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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Miracle in Uman

On Motzoay Shabos - early Sunday Morning, about 2 am, a great miracle took place in the courtyard of the tomb of Rabbainu. This is story as I heard it from one person, and confirmed it with Aron Zupnik who was there when it happened.

The Keren usually set up on benches and tables right in front of the house of the tomb, facing the people coming into the courtyard. This year the Merkaz - "central" didn't allow them to function there, claiming the place for their own fundraising for a new building to keep Rabbainu in the Ukraine R"l. On Sunday morning, the guys from the Keren, seeing that no one from the merkaz was using the spot, moved in and set up the holy books. Someone got wind of this and a great confrontation took place, and the Keren guys aquiessed and began to move out. One of the Ukranian brutes (not sure if he was ordered to do so or if he did so on his own accord) picked up a bunch of the holy sforim, upon doing so he immediately keeled backwards and started convulsing, and he fell to the floor in a seizure, according to one account there was blood coming out of his mouth. The guard had to be carried out on a cot. The guard is reputedly still alive.

One of the friends said that earlier (before Rosh Hashana I think) they had set some of the holy sforim on the windowsills of the house of the Tomb (which is behind the coveted anual place mentioned above). One of the Ukranian brutes removed them, but his hand were shaking, later this guard became very friendly to our friends.

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Anonymous said...

ha ha the messiah is here- that's why they are trying to prevent Rabbenu from coming to EI