' Yisroel Karduner, they were friends, true friends, friends (now they made a book of R' Shimshon Barski) yes? (he made a book “A Collection of Advice/remedies Explained”) yes, yes, (did you know R' Shimshon Barski?) no, no, just in the days of R' YisroelI heard then, I heard what I heard from R' Yisroel his words from the book “A Collection of Advice/remedies” he was a great wonder, he was a grandson (descendent) of Rabbainu, R' Shimshon Barski....

Monday, November 28, 2011

Great New Nanach Trance Video From Sharon of the Hebrew

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

So one time it was... Rabbi Yisroel was not home, there is a woman, and girls and boys, and I was there, they need to eat. They were five children and they need to eat. They didn't have. I went to ask, to ask for contributions. To ask that they should have compassion... “I will go and I will search for money.” They said to me, all of them, “I still haven't sold anything, I do not have money! I don not have now! I don't have money!” So I went to search, I found a man and his son that they had a store of merchandise, a store, nu... but in the morning, there are no sales, there's no money! In the morning?! How I went to him, to the store... and his son, and he gave me a lot of money, I had enough to buy bread, and thank G-d. In order to give children bread to eat. So/then I was very happy, that I had what to give the children something... to eat, and bread and happy. He went... he was on the road, and he left the house without money, nu, I can... I was not able to take it. There are small children, they need to eat, nu, and I don't have. So I went to collect money in order that I should have bread to give the children. I went. I went from store to store, and they all said, “what? I still haven't sold anything. I still don't have money.” nu, I was in great anguish. I have to suffer for the children. Nu, so I went, I found a store, a father and his son, and it was a store of merchandise for sale. Yes, nu, but now it is the morning, so there is no money. I explained to him, and he went to register, and he gave me a lot of money. I was very happy from this that I have thank G-d with what to buy, for food for the house! He (the storekeeper) doesn't know me, I entered his store, he went to the place of the money, and he took out money and gave me. He (R' Yisroel) went traveling, and I saw that the house was without money, without bread... without bread... and I am a lad, I was a lad, nu, I was in the house like a child, like... yes, nu, Rabbi Yisroel isn't around, and the children want to eat, I don't have any money, and no bread. I was... was already... I was in great anguish, I said, “why does H”Y not give me money for the children?” so I went and found a store, that there was there a father with his son, I entered the store, “now it is morning, I still haven't made any sales, I don't have money!” like all of them, then he went to the place of the money, and he took out money, and gave me a lot of money, and I had, and for the children to eat bread, to eat. Rabbi Yisroel, like he doesn't have children, like... he went... he went to Meron, and I remained with the children, I went to search for money, and they said to me, “what? Now it is morning, and how? I still haven't sold anything, I also don't have money!” the main point is, I received great pain, I do not have money in order to buy for the children to eat. But I found one store, there was a father with his son, and the father... I entered the store, I was afraid he would throw me out, and he went to the place of the money, and he took out a lot of money and gave me, he... I don't know him, and he doesn't know me. And I had with what to buy food for the children. He (R' Yisroel) left me an empty house, no money and not anything. I was embarrassed to enter the store, what? In the morning? Where is there money? I entered the store, and the father went to the place of money, and received money, and gave me a lot of money, and I had with what to buy bread for the children. But Rabbi Yisroel, as if he doesn't have children, as if he doesn't have anything. There is Yisroel Ber. He went... the children do not have what to eat... in the morning there is money? He (storekeeper) went to the place of the money and took money and gave me, and I had for the children, to buy food. And he (R' Yisroel) went to Meron. He has a house, with children, so there is Yisroel Ber, Yisroel Ber... I was very embarrassed, I had great anguish, he (the storekeeper) will take me from here, and he will throw me... “what? In the morning there is money? I still haven't sold anything!” He (R' Yisroel) went to Meron! A house and children... he went to Meron! Yisroel Ber there is... Yisroel Ber will have money, and he will buy for the children. Parnassa? Just trust in G-d! I, it was great pain... “what will be? The children need to eat, I don't have money.” “what is this? In the morning there is no money! I still haven't sold anything! They don't have money!” I was in great anguish... I fell into the store... he gave for all the stores! He gave me a lot of money. He doesn't know me, I don't know him, he gave me a lot of money... I am not telling it over well, things... that's how it was... I am telling over what was. He (R' Yisroel) left a house with small children... Yisroel Ber... he went to Meron. He left me in the house, nu, the children are small, they need to eat, I don't have money, and I don't have anything! I will go to search for money. So they all told me, “in the morning there is money? What are you crazy? In the morning there is money?” I had great pain, what is this? What will be with the children? So I found one store, he came from the synagogue and his son, and he opened the store, I entered after him, I said to him, “I have a house with small children, I need to buy” he heard, entered to the place of the money, he opened, and gave me a lot of money, I was left with enough to buy bread for the children. He gave for all... all the stores. They did not have money, just him, he gave me a lot of money, he doesn't know me. Divine Providence from H”Y.... He (R' Yisroel) went to Meron, from Safed to Meron, 3 hours on foot. Who is this? The children suffered, they need to eat! “I will go to search for money in order to buy!” but in all the stores they said, “what? Are you crazy? In the morning there is money? In the morning I still haven't sold anything!” I....

Na Nach in the Parsha (Vayeitzei)

One reason that Rebbe Nachman did not reveal his name "Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman" openly during his own lifetime. Rather he wrote the Petek after his death is found in Rashi on Genesis 31:42. "The Holy One, Blessed be He, does not associate His Name over the righteous during their lifetimes." I can see from this that "Na Nach" could only fully be completed after Rebbe Nachman's death. (P.S. of course True Tzadikim are called "alive" even after their deaths)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Update on Na Nach Cheder

We were asked to post an update on the situation of the 'Closing of the Nanach Cheder'...

A few days ago the kids who arrived at the Nanach Cheder in Tzfat were informed that the school was closed that day since all the Rabbaim had called in 'sick'. Since then the Cheder has remained closed. It turns out that the Keren has not paid the Rabbaim for the past three months and they had rightfully decided to stop showing up. The exact thing happened in the Nanach girl school and they closed down with the staff sending out letters that since they have not been paid for three months they were no longer going to show up to work.

None of the Rabbaim or teachers in the girls school are Nanach themselves. They are mostly associated with different branches of Breslov.

It is important to point out the need of a Nanach cheder. The need is simple, other Cheders do not take children if their parents are Nanach. I say this from personal experience. When I applied my son at the local Chasidic Tzfat Cheder they rejected him straight out, openly saying the reason is due to him coming from a Nanach family. This story repeated itself many times with many other Nanach's and when Amram Horowitz z"l saw this he established the Na Nach Cheders.

Until this point the Keren was paying all the teacher salaries, while all other expenses were paid for via tuition which is 400 shekel a month for each boy and 300 shekel for each girl

Tonight, Tzachi the Nanach principle of the Cheder made a meeting for all the parents. He first made a point to announce that he was not going against Shmuel, Nachman and the Keren. However since the Keren could no longer in his opinion continue to support the Cheder and Girl school and shutting down was not an option since it would leave many families stranded, he suggested that the Schools be restarted as a separate entity then the Keren. He announced that all expenses other then salaries were going to be eliminated or drastically reduced and all the tuition money was going to go to pay the teachers. Even after all that there would still remain a shortage of 20,000 shekel for each of the two schools totaling in a missing 40,000 shekels needed to cover the teacher budget. This amount is to be raised by the parents of the student body via collecting 'Horat Kevas' automated monthly donations and other means.

