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Monday, October 24, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

To be hidden:

What I yearned and wanted for, just Torah and prayer and truth, to be hidden, not to be publicized (this would have been wasted if you would not have recognized Rabbainu?) yes, certainly! But like this, I still have not seen. One sees Breslov, a hasid, a hasid... but like these that money was nothing, nothing, not worth anything, just the Creator and Torah, where do we see like these? Even amongst the hasidim of Breslov, there were great people, there were precious Jews, real Jews, but like these, like Rabbi Yisroel, that we knew from them, like these? Like Rabbi Yisroel is it possible? No one (is able)... like these? (he would leave his children, leave his family) yes, certainly, (such strength, such wisdom) wisdom with this simplicity/wholesomeness, there is a deep wisdom, a type of wisdom like this which is not found in the world, with this simplicity/wholesomeness... (what is it, the wisdom?) this is wisdom which is not found... is there someone to talk to? (a servant of H”Y...) certainly! Certainly! I saw by the hasidim, I saw that there are precious Jews, they are humble, humble – this is a precious thing, humility is a precious trait, but everyone knows that he is humble, and similarly, if we are intellectual, then he wants that the whole world will believe, that they should have a name, that he is an intellectual unique in the world, yes. It is no sufficient that he... that they should hold him as an intellectual (need to make known...) yes. Oy, oy, yes. And more things like this, this is just the outline...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Whatever is going on with him & anyone else is up to them to decide what is the best for them and the place where each of us find happiness and feel good.We'd better stop this issue and leave them alone.We recognize ourselves as Jews and the same way they do as musilims (if it is the case).We don't wanna any fight, any misunderstanding.Each person belongs to a spiritual root and let them find theirs.NNNNM!