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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some highlights from Uman Rosh Hashan 5772

B"H many of us merited to be by Rabbainu for the New Years. B"H was represented and advertised by means of a self inking stamp which I bought right before my trip, there wasn't enough time to have a stamp custom made, so I bought one that provides the user to set the letters of his choice. So I set the stamp like this:

10 GIG free music

news - info - chat

In Uman I stamped this on most of the posters that cover the wall and gates, eventually some of the letters fell out (the 'n' from news and info), I had to replace the 10 GIG, so I put in a 9, after Rosh Hashana someone who picked up on the change of GIG asked me if I had first been stamping 9 and then uploaded another GIG and continued stamping 10?!

Today (I wrote this post a few days ago) in the Kloiz (big building a minute away from the tzion, houses mikvaos and huge prayer halls on two different floors), on the Second floor - the Sfardim's shul, I notices that on the table in fron of each seat were stickers with the names of the people that had procured that particular spot, the stickers had accumulated over the years. This presented me with a very convenient 'in your face' vehicle for hafatza, and I went around stamping many maybe even most of the stickers, no one could have complaints that this was damaging or dirtying the place.... Furthermore often the way to get something cleaned or renovated is by puttng a Nanach on it, people are very quick to fix this up.... While I was stamping (the shul was full of people praying and people were very helpful, except for one person at the very end who pushed my hand away from stamping the sticker in front of him, but he didn't cause any more trouble B"H), one person proclaimed that this was in fact a "Chasima Tova"!!! - a good seal (more literly "stamp", this is the blessing/greating one bestows on his friend on the days following Rosh Hashana, when our verdicts have been written and are awaiting to be stamped/sealed on Yom Kippur). The next day I discovered that in the Shul by the actual Tzion, there were also stickers, B"H!, I stamped it all up.

In Uman the self proclaimed official central Breslov were trying to sell bricks for a new building for the Tzion. Breslover Chasidim had a custom never to build a new house outside of Israel, and so it is our hope that this will be an impetus for Rabbainu to decide to have his Tzion moved to Jerusalem this year B"H.

The Hebrew chief editor was detained in the airport and did not make it, on facebook he posted that he has gained very clear knowledge that there is absolutely no natural events in the world, but he writes that he can not reveal what had occurred, obviously H"Y pulled through for him big time. Once some followers of Rabbainu had an extremely hard time getting to him, Rabbainu said for this he would extract the teeth of the Satan, and so it is our hope that B"H next year Rabbainu will do exactly that, to all the rabbis and their partners who stand in the way of bringing the holy tomb to E"Y, and B"H we will see Rabbainu in the Holy Land.

Apparently this year so a very minimal inclement of piligrims (also there was alot more organization, so people found their way and places and moved much faster and smoother, in the airports and streets), the main thing I think is that there was a substantial amount more than 22,000, which is the number necessary for the resting of the Divine Presence.

Yours truly got sick and there were times when I didn't even have the strength to tell people Nanach, H"Y. B"H over the New Years, sick as I was I had the opportunity to read the whole new amazing book of R' Shlomo Carlebach, "Rabbi Nachman Says" put out by Zivie Ritchey, it was like spending time in sichas chaverim (conversing with Nanach friends, a critical part of being a Breslover chasid) with Shlomo Carlbach. On page 148 - the gimatria - numerical value of "Nachman", Shlomo is quoted saying that only Rabbi Nachman really believes in H"Y! The books cover displays a picture of R' Shlomo with Saba Yisroel, and the book has a few pages dedicated to what Shlomo said about the Petek and Nanach (the tape recordings are available at the music site). The book received major funding from our Nanach friend B.F. of the Over Shabos I also had the opportunity to read stories of Saba Yisroel that were published by a MSS, the stories are AWESOME, and there is a great need to have them more available for the public and also translated B"H.

Our Canadian Nanach friend outdid himself with a complete production of different designer Nanach baseball hats; "I love Nanach" and the likes, and a whole production of designer Nanach stickers. He also had t-shirts. Airan often operates at a loss, and sold many at cost price and donated quite a stash for hafatza in E"Y. You can order the goods from May H"Y bless him and repay him infinitely in this world and the next.

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