Out of the 30-40 parents that attended the meeting, non objected to the plan or had anything better to offer.

If anyone wants to donate specifically to this cause, use the regular button on the right bar of and mark the donation as 'Cheder' either as a paypal note or a in a followup email.

Nanach education

This morning at prayers by Rashbi there was a really cute little Nanach kid, maybe 4 years old, so I gave him a little Nanach attention, and within no time he was signing Nanach with his fingers ("the Nanach swipe"), undoubtedly this was overturning all of Heaven! After the prayers the boy's father told me that the boy was enrolled in the Keren's cheder (school) which just closed down due to lack of funds (they owe the teachers 3 months of wages), so now the boy got to learn a little about Nanach!

Nanach on TV

B"H not sure exactly when, but recently the Israeli television channel 10 showed me saying Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, I was surprised to find out how many people were watching it (people are coming over to me here at Rashbi, including one of the arab janitors).

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Just trust in God

he (Rabbi Yisroel) had a small ledger, he was a big merchant! He inscribed every penny that H”Y summoned to him, and every income and expense. He made an accounting, how much he was obligated, how much money he owed. And he was always happy, he was happy... he danced, he sang, he was happy, because he had all the money in the world! He had. He had five children, daughters, and an only son. The only son, his name was Mordichai. The only son, I knew that small child, but he grew up, he grew, grew and became bar mitzva, this only son. And also he had, the only son had sisters, sisters... she was righteous so modest, that there is nothing to say, there are no words to say. She thought that I was a brother. He, the only son, his name was Mordichai. And also he had a daughter, that's name was Esther, and she was so righteous like Queen Esther. She was already seven, eight years old. She was so modest! Ah, so modest, ah.Esther. There was in the house Mordichai and Esther. Mordichai... after the bar mitzva he had... he was sick and died. No, Esther, Esther died. And Mordichai died three days before Rabbi Yisroel. He knew that he died, and also Rabbi Yisroel died.

Friday, November 25, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Parnassa, Parnassa, Parnassa (livelihood, income)

Parnassa, Parnassa, Parnassa, Parnassa! So if (with) Rabbainu everyone that they scream parnassa! Parnassa! So... so our holy master... what? Parnassa? Just trust (faith in God)! He gave them all parnassa! Ah! But to Rabbi Yisroel may he rest in peace, he... he had a ledger, he was a writer, a great writer, he had a ledger... he inscribed everything that he had, revenue, and every matter, and he gave a fifth every month, he gave a fifth of the money that H”Y gave him, he gave a fifth. nu... he... what? To anyone who asked him he gave. I was specificly with debt. “my fifth pays everything!” who ever has debts, the fifth pays! One time he complained before me, he is already so indebted to the fifth, he was in great pain, he owes money to the fifth, a lot of money, “ I have a fifth, a fifth that pays all debt!” all debts. The fifth is very wealthy... he said this the same way the world searches for money, he searched for a mitzva. Maybe H”Y will give me a mitzva? He went to search. Every time he found, and they became close to Rabbainu. [the convert thought] “if he (Rabbi Nachman) has such hasidim, I want to be Breslov! I don't want to be an intellectual, I want to be Breslov!”

Thursday, November 24, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The prayers of Rabbi Yisroel Karduner on Rosh Hashana:

Such melodies! On Rosh Hashana there were such melodies, whoever saw, had to hold himself! He would begin to sing the melodies of Rosh Hashana (you said that he would pray the shmona esray for four hours?) in the morning I went to Rosh Hashana and I ate, after the prayer I went down from the prayer, and he? He stood alone! (still continuing the shemona esray?) yes. (he couldn't budge?) yes. There was such trembling, with such yartzeit (?), with such clinging, with such happiness, the whole world did not know, Rabbi Yisroel he... I knew that he could be found down in the synagogue, so I went to hear and to see, what was (going on) there, was there a wedding, I will go? He could not move forward, I will get great honor (?), he was trembling all of him, and also the whole building trembled, I will get great honor, (the whole shrine trembled?) by Rabbi Shimon below. (he was barefoot?) alone in the shrine of Rabbi Shimon, he would not go in with shoes. In the winter in the cold, in such cold without shoes, like in the Holy of Holies, and he would cry, I can not... Is it possible to consider that he was untruthful? Where are there so many tears? How? But I saw, that every time he was stronger, the tears more strong. And it was on a very cold winter, and he was standing where he was, when he finished, he left the shrine, he left [from the shrine] like when opening the door to an oven from the heat. He would exit from the shrine hot, so hot from the shrine! And the shrine was damp from the tears, and the shrine was like a stream! And I said to Hashem, “how does one merit to this? I also want to cry, where is there such a thing? Where is this obtained?! Is it necessary to go to all the liars?! Oy vay... he was always worried about Israel (i.e. the Jews). He was always had such pain for Israel, “where is the people of Israel? Where is the Torah? Where?...”


One of the most famous initials of this century is Jay Bee! There is J.B. liquor, there is J.B. on one of the most successful tv series - 24 - Jack Bauer, there is Justin Bieber who for some reason has captured the attention of millions of people, there is the late Joseph Ber Soloveitzik of YU - Yeshiva University known for secularizing the Brisk tradition, he is known by his initial J.B, and he has a nephew with the same initials who currently runs a yeshiva and kollel in Jerusalem with hundreds and maybe even over a thousand members. That's just a few of the klipos that I'm aware of that go by J.B., of course an infinite distinction should be made between the latter two who are/were believing Jews, despite what they are dispensing.

So why does this interest us? Everything that God does on the one side, He balances on the other side... Introducing Saba Yisroel Ber - initial J.B. (even though Israel is usually spelled starting with an I, if Yoseph gets a J, so can Yisroel) who is balances out the scales, tilting them towards Rabbainu!

Take a look in Likutay Moharan (Torah 49), the Yud (J) and the Beis (B) are the Upper Unification of the Divine name as demonstrated in the song that is single, double, triple, quadruple.... Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Time Speeding Up.

I have recently read a couple of articles about "time speeding up". These articles proposed that perhaps time itself is speeding up and that it is not only a factor of the perception of time speeding up due to a person getting older. Most people feel that time moves faster as they get older but these articles suggested that time itself is speeding up. I wanted to give another view paraphrasing from Rebbe Nachman, our spiritual master that lived over 200 years ago. "Time itself does not exist at all, it is only a temporary creation, an illusion, when someone is in a smaller, restricted state of mind then time seems to go slow because that person is more under the sway of illusion. When someone is in an expanded state of mind then time seems to go quicker because they are breaking through to the truth that time itself does not exist at all. This is why as a person ages time appears to go quicker, because people in general grow more conscious as they get older and so more in touch with truth so time, an illusion, begins to fade away." (end of paraphrase) Assuming that this is true I want to suggest that the world is now coming to the "end of time" what I mean is that we are rapidly approaching what the Jewish Tradition calls "The Ultimate and Final Redemption". One sign of this now being that "time" is that World consciousness and true knowledge is increasing. Assuming we have entered the beginning of this stage of "Final Redemption" we can see that time itself is speeding up because the "Speed of time" depends on the consciousness of people, and if consciousness is increasing, which should be self evident, then time is disappearing, for the truth is Time does not really exist at all.

