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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The Search for Service of Hashem:

In any event, I had a teacher who taught me “Raishis Chuchma” (The Beginning of Wisdom, a ethical work written by a student of the Rama”k based on Kabala) and other works of ethics. And I was very attached to Rabbi Tzvi, they called him Rabbi Tzvi Litvak and his family name was Rosenthal, and also besides him, I had a few other teachers, because I searched a lot for service of Hashem in truth, by the hasidim of Slunim.

Rabbi Tzvi (Hirsch) Litvak Rosenthal:

For example, there was in Tiberius one man well known until today, that he was, his name was Rav Tzvi Litvak Rosenthal, and he was Heaven fearing. He studied many works of ethics, and the book Raishis Chuchma he knew by heart, and he studied it constantly, and he would learn the book Raishis Chuchma with great diligence. I searched for a place to guide me and to enlighten me with light of fear of Heaven and faith, so I attached myself to him, and he became my teacher, without money, he learned with with me Raishis Chuchma, and he spoke with me that way with words by heart, and there was a great bond between us. I saw in the book Raishis Chuchma and in other books of ethics, the enormous power of prayer, and I prayed to H”Y. But from the matter of hisbodidus I did not know, I just knew that prayer is extremely great thing. So I said a lot of Psalms, and my prayers everyday, the three daily prayers, I prayed with great intention, and with cleaving and fear of Heaven... This story of Rav Hirsch (Tzvi) Litvak, who is Rav Hirsch Litvak? In short, he was unique in Tiberius, he was, he was the great one, that he helped the whole city, a small city and there was... and they called him with this name, Rav Hirsch Litvak, they knew that a Litvak, laugh from hasidim and stories, in any event he helped them a lot, he knew the entire Raishis Chuchma, he knew by heart the Raishis Chuchma, and he didn't just learn the Raishis Chuchma, he fulfilled what he learned, he was a seeker, he had yearning...

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