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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Amazing new publications of Rabbainu

B"H in recent times tens of thousands of books of Rabbainu have been published.

Dvir - "Nekuda Tova" put out, in addition to all of his other publications of the pocket sized books and tikun klalis, 12 different full sized books, 1000 of each, hard cover "sky" - brown (the same as the Keren's - which sell for 30 shekel), they are being sold for hafatza 18 shekel each, or regular for 20 shekel each (the store in Meah Shearim sells them for 25). May H"Y bless him.

Yisroel Dagans son in law made major publication of Meshivas Nefesh and I think Hishtapchus, which are sold for 3 shekel!!!! and now Kitzur Likutay Moharan, being sold for 5 shekel. We're talking I think in the tens of thousands, B"H may H"Y bless him and may he merit in the future to put Nanach in the books.

Aron Patz and chevra put out close to 100,000 different pamphlets. B"H they are imminently about to make a major publication of a few different books of Rabbainu. May H"Y bless him. They have also helped some chevra from the Chevron region to make a huge publication of Likutay Moharan and Likutay Tefilos. These people don't believe in storing the holy books, within a few days of publication they are out there completely!!!

B"H we are seeing the start of the beginning of the publication of Rabbainu.

B"H we have made great progress towards a new translation and publication of Rabbi Nachman's stories, may H"Y bless all those helping out, especially Nissim, Menashe, Akiva, and Lazer Lawrence.

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nissim said...

Anyone capable please help out with the Sipurei Maasiyot.

And a robot found and added the link there to the tales in Yiddish Wikisource -- gib a kuk!