Belz Hasidim

Tuesday a large group of Belzer Chasidim came to Rabbi Shimon. One of them told me that one of the early Belzer Rebbes said that the books of Rabbainu are so high that people are unworthy of learning them until close to the coming of the Messiah. This boy claimed that therefor in Belz they keep the holy books of Rabbainu in the synagogues and study halls but they are bound on both sides. The boy felt that the rebbe himself would be worthy, and would be studying the holy books of Rabbainu. After hearing this, I asked around and it seems to be a familiar story, but no one professes to having seen these books or even to know anyone that has seen them.

It is interesting that according to this claim, any follower of Belz who really wanted the truth would inherently be 'worthy' to continue his pursuit by studying the holy books of Rabbainu. One has to be 'worthy' - that is have the conviction to do it, if one does it, well then it is clear that he was worthy right from the inception. Thus like Rabbainu explained with a parable from the Baal Shem Tov, there are in fact no real obstacles, just illusions that seem to be impediments, but whoever really wants to get to the truth, Rabbainu is there for him.

In any event we Saba said that the redemption is very close, saying that at worst G"f another 200 years, but that is also close.

Later, in the evening I sang to a large group of the hasidim some popular Yiddish Nanach songs, and also the hit song, Rabbainu is father, mother.... They were having a lot of fun until one of their supervisors kicked them out of the shteibel. This supervisor began to berate me for having a computer in a synagogue, and I used this steer the conversation to matters that could really help him - Nanach! It wasn't long before the atmosphere returned to be festive, with good will, and some of the boys returned to get into the Nanach spirits.

Towards the end I got my webcam on, but I relied on it's facial recognition to do the focusing, which didn't work (maybe because there were too many faces), so most of the time the camera is pointing at the ceiling, but once in a while you can get a peek at the hasidim. The conversation is audible, but it's in Hebrew.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nanach children plotting hafatza in the graveyard

Some random Nachmans celebrating at a wedding, dancing and flipping forwards and backwards

Tziporah Kroizer, Saba's daughter

In this video you see Tzipora Kroizer, Saba Yisroel Dov-Ber Odessers daughter, on her way to Saba's holy tomb on his yartzheit - 18 Cheshvon 5772/2011. Tziporah married one of the biggest geniuses of the generation, the man who authored and translated the Me'am Lo'ez into Hebrew. Saba was very impressed when he met him and heard him quote Rabbainu by heart. Even still Tziporah almost turned down the marriage because he wasn't Breslov enough. Tziporah was always very loyal and faithful to Saba. According to some people who were with Saba, Saba had originally intended to leave his inheritance, will and testament, completely to Tzipora, however Tzipora told him that she would be unable to properly care for it, and thus turned it down. Throughout this visit, Tzipora sported a huge smile and was literally beaming. May H"Y watch over her and protect her and bless her.


Pimpim Pimpim Pimpim - a rectification for a different kind of pimpim.....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dancing to "Yahdut Zeh Breslev" by Shin Shin Mem

Can't get enough of

Keeps asking for "Na Nach" again!

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

A new Purim and the prayer of Rav Yisroel Karduner.

One time in my life I saw a new Purim, how they lay with towels on the head and on the eyes with fear, in fear, in awe and fear. (Rabbi Yisroel Karduner studied by R' Moshe Breslover?) yes. (the student of Rabbi Nussun?) but he was friends with everyone. He (Rabbi Yisroel) observed his (R' Moshe Breslover's) yartzeit (anniversary of death), day of remembrance, like (for) a father, he would fast on this day and learn mishnayos with (lighting) a continual candle of olive oil, like (for) a father...

On Purim, Rabbi Yisroel may he rest in peace, he began to drink in the house and he danced in the house, and I saw every second that he would drink more, he goes out from this world to another world. (to the future world?) yes. After Purim, he arrived, he began to go from the house, from the door to the street to make it known that it's Purim “to make it known, to make it known, to make it know” ('lihoadiya' – from the songs of Purim), I walked with him, and he went the whole street till the place of Slunim, the hasidim of Slunim are jokers ('letzim'), they scorn Breslov. The next year, he entered the house and everyone were sitting and drinking wine and were drunk, and he entered as if it was his own house, and he danced, he said to me... there was an old there by the name of Reb Lishka, he got angry with me (this happened when Saba would pray next to him, screaming the prayers), “you want to make me deaf? I am already deaf. What do you want from me?”, so/then he said to me, “do you understand his dancing? Of Rabbi Yisroel Karduner? Do you understand what this is? This is wondrous dancing!” So said their head, he was the head of the opposers. He was abnegated, he saw the dancing of Rabbi Yisroel, he (Rabbi Yisroel) entered between the opposers, between the scorpians, snakes and scorpians and he made from them nothing and vapor, (dirt and ashes), who saw such a thing? How did he have such strength to enter in its midst, in the middle. On top of that, happiness! (the opposite of the satan) yes. And to show him, “come, come, come, I am not afraid of you! (you also did the same thing, you danced for them at weddings?) no. whoever saw his dance, was completely abnegated. But after he died, then I went. There was a time, that Purim was on Thursday night, I did not have (money) for Shabbos, but I, all my possessions I had in my wallet, a half a lira. A half a lira? What is a half a lira? [a half a lira of that time] this was enough for Shabbos (that's a big asset!) yes! A half a lira! But this, here it was already Shabbos, a half a lira was in the wallet, I said, “I want wine” but there wasn't any. There isn't wine, it was already finished. So I said, “what? There is no wine? Take a half a lira and buy wine” so they took the half a lira from me. What? What did I do? Why did I do that? Why did I give them half a lira? What will be with me? Tomorrow I will not have for Shabbos! Everyone laughed. They took from me the half a lira (did you drink from the wine at least?) no. they did not buy, they understood that I was drunk, I took out half a lira? They were afraid. This is my whole Shabbos, this is half a lira? (so they brought it to you?) yes... (in China they learn the Stories of Ancient Times) yes?! They examine books, also by us (i.e. in Israel) in the university, every morning, they examine the Recounting of Stories (of Ancient Times by Rabbi Nachman). (this was also on t.v.) yes?! (the best was in South Africa) are there wealthy people there? Only if there are wealthy people there [Saba Yisroel laughs].

Monday, November 21, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

And this man thought that Rabbi Yisroel is a millionaire.

This man... he wants to be like Rabbi Yisroel, Rabbi Yisroel had a lot of money, and he gave him money, money, money. So we returned to Jerusalem, this man also returned... returned, in Jerusalem he had a house, and he gave us the house, and he gave us... he became so Breslov! [Rabbi Yisroel] he went to search any mitzva, until he found... until he found. He found this guest, he gave him a lot of money. He (the guest) was a convert, he came to Tiberius Rabbi Yisroel was by him. He [Rabbi Yisroel] gave him all the money (to the guest) that still hadn't befriended this man... and this man thought that Rabbi Yisroel is a millionaire, he's very wealthy, he gave him so much money! Afterwords we returned to Jerusalem, this man became completely Breslov. So he wanted... he saw such a wealthy person, that he gave so much charity, he... good. This is life, good life. He became Breslov! He merited....

