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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reaching out to the Yeshivas

Last week I had a long conversation with a big Rosh Yeshiva for about an hour, solid brainwashing BH, afterwords he gave me $100 for hafatza.

Last night I was awoken by a rabbi who told me that he was by Rabbi Shimon with 25 of his students and they needed some entertainment. He told me that he was praying by Rabbi Shimon that H"Y should provide them with the right guy, and right after he finished his prayer he spotted me.... So B"H his guys got over 2 hours of Nanach brainwashing, singing and dancing. There was another Rabbi that wasn't so excited about my services, he put up some resistance but B"H it just helped the Nanach message penetrate deeper into the poor deprived boys souls. They also fed me and gave me 50 shekel, B"H....

There were other good results brought about from this meeting, but I'm going to end here.

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