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Friday, October 21, 2011

Learning before drawing close to Rabbi Nachman of Breslov:

In Slunim (a sect of hasidus) there was an old man, a Torah scholar, and Heaven fearing, he was a Kabbalist, and he was very old, and I was involved with him as well, that he should draw me close to H”Y. And he inclined his ear to all my words, and he would be very astonished by what he saw; what is this? There are other talented children who study the Torah and fear God, and it is not heard from even one of them that he suffers so much from the evil inclination?! Nu, in any event he received me with love, and almost every night I went, after the night prayers, to the synagogue of Slunim, and he was the last to leave the synagogue, and I and he went together, and he lived a little far from the synagogue, and I walked with him slowly, until we reached his house. And on the way I told him all my pains, everything that was happening to me, and he wanted to help me, and he spoke with me words of faith, certainly it was good for me, but for him to take from me – to bring light on me, such light that I needed, he did not have. In any event, I had many guides, leaders that taught me, until I was bar mitzva.

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