Parshas Toldos - The Weekly Torah Portion of Toldos (offspring)

There's a very Petek relevant Torah teaching at the beginning of this weeks Parsha, and we have posted it in previous years:

While looking for it I found that I had used this Torah in a thread long ago when we actually still hoped for the integrity of the Wikipedia, (this was posted under Moshe Nanach's name, because I was writing from his house, and the wiki had discredited us for using the same i.p. address even though we were using two different computers and logged on separately claiming that G-d forbid we were making false accounts or something, may H"Y forgive them, so we were forced to write under the same name). You probably will find this thread humorous as you see how we try to explain that Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman actually is a name and a song, which may or may not be used as a mantra, and therefor it is incorrect to brand and define Nanach principally as a mantra, and because of their stubbornness and general corruptness of one or two of the editors they erased some very serious well put together information in favor of some garbage and conjecture. What has happened since then, I stopped following their thing.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rectifying the primordial sin

As we approach the Messianic era we must rectify the first sin, the eating of the Tree of Knowledge, which many hold to be an apple tree. Perhaps this explains the large role Apple computers play in today's society. [chezi commented that this seems to be a stretch, but others like A.K. of Tsfas feels that I didn't even say anything more than the very obvious, he also point that the apple has a bite taken out of it...]

Shortly after posting this I noticed in the news that some rabbi in the UK had just spoken out against apple, how they make everything i, i, i (this is really a very old quip, about how the old Jewish food used to be all about other people, like, krepeLACH and ruggeLACH, and now it's all about one's self, like BissLEY....), as you probably guessed I didn't care to read what this rabbi said.

The matter of I, is also a matter currently very much under rectification, for Saba said, "I" is Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, revealing that root of one's true identity can only be found, when traced with Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.

Saba also said that the Hebrew word for I, ANI, is the acronym of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman. These words of Saba show us that we can't profess to completely understand anything that he said, for what he said here obviously has a deep explanation. B"H in my book, Likutay Nanach (available for free download at all of these things are discussed and developed.

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Midnight and the Morning Prayers of R. Yisroel Karduner.

The table and the floor trembled. He was trembling and the table and the floor were also trembling from is trembling. Afterwords it came the time of prayer, and he made such a prayer! And the prayer, after such a midnight (service)! He made such a prayer that the whole settlement weren't able to go, every one has work... all of them surrounded our house, from his calling, from his prayers in the Morning Prayers. In short, I saw that it was impossible for me to be in the room, so I (decided that) I would stand by the door, in the event that I couldn't endure, then I would run away! And it was scary! Such fear fell upon me. So I came close to the door, and I grasped the door, when I would not be able to be in the house, then I would manage to go outside! It is still impossible to explain, how this was! Because we could think, he is telling a story.

Friday, November 18, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The service of Hashem of Rabbi Yisroel Karduner.

Rabbi Yisroel! How he would argue his arguments! When he had allegations by H”y he spoke to Him, like we are speaking. He would speak with H”Y like with a friend. Such faith and to be so given over... so we have place by H”Y just as we are, He watches over us, he guards us, and he does with us such kindness such as there isn't in the world, there still hasn't been revealed in the world! Miracles and wonders and such kindness that still has not been revealed in the world. Oy vay... I see such wonders that are not revealed at all.... now H”Y cherishes Israel. Master of the World he said to us, “come, come, come to me, and then/so it will be good.” Suddenly he (R. Yisroel Karduner) came from Chevron to Tiberius *(many times Saba recounted that way, that R. Yisroel Karduner came from Chevron to Tiberius, but the first time they met, R. Yisroel Karduner came from Meron, so here he is referring to another meeting of note) and he found Yisroel Ber in Tiberius, and from this was made such wonders! The falsehood and haughtiness were up to the sky. What they did to me; father, and mother, and all the children, and the whole city, small with big, they showed with (their) finger, “this is Breslov! Here is Breslov!” I, thank God, accepted everything with love and happiness, this was all my lifesource. But now there does not remain from them (even) one, (even) one of them does not remain. See their synagogue in complete ruins, there does not remain one stone (brick), all of them, they were falsehood. [Rabbi Yisroel Karduner] he lived in Meron, he left his wife and children and he came to Yisroel Ber in Tiberius and a great commotion was made in Tiberius: “Yisroel Ber has become Breslov!”

Thursday, November 17, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The drawing close of Rabbi Yisroel Karduner to Breslov.

Rabbi Yisroel Karduner, he found in a synagogue Tikun Haklali (general rectification – a selection of 10 Psalms designated by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov), and through this he was drawn close to Rabbainu, and it was made: Rabbi Yisroel Karduner. To get up at midnight and to go to the forest, this is hard! This is such strength! Rabbi Yisroel Karduner was able to get up at midnight and go to the forests... “even though you don't have a cure, but I can heal you!” (Rabbi Nachman of Breslov).

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Rabainu Goes Everywhere

Breslov, is a little, but it is good! “good is a little for the Tzadik”

But [he - Rabbi Nachman] is the leader of Israel, (suddenly he became leader) leader, they take all the money, and all the honor, and all the grandeur of Breslov, and I? I am the leader! There is a lot (there are a lot of types, a lot of colors) yes! Certainly! But this is not Breslov, Breslov is a little. But it is good! “Good is a little for the Tzadik”. [Saba and the people with him sing “and every creature will know that you created him” - from the prayers of Rosh Hashana] He said these words, “and every creature will know that you created him”, he argued to H”Y, “when? When will this be? And every creature will know that you created him?”

The melodies of Rosh Hashana... the opposers on Rosh Hashana, they were disgraced, they came to throw stones, so they heard our prayers of Rosh Hashana, the melodies and songs, so they went without stones, fear fell upon them. “the righteous will see and be happy, and the just will exult, and the hasidim with rejoice joyously” (a song from the prayers of Rosh Hashana) oy what this is! It was such a melody! And this was all the resurrection of the dead. The whole year they would be enlivened from the melody of Rosh Hashana. If you would have been before 70 years, you would have seen what is Breslov, today you see how I look.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

saba vids on his hilloula - NNNNM !!!

love this one !!!

saba vids on his hilloula - NNNNM !!!

Awesome Hillula by Saba

B"H awesome occasion!!!

Thank God for giving us the privilege of being by Saba on his hillula!

At night to supplement the prayers and general rejoicing there was music and dancing, and kugel and chullent, and lamb kabab, cake and more. Free books, music, and stickers were given out. Rabbi Nachman's Ark really made the difference, as torrents of rain pounded down, in the first half of the night. The Ark, whose home is in Haifa, by Bais Rabbainu, was also the host of the lamb kabab barbecue feast, and they provided music as well.

Throughout the night and the day the Nanach troops marched in and out, the holiest precious lot of people all in one place!

Alot of big things went down.

Late in the afternoon channel 7 TV came by, and for some reason they asked me if I could direct them to someone who could tell them what was going on, so I gave them a little run until they had to go, they said it would be just a half a minute clip, but when I told them Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman I saw them getting really into it.

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The great adversary at the beginning of the drawing close to Breslov:

Even on gentiles there is not cruelty like this! (like on?) Breslov, yes. Just the name Breslov, and I, I merited to be so strong, I stood up against all the greats, greats that were acclaimed and acknowledged in the whole world! Tiberius is a small town, I merited to see a Breslov Chusid, and I stood up, Thank God, in war with all the greats. I saw one of the men of Rabbainu, Rabbi Yisroel Karduner, how he served Hashem, with what strength, with what wisdom, with what clinging, he was completely bound to H”Y. Midnight, this is very hard service. And he went to the field at night, no one knew from him, and he went to the forest, and he cried before H”Y, he cried for us, in order to rectify us. He had five children. An only son, Mordichai, and a daughter Esther. Mordichai and Esther. What he endured in this world it is impossible to describe, to tell, to perceive, such strength, such wisdom, such a tzadik, such holiness, there still has never been such a thing in the world. Rabbi Yisroel Karduner. He was bound and attached to our holy master. It was sufficient for me to recognize one of Rabbainu's men.


