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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Desire to learn Torah:

Yes... I had very harsh battles with the whole city, with the whole family. They all wanted (that you should learn a trade?) yes, and I said I do not want to work a job, just Torah and fear of Heaven. This (a job) I do not want by any means. And we had hard battles, because it was very sorrowful. They said, “the (your) father can't work, he is bling and poor, and you desert the house, you are a child of bar mitzva, are you not able to learn a trade and earn bread in the house? You will not be a Rabbi, you do not have talent!” And I did not want to listen, and the whole city had great pity. And I said to them, “I will not work at any job, by any means”. So I told this to Rav Yisroel [Karduner], he enjoyed this, I saw that he had great pleasure from this. [he thought] “H”Y prepared for him such a soul that only wants Torah!” (so they said what will be with a wife?) Yes, yes, the woman. So I said, “need such a woman that also will eat bread...” This I still have not told precisely like it was, because it is impossible to draw the battle that I had with this, R' Yisroel heard this, I searched... The war with the parents, with the family, and all the friends, and the whole city, everyone said that I need to learn a trade, I am not suitable to be a Rosh Yeshiva or Rabbi, Admu”r. One sees the mercy of the Blessed Creator, 70 years before there was Breslov, mamash it is not possible to describe the utter degredation that was on Breslov, and I stood up against lions, against people who were big in Torah, and the city, celebrities, and they all said, “Breslov no!” R' Mottel, this was great miracles, all the great people of Tiberius, the friends, I prayed with them, and Tiberius was a small city and I knew everyone, and they all said, “Breslov, oy vay, oy vay, oy” yes. And I, H”Y, I merited with the kindness of H”Y to taste the taste of Breslov, the taste of hisbodidus, the taste of pouring out the soul... yes.

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