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Monday, October 31, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The save, the miracles, and the wonders:

H”Y saved us from all the gentiles. That mother, she... she had a fear from that gentiles that they would murder us and our children. And H”Y cast down upon them fear and they fell, I don't know how. They were so strong, and they had a lot of weapons, and H”Y did with us miracles and wonders. We were small children, not knowing what war is. And H”Y did with us such wonders, they fell and they fell. Wonders like these that one does not see, that mothers and their small children were saved and are being saved from the gentiles. So it was many times, in the whole world, H”Y did with us such miracles that the gentiles fell from us, and we were saved from them, from their weapons. There was great fear upon us and our children and on the families and on all the Jews. We were were in great distress, and H”Y had mercy on us, and we were saved, and the gentiles were lost and confounded. How do little children know to wage war? What is this? We saw that we distanced ourselves from the Torah and from holiness, and how should we be saved from the gentiles? And H”Y in his mercy on his entire nation, had mercy on us and our children. It is impossible to understand this. Little children that were born, aproximately one month two months, were saved from the gentiles, thats what happened. We were in great distress, we, our children, and our families, and all of us, we were completely lost. Because how is it possible to be saved from such killers? And H”Y saw this, with such miracles and wonders we have survived and they were destroyed with their weapons. There was no chance to be saved from the gentiles and H”Y did great wonders, that all of them fell and we and our children remained, we were saved, small children and they did not know how to wage war and we were saved and they were destroyed. After all the miracles H”Y showed us, we were in the desert and we did not have, not bread and not to drink and not war and not men, H”Y saved us, we live and are well, and they were lost. They had weapons and they had everything. We were crazy and we did not have anything. What is this? How were we saved? They had weapons, the whole world gave them weapons, and we did not have weapons. It was small children. They were completely destroyed and we are alive and well. I am older than 100 years, I live and they were finished. Scary how we were lost? and how the gentiles had all types of weapons? They were destroyed and we are alive and well. I remember now how much fear we had of the gentiles. And they wanted to kill, wipe out, and destroy us, and the opposite occurred. We in Tiberius were like dead, we did not have a doubt, how would we be saved from the gentiles? To gather us and save us from the gentiles. I remember, mother did not have what to eat, and also the small children did not have milk with which to live, and I am not working, and H”Y saved us from the gentiles and gave us the truthful Torah. Also now the gentile arabs they had houses, and they had animals, they had milk, butter, and all good, and we did not have anything. How were we saved from the gentiles? The gentiles had a lot of weapons, the whole world, the French and English, everyone gave them weapons, and we did not have anyone who would give us. We were lost like animals, not knowing where to flee, what to do with the small children? Now we are in their houses and everything that was theirs is ours. The houses are ours, the and everything is ours. A piece of bread and a few drops of olive oil, and we and our children are alive and well, and they do not have anything. I do not know how I am alive, we did not have, not bread, and not to eat, and not to drink, and not anything. Until today I am wonder very much, how am I alive? And how are the children alive? We are all alive, just those that had all the good, they died, just I remained alone, for 103 years....

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