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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

So/then I left all the rabbis:

After this, when I recognized Rabbi Yisroel, so/then I left all the rabbis and Rav Hirsch also, but there was a great bond between us, a bond and love, there was love between us, so we were friends, even though there was great distance from him to me, there was great distance and he saw that which I laughed from them, not from Jerusalem, from a small city, everyone knew, they were in shock, how can a person endure... suffering like this? Insults like these? Hardship like this! And he, Rav Hirsch, him specificly, from this opposition, so/then it entered in his heart, inside, that this a great thing, that this is above all the hasidus, I did not know, what he has in his heart I know? But I had a great bond with him, with love, like one soul, so I said to him to... friend, I said to him, “Rav Hirsch? That you (Saba said this in the respectful plural and indirect) should go into Rav Yisroel, and he will learn with you Torah from Likutay Moharan, this will bring forth like this and like this (I.e.. more and more).... What?... nu, he, he himself knew that, and I am telling him, how he went in to Rabbi Yisroel? If I suffer such hardships, he can suffer like these? What does one do? How does one go into Rabbi Yisroel? And Rabbi Yisroel resided next to the shul (synagogue) the Karlin and the Slunimers, his hous was next to all the houses. Nu, he, he wasn't able to go inside to Rabbi Yisroel... he found a remedy, he goes Friday night to the Slunimers, nu, how from Slunim is Rabbi Yisroel? The first step from the house of Rabbi Yisroel is the Slunimers, so instead of goins to the Slunimers, he will go inside to Rabbi Yisroel, and this is at night, Fiday night, so who will know? The upshot is, a whole bunch of weeks went by... he went to Rabbi Yisroel, and Rabbi Yisroel learned with him and told him about the Rebbe, about the secret of Our Holy Master, so/then he decided, “I will be Yisroel Ber the second, the second crazy. I will be – will become a Breslov chusid, I will be, become a Breslov chusid.” He went to Rabbi Yisroel for a few weeks, and the Slunimers saw that the Litvak Rav Hirsch Litvak, he stopped coming Friday night, so they asked his father-in-law, they asked him, “where is he, what has become of their son-in-lawRav Hirsch Litvak? He no longer comes to us on the night of Shabos?” So he answered, “I don't know, let's ask in the house, why he doesn't go?” He asks in the house? Oy vay, he goes, every Friday night, one Fiday night he doesn't miss, he goes every Friday night! He doesn't go? So they got suspicious, maybe he goes to the house of Rabbi Yisroel, to some it up, so he told them, the woman says, “he goes every night of Shabbos”, so they got suspicious, that this Rav Hirsch had become a Breslov Chusid, he goes to Rabbi Yisroel, so they investigated undercover and they looked from behind, “we caught him, we caught him!” how that he goes into Rabbi Yisroel. Nu, nu, there was an uproar, there was a great commotion by the Slunimer, the father-in-law and mother-in-law, he became like “Yisroel Ber” he became... Wonders! That exceeds all the wonders of Rabbainu! (but except for Rabbi Nussun, there never was something like this, Petek of redemption? There was Rabbainu, Rabbi Nussun, and the Petek of redemption!) The Petek? This is from the wonders of Rabbainu! Wonders that tops all the wonders of Rabbainu! What? What is there? Yisroel Ber, I, this is Yisroel Ber (fact is that Rabbi Yisroel Karduner did not receive insults like you!) He didn't receive like me? He endured a lot, what is impossible to describe! But he was a strong warrior. (fine, but like you...) but, he was he endured, he suffered matters like these, every second, for service of Hashem, what we do not have any conception! This is just... it is impossible to merit this just with the strength of Rabbainu! He was completely clean, from all desires, from everything, from haughtiness, this was [in his eyes] like pig, haughtiness and honor? He ran from this, he fled, he was, nothing, nil... (you said that it was impossible to speak of him...) nu, and certainly! It is possible, what I saw, this, spiritual words without measure, without limit, he merited, just with his self sacrifice, oy vay, oy vay, what we have? We need to make an accounting, How it was, Rabbi Nussun lived and merited to make Likutay Tefilos (collection of prayers), Likutay Halachos (collection of laws)? Everything for us. He saw, that there would be Aaron (Patz) and there will be Sharon (T.) and there will be every sould, and he prepares for every one what he needs, Rabbainu and Rabbi Nussun... (the doctors want to make large copies of the Petek! Y, …) Who? (Y. said...) yes? (he will finish his healing and he will work with us) Yes? Him? Yes he is free, he is ready to forfeit himself, everthing for Rabbainu, he is a wonder, a wonder man, he is from the Petek, he is not just a doctor, he is a great specialist doctor in Paris! What is this? He is not an ordinary doctor, he has wisdom, he had... (also L.) yes, yes, yes, also L. he is a big dentist, not ordinary.

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