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Sunday, October 9, 2011

From ongoing translation of Saba Yisroel

Strong desire to serve H”Y:

I had strong desires/will, and I had heavy battles, and I searched a place of respite. After I bought the prayerbook (and after you bought the prayerbook you did midnight?) not every night, but I had strong desire to get up at midnight and to recite Psalms, and sometimes I did not get up. But I remember Tiberius, the atmosphere was very hot, and the heat was strong during the day so that at night it was also very hot, because the stones (/bricks) were heated by the sun, and there was very great heat. And all (the people of) the city would sleep on the roofs, I too. But I got up a few hours before morning light, and I got down from the roof and went to our house. Our house was like a cave, there were no windows, it was like a cave. And I got down from the roof, after midnight the air is a little cooler, and then is the main sleep, the main life, and I descended into the room, and we had a small lamp, “number 2”.....

Will to be a Kosher person:

I got up early [before daylight] and we had a small lamp of “number 2”. I lit the lamp and I said Psalms and prayers, I began to pray. So the whole week I lit the lamp for a few hours every day, and it was deficient at the end of the week. And there was a container of kerosene (or some type of oil), this was a container from Shabos to Shabos, and I used it, and it came Shabos and there was no kerosene. So they said, “Oy, Yisroel Ber makes it tough on us, he lights the kerosene and we don't have enough to finish the week. And also I was born as a very weak person, miracles how it was that I... how it was that I grew up and I live. Yes, but blessed is H”Y....

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