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Monday, October 31, 2011

Judaism is Breslov - Nanach! song by Shlomo - Shin Shin Mem

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The save, the miracles, and the wonders:

H”Y saved us from all the gentiles. That mother, she... she had a fear from that gentiles that they would murder us and our children. And H”Y cast down upon them fear and they fell, I don't know how. They were so strong, and they had a lot of weapons, and H”Y did with us miracles and wonders. We were small children, not knowing what war is. And H”Y did with us such wonders, they fell and they fell. Wonders like these that one does not see, that mothers and their small children were saved and are being saved from the gentiles. So it was many times, in the whole world, H”Y did with us such miracles that the gentiles fell from us, and we were saved from them, from their weapons. There was great fear upon us and our children and on the families and on all the Jews. We were were in great distress, and H”Y had mercy on us, and we were saved, and the gentiles were lost and confounded. How do little children know to wage war? What is this? We saw that we distanced ourselves from the Torah and from holiness, and how should we be saved from the gentiles? And H”Y in his mercy on his entire nation, had mercy on us and our children. It is impossible to understand this. Little children that were born, aproximately one month two months, were saved from the gentiles, thats what happened. We were in great distress, we, our children, and our families, and all of us, we were completely lost. Because how is it possible to be saved from such killers? And H”Y saw this, with such miracles and wonders we have survived and they were destroyed with their weapons. There was no chance to be saved from the gentiles and H”Y did great wonders, that all of them fell and we and our children remained, we were saved, small children and they did not know how to wage war and we were saved and they were destroyed. After all the miracles H”Y showed us, we were in the desert and we did not have, not bread and not to drink and not war and not men, H”Y saved us, we live and are well, and they were lost. They had weapons and they had everything. We were crazy and we did not have anything. What is this? How were we saved? They had weapons, the whole world gave them weapons, and we did not have weapons. It was small children. They were completely destroyed and we are alive and well. I am older than 100 years, I live and they were finished. Scary how we were lost? and how the gentiles had all types of weapons? They were destroyed and we are alive and well. I remember now how much fear we had of the gentiles. And they wanted to kill, wipe out, and destroy us, and the opposite occurred. We in Tiberius were like dead, we did not have a doubt, how would we be saved from the gentiles? To gather us and save us from the gentiles. I remember, mother did not have what to eat, and also the small children did not have milk with which to live, and I am not working, and H”Y saved us from the gentiles and gave us the truthful Torah. Also now the gentile arabs they had houses, and they had animals, they had milk, butter, and all good, and we did not have anything. How were we saved from the gentiles? The gentiles had a lot of weapons, the whole world, the French and English, everyone gave them weapons, and we did not have anyone who would give us. We were lost like animals, not knowing where to flee, what to do with the small children? Now we are in their houses and everything that was theirs is ours. The houses are ours, the and everything is ours. A piece of bread and a few drops of olive oil, and we and our children are alive and well, and they do not have anything. I do not know how I am alive, we did not have, not bread, and not to eat, and not to drink, and not anything. Until today I am wonder very much, how am I alive? And how are the children alive? We are all alive, just those that had all the good, they died, just I remained alone, for 103 years....

Sunday, October 30, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Rav Muttel, was a great intellectual:

(when you were 12, 14, you recognized Rav Muttel Slonim and the sages?) yeah, The Rav Muttel, he was very intellectual, and an intellectual does not seek mitzvos (commandments, good deeds), just the main purpose is to learn learn learn, and he was a chusid and Heaven fearing and he loved a mitzva, to do a mitzva, charity and kindness, so he knew that I have a blind father, so he took me in his house and learned with me and spoke with me and drew me very close, and he was to me like a father, like a father, and he spoke with me, hasidus and admurim (hasidic masters) and I received a lot from him, and I considered Rav Muttel, that there is no one greater than him in the world, he is mamash an angel, I saw his good traits, I was always with him, in the day and in the night....