The great adversary at the beginning of the drawing close to Breslov:

Even on gentiles there is not cruelty like this! (like on?) Breslov, yes. Just the name Breslov, and I, I merited to be so strong, I stood up against all the greats, greats that were acclaimed and acknowledged in the whole world! Tiberius is a small town, I merited to see a Breslov Chusid, and I stood up, Thank God, in war with all the greats. I saw one of the men of Rabbainu, Rabbi Yisroel Karduner, how he served Hashem, with what strength, with what wisdom, with what clinging, he was completely bound to H”Y. Midnight, this is very hard service. And he went to the field at night, no one knew from him, and he went to the forest, and he cried before H”Y, he cried for us, in order to rectify us. He had five children. An only son, Mordichai, and a daughter Esther. Mordichai and Esther. What he endured in this world it is impossible to describe, to tell, to perceive, such strength, such wisdom, such a tzadik, such holiness, there still has never been such a thing in the world. Rabbi Yisroel Karduner. He was bound and attached to our holy master. It was sufficient for me to recognize one of Rabbainu's men.

Moshiach Oi! at a recent show in New York City

interview with na nach punk band Moshiach Oi

Monday, November 14, 2011

Saba's hilloula (yohrtzeit) 11.15.11

Saba's hilloula today mon nite, tues, nov 15, 2011.
light candles
and say Nanach !!!!
NNNNM :)))))

gotta love this picture.
love it.
oyyy saaaabbbbaaaaa !!!!

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Torah (Lesson) 7 from the Second Volume of Likutay Moharan (Collection from our Master Rabbi Nachman of Breslov) “For from compassion he will lead them”

And he (Rabbi Yisroel Karduner) said to me that he want to go to the synagogue. Nu, I went with him to the synagogue, and on the way I spoke with him, and I told him my thing... yes. And he heard everything, and I wanted to make a confession before him, and he did not want to hear, and he said that this forbidden, so/then I walked to the synagogue of the Karlin hasidim. (You made a confession?) no, no, just a generalization, yes. A generalization, I spoke with him and I cried before him, because I wanted very much, I felt that there is by him cures for me, that he should not abandon me, that he should not leave me and go to Meron, so I cried before him, and I asked him that he should not leave me. Nu, he heard such a thing, and I saw that he was very moved, because he saw eye to eye that H”Y caused that he should come to Tiberius... and he came straight to Tiberius, from the donkey straight to my house. And after I went with him to the synagogue, and the synagogues were closed. I did not know where the key to the synagogue was. Just one synagogue that was in Tiberius from the disciples of the Baal Shem Tov and the grandfather of our holy master, R' Nachman Hordenker and R' Avrohom Kalisker, all the holy tzaddikim, they built a synagogue near the sea, in order that they (ritually) dip and pray, in the sea whenever they want, that it should be close to the sea, so they built the synagogue next to the sea, and in the winter, that there was a lot of rain, the sea thickened and rose and entered this synagogue reaching half the height of the tables, and they could not pray there. And this synagogue was open, and the tables and chairs stood in the water, until the month of Nissan, until the water went down. So we entered this synagogue and we climbed on top of a table, and we learned Torah 7 volume 2 “for from mercy he will lead them” and he learned with me this Torah the whole night, and I merited to this, that all my life I never experienced the taste of Torah, the taste of fear of Heaven, the taste like this night that he learned with me this Torah, this holy Torah “for from mercy he will lead them”. We were in the synagogue when the sea was there, all night, and I did not feel that I had to sleep. And also he had candles and matches, which was very expensive, and he was wealthy, and he lit candles and learned with me in Likutay Moharan until close to morning light, until I heard the calling of mother crying, that she cried, “oy my son Yisroel Ber, my son Yisroel Ber is lost!” I heard, so I said to Rabbi Yisroel, “oy vay, it is after midnight and my mother is searching in quest for me”, so I exited the synagogue and went to mother following the call. I reached her and said to her, “what is this crying?” so she said to me, “what did you do? Where did you go the whole night? In any event, do you know? Now it is necessary to throw into the garbage all the dough, all the challah and all the bread! Nu, you didn't hear?? This night Yisroel Ber became a Breslover! And from this night there was a commotion in Tiberius: “this night Yisroel Ber became a Breslover!” She told the neighbors from the surroundings, they came in the morning, “what is this, what was the crying?” they asked, “what? What happened?” so she told over! “a man bought bread, and he (Yisroel Ber) went with him and did not return the whole night!” They did not know who it was, but in the morning, when I went to the synagogue, and Rabbi Yisroel was in the synagogue and I spoke with him, so they said to him, “nu, nu, it has already happened what has happened, this night they vitiated (changed religious faith, God forbid) Yisroel Ber.” and afterwords on Sunday, we went to the Yeshiva, he learned with me the books of Rabbainu and Talmud and Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law) and halachic arbitrators, nu, and they saw! “oy vay, Yisroel Ber has become a Breslover! Rabbi Yisroel Karduner...” nu nu, hostility swept over me, a great battle, and father and mother and the relatives and the family and the whole Yeshiva everyone, it is impossible to describe, they had great pity on me. Just this? They said, “oy vay! Yisroel Ber has become a Breslover! Yisroel Ber has become a Breslover!” They went from the Yeshiva, they went to my parents, father and mother, and they (from the Yeshiva) told them (parents), “do you know? Yisroel Ber has become a Breslover!” So father said, “I am not worried, I know my son, he fulfills (the commandment of) honoring one's father, unique in the generation, unparalleled, he is Heaven fearing, and he fulfills the commandment of honoring one's father, even if I sent him into fire, are you familiar with my son? He is Heaven fearing and he fulfills the commandment of honoring one's father, he will come from the Yeshiva, I will tell him that I do not want, it will be over, he will not be a Breslover! I do not have any worries.” So they spoke with him, “ you do not know what Breslov is? He will not listen to you! You need a heavy war!” so he said, “I am not worried, I know my son!” I came from the Yeshiva, so father says to me, “I heard, everyone from the Yeshiva say, Rabbi Muttel and all of them, and they said that you became a Breslover. Know my son, have compassion on me, I do not want that you should be Breslov. I am a Karliner! I want you to be a chusid! You can choose Gur, Chabad, Slunim, any type of Chusid you desire, but just not Breslov!” so I said to him, “father, you know, you are acquainted with me, I fulfill (the commandment of) honoring one's father, all that you tell me I will listen to you, just this, no! I want only Breslov! I love Breslov! In this (matter) I will not listen to you. “Uhh?... so they were justified. They are correct, they said that I do not know what Breslov is?!... this is the first time that I hear from you that you do not want to do as I say!” Oy oy oy, what was! This is still not, this is still not, it is impossible to tell over everything the way it was. Rav Muttel and all the chasidim and the whole city it was ike a boiling pot. R. Muttel was a great intellectual and he had fine character traits, he was humble and he studied day and night and he was a very wondrous man, even though I was a child and I had a weak mind, but he loved me, my wholeheartedness, my good will, he loved a mitzva, so he drew me close. Father was poor and blind, so he had compassion on me and drew me close, and I was by him like a member of the house, and he lifted me up “from the garbage he lifts the pauper” (Psalms), this is a very awesome story, whoever puts their heart in truth....

