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Friday, October 7, 2011

From ongoing translation of Saba Yisroel

Story of the Prayer Book “Everything In It”, and the Beginning of Serving H”Y:

Afterwords there are many stories, because I prayed with fervor, more than all the children, all the children pray, like children, regular, but I counted the words like money, like one counts money, and with love and wholesomeness, “Blessed are You”.... In any event in this synagogue, I prayed, this was the synagogue... it was close to us, so I prayed in the synagogue, and this synagogue (of Karlin Hasidim?) no, no, I was a Karlin hasid, but his was Bi-an (Hasidim of Bi-an...), but because it was very close, neighboring right next to our house, I entered there to pray, and there is the synagogue of Bi-an there was a chasid, very ole, and he was venerable and important, he was in charge, he was in charge of the Kollel, he was in charge, and he was a big miser. (What was his name?) R' Yaakov Kutzir, Rav Yakov Kutzir, yes. This is something known' yes. But this was before 70 years, this was before many years, oy oy oy … I? Father was a pauper and didn't have the ability to buy me a prayerbook. I wanted a prayerbook with the midnight (prayer), with Psalms, with the Maamados, all the bequests and prayers.... [R' Yakov Kutzir] he saw my prayer that it was different from all the children, he saw that I pray with intention and clinging and with truth and wholesomeness, so I found favor in his eyes, his nae is R' Yakov Kutzir. He was a big miser, with difficulty he would give a piece of pach [very low denomination coins] to charity' but to me he gave every time, almost every day he gave me a large coin covertly, he put it for me in between the pages of the prayerbook, and this was a significant coin, and he gave it to me when I prayed, and he brought it to me in the book, in order that no one would sense that he was giving me. I was a poor child, and I has strong desire to have a prayerbook that would have in it midnight (prayers), and Psalms, and Maamados, and all the other prayers, and there was a prayerbook like this that was not possible to procure except in Jerusalem. It wasn't easy to come to such a prayerbook, one needs to ask an expert in order to buy such a prayerbook. And I had a relative, an expert, a maven on prayerbooks, and my mother asked him where is it possible to obtain a prayerbook that has everything? So he showed her this prayerbook, Kol Bo (everything), but such a prayerbook costs a lot of money, I didn't have money. So I took these coins, which this man gave me as a present each time, and I collected and did not give to father, and I gave the money to mother to safekeep for me, until H”Y would bring about events to cause her to travel to Jerusalem and then she would purchase for me. H”Y caused that my mother had to travel to Jerusalem, and then she fulfilled my request and bought for, with the money that I collected, the book of prayers which has in it all types of prayers that are in the world; midnight, and psalms, and maamados, and everything... and everything is in it as it's name says, and many prayers. And this was by me like a fortune, this prayerbook, becaause I asked her to buy for me this prayerbook which has everything. When she came back home with the prayerbook, it was so beautiful that I wanted to eat all the pages. Everyone was jealous of me, and they said, “What a prayerbook!” they asked me, how did you come to such a prayerbook?

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