Preparation for drawing close to Rabbainu:

These things are pertinent to the drawing close to Rabbainu, preparation, all this was preparation to drawing close to Rabbainu (when you were small the Karlin hasidim were drinking tea and coffee, and you drank more than all of them?) more than all of them, I screamed more than all of them, and I drank... (tea, more than all of them?) I was in pain, in great suffering and I searched for a remedy, how to save myself, and I did not find, until H”Y, I am telling this in short, it is impossible to tell everything (no, tell over, I know very well that you remember, ah?) yeah....

Ultimate Kindness for those with their eyes shut tight

In Likutay Halachos (Hilchos Tefilas Arvis 4) Rabbi Nussun asks a very fundamental question. It is well know that H"Y created the world to do goodness, in the words of the Ramchal (in Mesilas Yeshurim - Path of the Just) many was created to have ecstasy on G-d. So the question is why then did G-d originaly intend to create the world with the attribute of judgment and only later preempted the judgement with kindness. Rabbi Nussun explains that if the world had been created with the attribute of judgement people would have been immediately been forced to surrender, to run from this world and completely abnegate themselves to G-d. When a person is faced with circumstances which are overwhelming and he/she just can't hold their ground and they find themselves giving up, this should really be the key and the gate to reaching a much higher connection to H"Y, if the person acknowledges that he/she must surrender and they turn to H"Y to take over. Unfortunately however most people get embroiled in their prediciment and they completely crash, caught up in their own role of what is going on, they do not realize that H"Y is really setting them up with an opportunity to come clean, to shed their ego and limited perception, to become a pure vessel of G-d's light and image in this world. That is why God preempted the creation of the world with Kindness, to allow people to build progessively in Torah and mitzvos, slowly developing good character traits and refining themselves, until ultimately they are ready to abnegate themselves completely to H"Y.

With this Rabbi Nussun explains the concept of why a baal teshuva - someone who has returned to God after having strayed away - is higher than a regular tzadik. Because the tzadik is keeping the Torah which is the way H"Y deals with this world with mercy, where as the baal teshuva violated this, and had to face the strict judgement, this judgement is a higher channel of H"Y, as explained previously.

Friday, October 28, 2011

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Parshas ( weekly Torah portion) Noach

The holy books explain that the flood could have went either way, they could be an aspect of destruction "mayin hazeydonim", or waters of blessing and knowledge, an aspect of what the prophet says of the times of the Messiah, that the knowledge of H"Y will encompass the world like an ocean.

The Torah writes that the flood began with rain on the 17 of the month of Cheshvon and it rained for 40 days and nights. Rash"i explains that the 40 days that the Torah talks of are complete days, i.e. day and night, therefore since on the 17th of Cheshvon it rained just in the day and not the night (according to the Torah the day starts with the night), the 17th of Cheshvon is not included in the 40 days. That means that the first day of the 40 days is the 18th of Cheshvon - the yartzheit (anniversary of death) of Saba Yisroel (coming up in two and half weeks B"H)! With Nanach we don't just build an ark to escape the flood, but we turn the flood into awesome goodness!

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Holy Brazeness.

Yes. How I was ruthless, my father had hell in this world, he was blind in both eyes and with such poverty and lowliness, and I was in such a house, and I have a miracle, how I am living?! How I remained alive? Yes. There was no bread, and not a drop of olive oil, and thank God I stood. Father cried before me, “I am your father, I know, and you are still young, you do not understand. Breslov?! No match will want you, and I am poor, you do not have money, how? What you do!?” He cried, him and mother and the brothers, they cried over me, and I was ruthless on father and mother, and I said, “Just Breslov!!!” Now I see how the liars appear, yes. How they appear, where are they? Yes, there is nothing left of them. Just the books of Breslov.