Saba Yisroel's Hillula - Monday Night - Tuesday

B"H this Monday night - 18th of Cheshvon, is the anniversary of the passing of Saba Yisroel.

There will be great celebrations around the world, especially in the Holy Land.

Saba is buried in Har Haminuchos - right at the entrance to Jerusalem, B"H there will be a huge party there with refreshments.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Rabbi Yisroel Karduner did not want to budge from Meron. What did the Holy Blessed One do to him, he sent him a malady on one of his hands, and the pain was so excruciating that it was impossible, in a natural manner, to endure such pain, and he was unable [to do the rectification of] midnight, and not to pray, and not to learn... a pity... so Rabbi Yisroel accounted this, not like the world, to chance, on the contrary he knew with complete faith that this was from H”Y, and he began to think, perhaps H”Y desires that he should travel to Tiberius, because in Tiberius the cold isn't so great, so his malady won't hurt so much, he had such excruciating pain, and he could serve H”Y? But he was uncertain, he did not know clearly that the desire of H”Y was that he should go to Tiberius, so he did not budge from Meron, even though he was in great pain. But he saw that the pain was intensifying more every time, and it was impossible for him to serve Hashem. So he did a lot of hisbodidus and he prayed a lot to H”Y, that He should illuminate in his mind with complete elucidation, if H”Y wants that he should travel to Tiberius, that he should know clearly that he should go to Tiberius. So he did a lot of hisbodidus on this and he prayed a lot on this, and after all of this, he opened the book Likutay Halachos, and he found in it that the desire of the Blessed Creator is that he should travel to Tiberius. I know that this book was (the volume of) Yoare Daya, from the first publication of Rabbi Nussun, there wasn't then publication like today. So since he knew clearly that the Blessed Creator desired him to go to Tiberius, so he arose early in the morning, could he not have waited until after Shabbos? Only – since he knew that this was the desire of H”Y, immediately “and Abraham arose early in the morning” (the verse from the Bible, the story of the sacrificing of Isaac) and he went on Thursday to Tiberius. In this week that Rabbi Yisroel came on Thursday to Tiberius, in this week, on Sunday, we started to bake bread for sale, because our livelihood had been from grinding coffee and it was then war time, so there was no coffee and we did not have any means for providing a livelihood, so a relative of ours, a relative, Rav Binyomin Barzel, yes, he supported my mother, like his own mother, and then father and mother they thought that we should begin to bake bread. But who would give us even one kilo of flour in order to bake bread? Because everyone knew that we were poor. So she went to Rav Binyomin Barzel, and he said to her, “no... don't fear, I will tell the grinder and the flour dealer to give you a sack, two sacks, how ever much you need.” So we started baking bread on Sunday, and he (R' Yisroel Karduner) came precisely in this week on Thursday, and he needed bread for suuper, and when he got off the donkey and met Rabbi Binyomin Barzel (he recognized him from Meron) he asked him, and said to him, “do a mitzva, show me where I can obtain, to buy a loaf of bread.” So Binyomin Barzel knew that we had started baking bread, so he brought him to us. And H”Y brought about that I brought out the bread. We were five siblings in the house, and there were those older than me, and it was Divine Providence that I took the loaf of bread and gave it to Rabbi Yisroel. When I saw Rabbi Yisroel, his visage, so/then I thought this man is a hidden Tzadik, and by him I will find what I am searching, faith and fear of Heaven. I thought this, and he put his hand into the wallet and took out money to pay me for the bread, and I am thinking this, then he says (he gave me the money and says) to me, “perhaps it is possible to eat the bread by you in the house?” Then/so I felt that he know my thoughts and my desire, that I want to connect with him. But I saw that this was very improbable, because father would not agree to this, not because he didn't want, (but) because we needed already on Thursday, it is necessary to bake Chala (loaves of bread for Shabbos) and bread to preapare for Shabbos, and it is necessary to make night and to sleep, and also the house is small and we do not have place for a guest to eat, and he (father) will diss me, “What are you asking such a question?”... But I wanted to have a connection with Rabbi Yisroel, I fortified myself with all my strength, and I said whatever will be, even if my father hits me and demeans me, I will aske father, be what may be. So I asked, and father said, “yes, yes, there are some leftovers from the cooked food, so give it to him, he will eat the bread plain? Bread alone? So give him...” So/then I was that this was Divine Providence from H”Y, supernatural, that I should have a connection with this holy tzadik, and so it was. They made night, they blessed the after blessing on the food, and they recited the Shema and they went, they lay down to sleep. And I remained, I and Rabbi Yisroel alone. He sat on a step of the house, and I gave him the bread to eat, and he washed his hands and made the blessing of Hamoatzy (on bread), and when I heard the blessing from him, on the washing of hands and blessing of Hamoatzy, I saw that it is correct, this is a hidden tzaddik. Because such a blessing I never heard. I grew up amongst hasidim and people who studied Torah and feared God, but such a blessing I never heard. And also, such a countenance and visage, like Rabbi Yisroel (Karduner) had I never saw. So/then I gave him the leftovers from the meal so that he should eat, so/then he tells me, “I do not eat anything, just bread and tea.” But we did not have tea, and we did not have a kerosene machine, just the wealthy had a Kerosene machine, but the poor used charcoal, and this is a craft that one needs to know how to make the fire, and I did everything until I successfully ignited the fire, and I made tea. And every time I entered the house and I said to Rabbi Yisroel, I did not know that he was Breslov, I knew just that he was a hidden tzaddik, I said to him in a whisper secretly and in the ear, I said to him (in respectful third plural tense), “know that you came to Tiberius for me, I want so very much to serve Hashem in truth and I undergo harsh battles, and I am searching my whole life, I am searching a place that will guide me and illuminate in me the light of Hashem, that I should merit to serve Hashem in truth, so H”Y sent you to me to save me. You came to Tiberius for me, and I ask you not to abandon me.” I saw that he was very moved, because immediately upon getting off the donkey, “HY brought him to me and he hears such words. He had to travel earlier, but he, as long as he did not have complete clarity that he needs to travel to Tiberius, did not want to budge from Meron, nu, oy vay.... And after he ate, we went.

Friday, November 11, 2011

reb shlomo's tohrtzeit sunday, nov 13, 2011. book from zivi ritchie "rebbe nachman says"

new book came out this yr about reb shlomo carlebach givin over rebbe nachman's teachings. the book is writtin the way reb shlomo talks, maybe transcrips from interviews, but u feel like reb shlomo is talkin to u thru the book - its amazing !!! lots of amazing stories and situations of how reb shlomo gave over rabbeinu's teachings, in the first person. meaning, reb shlomo is tellin the story. its a great, great book.

the book was compiled by zivi ritchie.

to order:

phn #: (outside of israel) 972-2-996-1805
(in israel) 02-996-1805

if ur in north america, close to montreal, i have access to a few copies.

*obviously notice the awesome picture of reb shlomo and saba on
the back of the book - givalt !!!
(as far as i know the book is in english only. email or call the reb shlom contact info to see if its available in other languages.)

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The first time in my life I heard the name Breslov.

