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Thursday, October 27, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Searching for men of truth:

So I searched for God fearing men, men of truth, amongst the hasidim that I grew up in their midst, because then I did not know at all from Our holy Master, but I searched advice, even though I was belonged to the Karlin Chasidus, but I thought, maybe I will find in Slunim, maybe I will find in some other place, so I will be bound only to H”Y, to the place that I will feal and that I will see that it does things to me, that channels on me the light of Hashem. Nu, and I searched by the Karlin hasidim and by the Slunim and other people.

The suffering and the pain and the poverty that was and the overcoming:

I want, and I understand that I need to thank and praise Hashem that he did for me a miracle, a single person against the whole world, yes. Father and Mother and the family and the whole city and the whole world. How I was in such a state of lowliness and degradation that if you were there it would have been hard for you to understand how I was existing in this world, how I am living?! It is impossible to describe, there are no words to speak and describe what I endured, and thank God I see now that this, this was very good, I yearn and I say if only I had suffered more, but not, I, if I would pay millions... how? The time has passed.

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