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Sunday, October 23, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

R' Muttel from Slunim:

After the bar mitzva, one man by the name of Rabbi Muttel Slunimer drew me close, when he was old he became the admur (hasidic master) of Slunim, and he drew me very close, and he taught me Zohar, and Talmud, and Mishna, and he was my Rabbi, and I was in his house for a long time, and I saw that every second he was only (utilizing) in studying the Torah, and he was God fearing with good character traits. I considered him to be an angel of Hashem of hosts, R' Muttel. Nu, and I searched with self sacrifice, and I told over in front of a few people all my sins and everything that happened to me, because I wanted to get out of the mud, I wanted to change. I thought; I will reveal the sickness, then he will know better to help me, how to help me. In any event, what transpired with me transpired and more and more and more until I became 14 years old, and then H”Y began to do with me miracles and wonders, I saw Divine Providence of H”Y that he has mercy on me and helps me. Every time oy vay.... In any event it is impossible to tell over in detail everything, nu ,but the main thing is, what, how, I will begin to tell what happened to me, that which H”Y had mercy on me and caused circumstances that I should merit to draw close to our holy master?

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