I used to scream, mamash to the heart of the sky:

(Rabbi Yisroel, how did you pray, when you were a Karlin hasid?) I used to scream, mamash to the heart of the sky, all of them screamed, because whoever screamed more was more of a chusid, was more important (this was a competition who ever screams stronger?!) yes, but my intentions were not for importance, or for any other personal gain, I just, my heart was burning for H”Y and I screamed with such vox! And next to me sat an elder man named Rav Kihus, Rav Kihus, yes. And he was, after the prayer, he would scream at me and cry, “what do you want from me? You want to make me deaf? You are killing me, you are killing me... you? This is not screaming, this is to kill.” (he beat you?) no, no. He wanted to beat, but he was a following the Torah and Heaven fearing, but he wasn't able to withstand, he was suffering from this, great pain, I did not know, but he, this I caused his begrudging... his anger? This I remember, as if he was standing now by me and he screams at me, “what do you want from me?”

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thank you Hashem. MazalTov Hoshea.

NaNach Barmitzvah in Bet Shemesh :)

If anyone knows of any Nanach in Chicago please let us know

Today is the Hillula of Shimon HaTzadik - Jerusalem

Amazing new publications of Rabbainu

B"H in recent times tens of thousands of books of Rabbainu have been published.

Dvir - "Nekuda Tova" put out, in addition to all of his other publications of the pocket sized books and tikun klalis, 12 different full sized books, 1000 of each, hard cover "sky" - brown (the same as the Keren's - which sell for 30 shekel), they are being sold for hafatza 18 shekel each, or regular for 20 shekel each (the store in Meah Shearim sells them for 25). May H"Y bless him.

Yisroel Dagans son in law made major publication of Meshivas Nefesh and I think Hishtapchus, which are sold for 3 shekel!!!! and now Kitzur Likutay Moharan, being sold for 5 shekel. We're talking I think in the tens of thousands, B"H may H"Y bless him and may he merit in the future to put Nanach in the books.

Aron Patz and chevra put out close to 100,000 different pamphlets. B"H they are imminently about to make a major publication of a few different books of Rabbainu. May H"Y bless him. They have also helped some chevra from the Chevron region to make a huge publication of Likutay Moharan and Likutay Tefilos. These people don't believe in storing the holy books, within a few days of publication they are out there completely!!!

B"H we are seeing the start of the beginning of the publication of Rabbainu.

B"H we have made great progress towards a new translation and publication of Rabbi Nachman's stories, may H"Y bless all those helping out, especially Nissim, Menashe, Akiva, and Lazer Lawrence.

Happy Nanach Occasions

Mazal Tov to Tzvi Levin on his marriage and having his father come to Uman for R"H.

Mazal Tov to Elad on birth of his son, the Bris was on Succoth, the meal was in Eliyahu's sukka.

Mazal Tov to Eliyahu Levine on his son's bar mitzva.

Mazal Tov to Moshe Newman on his daughter's wedding B"H tonight somewhere - nowhere.

Mazal Tov Avrohom Sherer on birth of his son, the Bris will be B"H (I think) in Ganey Hadar this coming Wednesday.

Reaching out to the Yeshivas

Last week I had a long conversation with a big Rosh Yeshiva for about an hour, solid brainwashing BH, afterwords he gave me $100 for hafatza.

Last night I was awoken by a rabbi who told me that he was by Rabbi Shimon with 25 of his students and they needed some entertainment. He told me that he was praying by Rabbi Shimon that H"Y should provide them with the right guy, and right after he finished his prayer he spotted me.... So B"H his guys got over 2 hours of Nanach brainwashing, singing and dancing. There was another Rabbi that wasn't so excited about my services, he put up some resistance but B"H it just helped the Nanach message penetrate deeper into the poor deprived boys souls. They also fed me and gave me 50 shekel, B"H....

There were other good results brought about from this meeting, but I'm going to end here.

