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Friday, October 28, 2011

Parshas ( weekly Torah portion) Noach

The holy books explain that the flood could have went either way, they could be an aspect of destruction "mayin hazeydonim", or waters of blessing and knowledge, an aspect of what the prophet says of the times of the Messiah, that the knowledge of H"Y will encompass the world like an ocean.

The Torah writes that the flood began with rain on the 17 of the month of Cheshvon and it rained for 40 days and nights. Rash"i explains that the 40 days that the Torah talks of are complete days, i.e. day and night, therefore since on the 17th of Cheshvon it rained just in the day and not the night (according to the Torah the day starts with the night), the 17th of Cheshvon is not included in the 40 days. That means that the first day of the 40 days is the 18th of Cheshvon - the yartzheit (anniversary of death) of Saba Yisroel (coming up in two and half weeks B"H)! With Nanach we don't just build an ark to escape the flood, but we turn the flood into awesome goodness!

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