But I heard that there is a hasidus in the world called Breslov, so I remained without the book, but I continued to do hisbodidus, and I prayed to H”Y that he should have mercy on me, just as he began to help me and I found this book and I know what this is, what it did to me, so I requested that He should summon to me the books of Breslov and hasidim of Breslov. I lived in Tiberius and I did not leave Tiberius. I did not know Safed which was close, and everyone travels to Meron in Elul and Lag BuOmer. And I was poor, I did not have money, I did not travel to Safed. If I would have traveled to Safed, I would have heard, perhaps, in Safed there were Breslov hasidim, but I did not know, I did not know from the hasidim of Breslov. I requested from H”Y that he should summon for me Breslov hasidim, I thought that maybe in Jerusalem, maybe they exist in the world, in some place, Breslov hasidim, so I requested, and this... a long time passed by, and H”Y accepted my prayer and sent me, to Tiberius, Rabbi Yisroel Karduner.

Parshas ( weekly Torah portion) VaYaira (and He appeared)

At the end of this weeks parsha is the parsha of the binding of Isaac. It is interesting to note that Saba Yisroel's father's name was Isaac and he was blind, just like Isaac was blinded at that time.

The Torah tell us that Avrohom took a "maacheless" (knife) - to sacrifice his son Yitzchok, this is an extraordinary word to use for 'sakin', our Sages derive from this that the Jews are fed (maacheless) from the reward of this action until this very day.

The word maacheless is the acronym for a verse in Psalms that is part of Hallel, מה אשיב לה' כל תגמולוהי - what can I return to Hashem for all that he has benefited.... It is also the acronym of a phrase from the morning prayers, תמיד מספרים כבוד א-ל (using the whole last word, as can be found with precedent in the holy books), these show us that this word is very connected with singing, praising, and extolling H"Y.

The word maacheless has the same gimatria, numerical value, as: Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Saba's Hillula this coming Monday night - Tuesday - 18 RumCheshvon

B"H there will be major celebrating all over the world, especially all over Israel, and especially at his holy tomb in Har Hamenuchos - Jerusalem. Sharon from the Hebrew has arranged "kugel and chulent" hospitality, he is still looking for more sponsors.

Shlomo Carlbachs Yartzheit (anniversary of death)

B"H this Sunday I think is R' Shlomo's Yartzheit, R' Shlomo was dishing out Torah from Rabbainu back in the day when it was still taboo. You can read more about R' Shlomo on previous posts - via the index on the right. There is also alot of free R' Shlomo stuff on the music site.

Large 200 Shekel Bill with Saba and Nanach

The 200 shekel bill shows the late president of Israel, Zalman Shazar, and each side of the bill brings a short Torah from his writings, this is the only bill that has actual holy words on it, the rest are full of prattle. Zalman Shazar was the best friend of Saba Yisroel, you can read more about this on the site.

the word 200 in Hebrew - Musayim has the exact numerical value as Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman. So it is not surprising to see that Zalman Shazar merited to grace the 200 Shekel bill and offer his Torah.

This post is dedicated to SNS Nanach, who had great ratzon and kisufim to see something like this done, and for all we know that was the catalyst.

These should be available for hafatza, contact Sharon on the Hebrew

Thursday, November 10, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The suffering and the affliction and the torments:

(you had difficuties and insults?) yes! Who can say it over? Who can relate and describe what I endured? But one sees that we are standing and they are falling, they will fall, they will fall, there is an accounting. The world is not abandoned... who can tell and describe what I endured? We were two against all the rabbis, against all the greats, we were two I and Rav Yisroel Karduner. And all the small children, when we would walk, they would point with their fingers, “here are the Breslovers! Here is Breslov!” When I came to Jerusalem? There were some who had fear of Heaven and were scared of me, to laugh at me, but there were great rabbis, they said it is necessary to distance him and to throw him out, he does the whole day the books of Breslov, you know from this?

Torah Omelet

The Shulchan Aruch writes in Yoreh Deah 83:8 that there are certain signs that a person can identify and from them determine if an egg comes from a kosher or non-kosher specie.  If both of the ends of the egg are round or if both of the ends are pointed then one can be certain that the egg comes from a tamei animal.  However, if one end is rounded and the other end is pointed then it's possible that the egg comes from a specie that is tehora.  If a person says that the egg is from a kosher specie, then a Jew can take the egg.  But, we do not rely on the signs on the egg alone.

Reb Noson z"l expounds on this halacha through the lens of Torah 19 in LM in an intriguing way.  He writes in Likutei Halachos, Yoreh De'ah: Hilchos Beitzim 2:1:

It is written in the Tikkunei Zohar (Hakdamas Tikkunei Zohar, daf 1) about the passuk "And the mother rests upon the chicks or on the eggs" (Devarim 22:3). "Eggs" are associated with the written Torah.  It also says that that eggs represent the order of angels known as 'Ofanim', and that they also represent the world of Asiya.  There is no useful sign to discern the eggs of a kosher bird from those of a non-kosher bird. It is known that kosher signs and non-kosher signs are associated with the holiness of Yisrael and the impurities of the Akum respectively.  The pure, or kosher signs are of the side of Yisrael, which is the side of holiness.  And, impure signs are from the side of Akum, which is the side of defilement.  Therefore, the nation of Yisrael, which is holy and is separated from the nations, must also be separated from all impurity, which is the side of  defilement.

Reb Noson continues,

Eggs which are associated with the written Torah, are also associated with non-Jews because they use the written Torah in their own capacity. Therefore there's no real sign to show that use of the written Torah implies purity (since both Jews and non-Jews have the written Torah).  In regards to the written Torah it would be difficult to discern Jews from non-Jews.  The only way to distinguish Jews from non-Jews with respect to the Torah is through the oral Torah.  Through the oral Torah the Jew is separated from the non-Jew and is recognizable.  However, because the non-Jews have a minimal grasp on the written Torah, it cannot be used as a sign to distinguish Jews from non-Jews, as mentioned above.  As said before, eggs are a concept of the Torah.  The grasp that non-Jews have on the Torah is a concept of the 24 species of non-kosher birds.  Birds are associated with souls.  And, the 24 species of non-kosher birds are associated with the souls of Akum.  The souls of Akum and the 24 impure species of birds are then associated with the 24 books of the written Torah, which are holy.  

It's very interesting that Reb Noson makes the connection with the wording of the Shulchan Aruch to describe features of an egg and the nature of the connection that non-Jews have to the Torah.  The word "round" as used by the Shulchan Aruch is "כד". The gematria of kad is 24, ie 24 books in the written Torah.  Thus, if an egg only has round sides it cannot be kosher, because it is completely written Torah.
Reb Noson continues,

The birds that are pure and kosher are not enumerated in the written Torah whatsoever (only the impure bird species are written in the Torah), because pure birds, which are a concept of the souls of Yisrael, have an advantage.  This advantage is that they also have the oral Torah in addition to the written Torah.  Therefore, the kosher species were not written in the Torah.  Rather, they were passed on through tradition.  Our Sages said: One can only eat a bird which is known to be pure through tradition (Chulin 63).  This is because the essence of eating kosher bird species in through tradition, ie through oral Torah.