Amazing Dreams

There's a guy here by Rabbi Shimon, he sometimes gives shiurim (lectures), he just told me an amazing dream he had two days ago. In the dream he got into the Nanach van from my animation movies (!!!!), he got into the passenger seat up front, the driver was Heshy from Tsfas (!!!!), the van took off into the air and progressed ontop of a narrow wall, they went to Uman to Rabbainu, and then they came right back. Upon arriving back this guy turns to Heshy and says what did we do, we didn't even say the Tikun Haklali there or anything! Then he woke up!!!!


This guy told me that about 5 years ago he was in Israel on Rosh Hashana, and he prayed that even though he was unable to go to Uman to Rabbainu, Rabbainu should come to him. Later at 1 in the morning, a neighbor knocked on the door and presented him with a Likutay Moharan, the neighbor said that he was organizing his stuff and the book was 'extra' so he was giving it to him.

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Searching for men of truth:

So I searched for God fearing men, men of truth, amongst the hasidim that I grew up in their midst, because then I did not know at all from Our holy Master, but I searched advice, even though I was belonged to the Karlin Chasidus, but I thought, maybe I will find in Slunim, maybe I will find in some other place, so I will be bound only to H”Y, to the place that I will feal and that I will see that it does things to me, that channels on me the light of Hashem. Nu, and I searched by the Karlin hasidim and by the Slunim and other people.

The suffering and the pain and the poverty that was and the overcoming:

I want, and I understand that I need to thank and praise Hashem that he did for me a miracle, a single person against the whole world, yes. Father and Mother and the family and the whole city and the whole world. How I was in such a state of lowliness and degradation that if you were there it would have been hard for you to understand how I was existing in this world, how I am living?! It is impossible to describe, there are no words to speak and describe what I endured, and thank God I see now that this, this was very good, I yearn and I say if only I had suffered more, but not, I, if I would pay millions... how? The time has passed.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

So/then I left all the rabbis:

