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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Money Miracles Blessings Publishing

B"H one of the biggest mayfitzim ("spreaders") and Nanach publishers who will remain anonymous in this post (to avoid evil eye and unwanted/warranted honor), was visited over the weekend by someone who presented him with a sack full of cash (thousands of dollars), the person told our friend that the blessings our friend had bestowed upon him had all amazingly came to fruition, and there is more money on the way B"H. B"H this blessed and blessing Nanach is good to the cause and has already designated all the money to new publications of Rabbainu Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman. In general this was seen as a sign from Heaven that we should not concern ourselves with money issues and not even to be worried about selling the holy books, our job is to keep publishing and getting the holy books out there as much as possible, and H"Y will send all the money.... In any event now that there is money there for publication it definitely puts a strong obligation on us to use it fast... B"H.

p.s. anyone who desires a blessing from this particular Nanach can get in touch with me and B"H I'll hook them up, there might be a fee....

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