Reb Noson's connections are genious! If an egg only has rounded (kadin) or sharp (chadin) sides then it can't be kosher! If only round, then it only possesses written Torah.  If that's the case then it's impossible to know if it's from a kosher animal anyway, because the written Torah doesn't tell us which birds are kosher.  And, on the same note, if both sides are pointed, meaning if there is ONLY oral Torah and interpretation without written Torah, then that too is invalid.  For an egg to be kosher it needs both a round and pointed side.  For a Jew to keep Hashem's Torah correctly he needs both the written and Oral Torah, which were both given to Moshe Rabbeinu on Har Sinai.  Furthermore, even if an egg have both features, one still must find out from another person if it actually comes from a kosher specie.  This is the "tradition" aspect. There are times when a person still needs mesorah to determine something's validity in spite of both rounded and pointed edges.

If you take a look at this halacha in LH, you'll read further that Reb Noson continues to explain the importance of why an egg (or a Jew) needs both a pointed and rounded side.  The appearance of both a lion and the Bais HaMikdash are larger on one side and narrow on the other.

I can continue this Torah if anyone wants.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nanach Hafatza Tour of Israel - UPDATE

The tour experienced a miracle right from it's onset. The decision was (from what I understand) to begin the tour from Rosh Hanikra (that's where the big cliff is that juts out into the ocean), but the kibutz didn't want to let the Nanach in - imagine that! CORRECTION TO THE ORIGINAL POST: after being rejected the Nanach retreated and slowly they mustered up holy brazeness and confronted the guard and convinced him to let them in, after they made it in, Shachaf - one of the Nanach from Meron pulls up, he came to visit his family there (I think a sister) so he joined them in... B"H.

This kibutz apparently is going to need some more extensive attention in the next few days, in the meantime in the nearby town of Shlomie someone offered the Nanach a shelter, replete with 9 beds and facilities, open anytime for the Nanach, and someone else put up our friends in a room he rents out.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

One time I was reading from the book, and I didn't know from whom it was, who was the author of the book? Because it was without an introduction, without a beginning, without an end, and I didn't know. And I guarded the book, and I closed it in my chest, and almost every day I went to the field with the book, and I saw great wonders, novelties that I never had, and I did not know who was the author of this book. One time I was reading this book in my room. Then he saw the book, he saw that it is Outpouring of the Soul and he knew that this is from the books of Breslov. So he told me, this friend, he said to me, “Which book are you reading? From this book you are reading?” So I was very shocked and I became very angry, and I said to him, “this book is holy of the holies, what are you saying?! What are you saying?!” So he said to me, “animal! You do not know what there is in the world, you do not know anything, this is from the books of Breslov, it is forbidden to read them. The Rebbe and all the admurs and the whole world oppose this, and they say it is forbidden to read these books, you are brazen like this against all the admurs? All the admurs say that is forbidden to read them, and you do not want to listen to them? This is from the books of Breslov. What, you don't know? Everyone knows!” I said to him, “no, I do not know...”

I heard for the first time in my life that there is Breslov in the world, and that it is forbidden to read from the books. So I said to him, “I do not listen to the whole world, to all the admurs, this book is good for me, I see such wonders, what is impossible to relate.” So he says to me, “you are so impudent, so brazen, against the admur, and against all the admurs? Then you are not human.” I said to him, “for me, this is good,” so he said, “this book is mine, I want this book, it is mine!” I did not want to give it to him, I said to him, “I won this book from free property, from the garbage can,” so he said to me, “this book is mine, and I want it, I don't need it, I want just that you should not read it!” So he overpowered me and took from me the book, with force, and I remained without the book like an orphan.

Nanach Hafatza Tour of Israel

B"H our great Nanach who I only know by his nickname 'boyya' has started out on a huge mission to hit every single city, town, and settlement in the Holy Land of Israel with Nanach hafatza. He has addressed the maps and has a course chartered. Currently he is working in Northern Israel. Anyone who would like the merit of partaking in this holy crusade and revolution of independence and freedom should pray hard and get in touch. 'Boyya' has a Nanach van and would love to have you on board.

BaShaN publishers

B"H it was started, I think, around 3 years ago, when some of our Nanach friends (principally Sagi and 'Boyya' of the Shomron) couldn't find anyone to put out the sforim for the right price, and with proper mention and attention to the Song of Redemption, Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, so they started their own printing mission which they call "BaShaN" which I presume is based on the acronym, Nachman Ben Simcha, they started off kind of modestly (with only a few thousand...) and B"H may H"Y bless them infinitely more and more, they have developed into quite a mad publishing machine for over half a dozen holy books of Rabbainu - thousands of copies each. Their books are beautiful, durable, and are sold at rock bottom prices and very very often just given for free. They are just getting started B"H things look very promising. It is their belief that if we print in an appropriate quantity we can get the price of each book down so low as to be negligible, B"H.

Their email is:

Nanach proliferation

last night after having the merit of doing amazing door to door hafatza in Modiin, we (Maor, Gil, and myself) stopped on the side of the road for a bit for the extracurricular Nanach activities, the police apprehended one of us and accused him of spraying Nanach on the side of the road – imagine that! They claimed that he had thrown away the can when he saw them coming, but low and behold they could not find the can, it had miraculously disappeared, but they were convinced that they had seen what they had seen, so they took him away, meanwhile after some heartfelt prayers and petitions to H”Y for the safety, wellbeing, and freedom of our Nanach friend, I fell asleep in the car, when I awoke our friend was with us, B”H he was released with just a warning and no charges were filed. This same friend was kicked out of the holy tomb of Mother Rachel on her hillula, by some haredim for the sin of giving out Nanach stickers.

Over the last few days this Nanach car has seen enormous impediments, the starter went out and we needed to get boosted over and over again often in middle of the road, which didn't stop my friends from giving someone else a boost.... Then our little speaker system went on the blink (we also tried to put in a new sterio, but after all the rumaging and tinkering, while the local little kids had their heyday with us, the tech said that it just wasn't meant to be), we'd fix this and that and keep it going, but finally it went out for good. We were directed here and there but couldn't find the proper technician. All these types of events usually drive people over the edge, but my Nanach friends knew that for little people like us to have the merit of doing something so big as spreading Nanach these types of things go with the territory, so we fortified ourselves with the joy and hope of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman calling on his full arsenal of teachings, prayers, music, dancing, and celebration, and we just kept going B”H. Eventually we found Yona in Rosh HuAyin who really knew his stuff and fixed the problem very quickly, Yona didn't even want to take payment B”H, so we gave him a givald Nanach sticker to strengthen his smile muscles, and he put it up in his shop right then and there. Right after we drove out of the shop the system crashed again, we almost didn't have the guts to go back, but B”H we said a little Nanach and we made our regal reentry into the shop and Yona was happy to fix it again, B”H.

In Modiin we met a guy (without a beanie) who invited us to sit with him and asked us to tell him some Torah, he told us that he had great appreciation for the Nanach, as he vividly remembers how 3 years ago, in 2008, he fell into utter depression, he was crushed, and then he bumped into a full fledged hafatza stand, in middle of the hustle and bustle of the monotony of people chasing after money, smack in the middle were some brave mayfitzim dancing like mad, uninhibited to show full joy and excitement. This guy explained to us how this isolated reality in his whole picture of things turned out to be the real reality, and changed his life forever.

B"H with the prices of the books down to 5 shekel and lower, and free "patzim" - the booklets spearheaded by Aaron Patz may H"Y bless him and protect him, and an abundance of new amazing Nanach stickers, Nanach is really getting out there.

B”H it is happening the holy awesome books of Rabbainu are getting to the masses and the effects are reverberating around the whole universe, yishtabach shimo luad!