After this, when I recognized Rabbi Yisroel, so/then I left all the rabbis and Rav Hirsch also, but there was a great bond between us, a bond and love, there was love between us, so we were friends, even though there was great distance from him to me, there was great distance and he saw that which I laughed from them, not from Jerusalem, from a small city, everyone knew, they were in shock, how can a person endure... suffering like this? Insults like these? Hardship like this! And he, Rav Hirsch, him specificly, from this opposition, so/then it entered in his heart, inside, that this a great thing, that this is above all the hasidus, I did not know, what he has in his heart I know? But I had a great bond with him, with love, like one soul, so I said to him to... friend, I said to him, “Rav Hirsch? That you (Saba said this in the respectful plural and indirect) should go into Rav Yisroel, and he will learn with you Torah from Likutay Moharan, this will bring forth like this and like this (I.e.. more and more).... What?... nu, he, he himself knew that, and I am telling him, how he went in to Rabbi Yisroel? If I suffer such hardships, he can suffer like these? What does one do? How does one go into Rabbi Yisroel? And Rabbi Yisroel resided next to the shul (synagogue) the Karlin and the Slunimers, his hous was next to all the houses. Nu, he, he wasn't able to go inside to Rabbi Yisroel... he found a remedy, he goes Friday night to the Slunimers, nu, how from Slunim is Rabbi Yisroel? The first step from the house of Rabbi Yisroel is the Slunimers, so instead of goins to the Slunimers, he will go inside to Rabbi Yisroel, and this is at night, Fiday night, so who will know? The upshot is, a whole bunch of weeks went by... he went to Rabbi Yisroel, and Rabbi Yisroel learned with him and told him about the Rebbe, about the secret of Our Holy Master, so/then he decided, “I will be Yisroel Ber the second, the second crazy. I will be – will become a Breslov chusid, I will be, become a Breslov chusid.” He went to Rabbi Yisroel for a few weeks, and the Slunimers saw that the Litvak Rav Hirsch Litvak, he stopped coming Friday night, so they asked his father-in-law, they asked him, “where is he, what has become of their son-in-lawRav Hirsch Litvak? He no longer comes to us on the night of Shabos?” So he answered, “I don't know, let's ask in the house, why he doesn't go?” He asks in the house? Oy vay, he goes, every Friday night, one Fiday night he doesn't miss, he goes every Friday night! He doesn't go? So they got suspicious, maybe he goes to the house of Rabbi Yisroel, to some it up, so he told them, the woman says, “he goes every night of Shabbos”, so they got suspicious, that this Rav Hirsch had become a Breslov Chusid, he goes to Rabbi Yisroel, so they investigated undercover and they looked from behind, “we caught him, we caught him!” how that he goes into Rabbi Yisroel. Nu, nu, there was an uproar, there was a great commotion by the Slunimer, the father-in-law and mother-in-law, he became like “Yisroel Ber” he became... Wonders! That exceeds all the wonders of Rabbainu! (but except for Rabbi Nussun, there never was something like this, Petek of redemption? There was Rabbainu, Rabbi Nussun, and the Petek of redemption!) The Petek? This is from the wonders of Rabbainu! Wonders that tops all the wonders of Rabbainu! What? What is there? Yisroel Ber, I, this is Yisroel Ber (fact is that Rabbi Yisroel Karduner did not receive insults like you!) He didn't receive like me? He endured a lot, what is impossible to describe! But he was a strong warrior. (fine, but like you...) but, he was he endured, he suffered matters like these, every second, for service of Hashem, what we do not have any conception! This is just... it is impossible to merit this just with the strength of Rabbainu! He was completely clean, from all desires, from everything, from haughtiness, this was [in his eyes] like pig, haughtiness and honor? He ran from this, he fled, he was, nothing, nil... (you said that it was impossible to speak of him...) nu, and certainly! It is possible, what I saw, this, spiritual words without measure, without limit, he merited, just with his self sacrifice, oy vay, oy vay, what we have? We need to make an accounting, How it was, Rabbi Nussun lived and merited to make Likutay Tefilos (collection of prayers), Likutay Halachos (collection of laws)? Everything for us. He saw, that there would be Aaron (Patz) and there will be Sharon (T.) and there will be every sould, and he prepares for every one what he needs, Rabbainu and Rabbi Nussun... (the doctors want to make large copies of the Petek! Y, …) Who? (Y. said...) yes? (he will finish his healing and he will work with us) Yes? Him? Yes he is free, he is ready to forfeit himself, everthing for Rabbainu, he is a wonder, a wonder man, he is from the Petek, he is not just a doctor, he is a great specialist doctor in Paris! What is this? He is not an ordinary doctor, he has wisdom, he had... (also L.) yes, yes, yes, also L. he is a big dentist, not ordinary.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The Search for Service of Hashem:

In any event, I had a teacher who taught me “Raishis Chuchma” (The Beginning of Wisdom, a ethical work written by a student of the Rama”k based on Kabala) and other works of ethics. And I was very attached to Rabbi Tzvi, they called him Rabbi Tzvi Litvak and his family name was Rosenthal, and also besides him, I had a few other teachers, because I searched a lot for service of Hashem in truth, by the hasidim of Slunim.

Rabbi Tzvi (Hirsch) Litvak Rosenthal:

For example, there was in Tiberius one man well known until today, that he was, his name was Rav Tzvi Litvak Rosenthal, and he was Heaven fearing. He studied many works of ethics, and the book Raishis Chuchma he knew by heart, and he studied it constantly, and he would learn the book Raishis Chuchma with great diligence. I searched for a place to guide me and to enlighten me with light of fear of Heaven and faith, so I attached myself to him, and he became my teacher, without money, he learned with with me Raishis Chuchma, and he spoke with me that way with words by heart, and there was a great bond between us. I saw in the book Raishis Chuchma and in other books of ethics, the enormous power of prayer, and I prayed to H”Y. But from the matter of hisbodidus I did not know, I just knew that prayer is extremely great thing. So I said a lot of Psalms, and my prayers everyday, the three daily prayers, I prayed with great intention, and with cleaving and fear of Heaven... This story of Rav Hirsch (Tzvi) Litvak, who is Rav Hirsch Litvak? In short, he was unique in Tiberius, he was, he was the great one, that he helped the whole city, a small city and there was... and they called him with this name, Rav Hirsch Litvak, they knew that a Litvak, laugh from hasidim and stories, in any event he helped them a lot, he knew the entire Raishis Chuchma, he knew by heart the Raishis Chuchma, and he didn't just learn the Raishis Chuchma, he fulfilled what he learned, he was a seeker, he had yearning...

