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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Amazing Dreams

There's a guy here by Rabbi Shimon, he sometimes gives shiurim (lectures), he just told me an amazing dream he had two days ago. In the dream he got into the Nanach van from my animation movies (!!!!), he got into the passenger seat up front, the driver was Heshy from Tsfas (!!!!), the van took off into the air and progressed ontop of a narrow wall, they went to Uman to Rabbainu, and then they came right back. Upon arriving back this guy turns to Heshy and says what did we do, we didn't even say the Tikun Haklali there or anything! Then he woke up!!!!


This guy told me that about 5 years ago he was in Israel on Rosh Hashana, and he prayed that even though he was unable to go to Uman to Rabbainu, Rabbainu should come to him. Later at 1 in the morning, a neighbor knocked on the door and presented him with a Likutay Moharan, the neighbor said that he was organizing his stuff and the book was 'extra' so he was giving it to him.

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