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hats (winter & baseball) to order

Monday, October 24, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

To be hidden:

What I yearned and wanted for, just Torah and prayer and truth, to be hidden, not to be publicized (this would have been wasted if you would not have recognized Rabbainu?) yes, certainly! But like this, I still have not seen. One sees Breslov, a hasid, a hasid... but like these that money was nothing, nothing, not worth anything, just the Creator and Torah, where do we see like these? Even amongst the hasidim of Breslov, there were great people, there were precious Jews, real Jews, but like these, like Rabbi Yisroel, that we knew from them, like these? Like Rabbi Yisroel is it possible? No one (is able)... like these? (he would leave his children, leave his family) yes, certainly, (such strength, such wisdom) wisdom with this simplicity/wholesomeness, there is a deep wisdom, a type of wisdom like this which is not found in the world, with this simplicity/wholesomeness... (what is it, the wisdom?) this is wisdom which is not found... is there someone to talk to? (a servant of H”Y...) certainly! Certainly! I saw by the hasidim, I saw that there are precious Jews, they are humble, humble – this is a precious thing, humility is a precious trait, but everyone knows that he is humble, and similarly, if we are intellectual, then he wants that the whole world will believe, that they should have a name, that he is an intellectual unique in the world, yes. It is no sufficient that he... that they should hold him as an intellectual (need to make known...) yes. Oy, oy, yes. And more things like this, this is just the outline...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A new reply to an old blog that tried to ridicule the holy name of Rabbi Nachman

rafael has left a new comment on the post "Based On "A Childish Prank"
- Na Nach Nachma":

Rabbi Sears Shalom !

Many years ago [about 20] when I was investigating the "petek" I
looked up Rav Ashcenazi's son [not grandson]. His name was Avraham
Aschenazi. He passed away a couple of years ago in Bnei Brak. He told
me that he was a personal witness at the moment that Rav Odesser came
out of his room with the petek that he found in the book. He told me
that very shortly afterwards, the avrechim at Rabbi Meir ba'al haness
yeshiva were so upset about such a miracle happenning to the breslever
chassid that was so obstinate with his belief in Rabbi Nachman, they
made a thourough inquiry and couldn't find the "culprit" who played
the prank. So some of them started saying that it must have been
Aschenazi, since he was the prankster [leytzan] of the yeshiva. This
son [Avraham] told me that he knows without any bit of doubt that his
father did not write the petek, and that no natural explanation was
found. He asked me to be carefull not to quote this information in his
name out of fear for what the other Slonim chasiddim and "gedoley
breslev" will do to him !!!!!!! The grandson that you quoted was not
alive at the time, and was only repeating the "heresay" that was
purposely inventented to hide the miraculous event. He refused to be
taped. Now that he is not in olam hazeh, I can quote him. So if you
don't have enough belief in Rabbi Nachman to believe that the story of
the petek could be true, there is nothing I can do to help you.
A quick survey in Uman on Rosh Hashana will reveal that the fringe
qroup is probably about 50 - 70 percent of those coming to Uman, and
growing stronger every year. Interesting for being "fringe".

as an afterword, I think Avrohom Ashkenazey was born to his parents
after they had been married for 6 six years without having any
children, even though their family were great opposers and mockers of
Breslov, the father appealed to Rabbi Yisroel Karduner for help. Saba
told over the story as follows:

"Our grandeur and splendor, our righteous Messiah will reveal" of
Breslov, our greatness, this is Breslov's... with the gold, six gold
lira, this was very valuable, and he (Rabbi Yisroel Karduner) told him
and he gave it to him (Rabbi Yisroel) immediately, right away, all the
money! Gold six gold coins and there was a birth from this! Now, he's
eight year old... His father got married, and six years after the
wedding they didn't have children, and he came to Rabbi Yisroel, his
father, and he told him (Rabbi Yisroel), I got married six years ago
and I don't have children. So Rabbi Yisroel said to him that he should
give six gold coins, six gold lira, and that's what was, he gave six
gold lira, and Avrohom is living now, with the money, he is now eighty
years old! "I need to give the publisher, I need to give six lira,
give me six lira." and he didn't tell him that he would have children,
so "give me six lira" this is sufficient, this and he lives now, he is
now eighty years old, his name is Avrohom Ashkenazey... Great
opposers, all, the grandfather... and greats, but they didn't listen,
they went to Rabbi Yisroel and they told him that they are now married
for six years and they do not have children, so Rabbi Yisroel said to
him, "give me six lira" six gold lira, oy, he gave him (Rabbi
Yisroel), and this is Avrohom Ashkenazey. He is living today. With the
six lira! Rabbi Yisroel, he didn't speak much, succinctly, six lira,
"give six lira" and he gave him then, yes, exactly six lira, and till
today he lives, he is eighty years old... and his father told me, that
he got married, and six years after the wedding they did not have
children. Rabbi Yisroel was in Meron, so he went to Rav Yisroel and he
said to him, with these words, "I got married, and I already have six
years, I got married and I do not have children!" so Rabbi Yisroel
told him, "give me six gold lira" and that's what was, he gave him,
and he is now eighty years old...

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

R' Muttel from Slunim:

After the bar mitzva, one man by the name of Rabbi Muttel Slunimer drew me close, when he was old he became the admur (hasidic master) of Slunim, and he drew me very close, and he taught me Zohar, and Talmud, and Mishna, and he was my Rabbi, and I was in his house for a long time, and I saw that every second he was only (utilizing) in studying the Torah, and he was God fearing with good character traits. I considered him to be an angel of Hashem of hosts, R' Muttel. Nu, and I searched with self sacrifice, and I told over in front of a few people all my sins and everything that happened to me, because I wanted to get out of the mud, I wanted to change. I thought; I will reveal the sickness, then he will know better to help me, how to help me. In any event, what transpired with me transpired and more and more and more until I became 14 years old, and then H”Y began to do with me miracles and wonders, I saw Divine Providence of H”Y that he has mercy on me and helps me. Every time oy vay.... In any event it is impossible to tell over in detail everything, nu ,but the main thing is, what, how, I will begin to tell what happened to me, that which H”Y had mercy on me and caused circumstances that I should merit to draw close to our holy master?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Learning before drawing close to Rabbi Nachman of Breslov:

In Slunim (a sect of hasidus) there was an old man, a Torah scholar, and Heaven fearing, he was a Kabbalist, and he was very old, and I was involved with him as well, that he should draw me close to H”Y. And he inclined his ear to all my words, and he would be very astonished by what he saw; what is this? There are other talented children who study the Torah and fear God, and it is not heard from even one of them that he suffers so much from the evil inclination?! Nu, in any event he received me with love, and almost every night I went, after the night prayers, to the synagogue of Slunim, and he was the last to leave the synagogue, and I and he went together, and he lived a little far from the synagogue, and I walked with him slowly, until we reached his house. And on the way I told him all my pains, everything that was happening to me, and he wanted to help me, and he spoke with me words of faith, certainly it was good for me, but for him to take from me – to bring light on me, such light that I needed, he did not have. In any event, I had many guides, leaders that taught me, until I was bar mitzva.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Desire to learn Torah:

Yes... I had very harsh battles with the whole city, with the whole family. They all wanted (that you should learn a trade?) yes, and I said I do not want to work a job, just Torah and fear of Heaven. This (a job) I do not want by any means. And we had hard battles, because it was very sorrowful. They said, “the (your) father can't work, he is bling and poor, and you desert the house, you are a child of bar mitzva, are you not able to learn a trade and earn bread in the house? You will not be a Rabbi, you do not have talent!” And I did not want to listen, and the whole city had great pity. And I said to them, “I will not work at any job, by any means”. So I told this to Rav Yisroel [Karduner], he enjoyed this, I saw that he had great pleasure from this. [he thought] “H”Y prepared for him such a soul that only wants Torah!” (so they said what will be with a wife?) Yes, yes, the woman. So I said, “need such a woman that also will eat bread...” This I still have not told precisely like it was, because it is impossible to draw the battle that I had with this, R' Yisroel heard this, I searched... The war with the parents, with the family, and all the friends, and the whole city, everyone said that I need to learn a trade, I am not suitable to be a Rosh Yeshiva or Rabbi, Admu”r. One sees the mercy of the Blessed Creator, 70 years before there was Breslov, mamash it is not possible to describe the utter degredation that was on Breslov, and I stood up against lions, against people who were big in Torah, and the city, celebrities, and they all said, “Breslov no!” R' Mottel, this was great miracles, all the great people of Tiberius, the friends, I prayed with them, and Tiberius was a small city and I knew everyone, and they all said, “Breslov, oy vay, oy vay, oy” yes. And I, H”Y, I merited with the kindness of H”Y to taste the taste of Breslov, the taste of hisbodidus, the taste of pouring out the soul... yes.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel


(you used to go the mikva? Before Rabbi Yisroel? Did you already go to the mikva?) yes. (every day?) yes. (Karlin Chasidim go to the mikva?) yes. They do not go every day, but I, but I, I used to... (from what age did you begin to go to the mikva?) before bar mitzva, after the bar mitzva, I was already, I was not able to pray a day without a mikva....

Bar Mitzva:

I became Bar Mitzva. Nu, so I after learn a vocation, tailoring, or shoe making, any work, yeah. And I said, “No, I do not want. Do not want to learn a trade, I want just Torah, just Torah and fear of Heaven. Work? None, none, none...” So they said to me, “but father can not give you a dowry and money to get married, you will need a wedding, what will be?! Who will give you?! So... and also, you need to support a house!” So I said, “I do not want any work!” And I was very stubborn and I didn't learn a trade, and afterwords, when I merited to draw close to R' Yisroel [Karduner] and I told him the matter, I saw that he had great pleasure from this, because then I did not know from Breslov, just my heart was burning so much for love, for Torah, and he told me, “you did good, that you didn't learn a trade, yes.”

Monday, October 17, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Necessity to drink:

Nu, we drank even more before the prayer... for example, they would arise a half hour before the day, they got up a half hour before the day, they were called (recognized as) from the biggest practitioners, from the biggest tzaddikim of the generation, he is getting up a half hour before the day, when getting up, washing the hand first to kindle the urns and to drink... Nu, I saw that it was necessary to drink, so I also wanted to drink, to drink.... and after this, he is found sitting. Some, some would sit in the chairs for an hour, some, two hours... Rabbi Yisroel Karduner! In any event after this, when H”Y helped me, that I saw Rabbi Yisroel... What is this? They, when they get up before the day? They are already the tzadikim (righteous) of the generation! And Rabbi Yisroel got up at midnight, and no one saw anything, and he does not need tea, he doesn't need anything. He needs, just a mikva and to go!...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

B"H great new music

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(the whole world is a very narrow bridge and the main principle is not to fear what-so-ever - Rabbi Nachman of Breslov - Likutay Moharan).

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel


(Did you get up for midnight? Sleep at midnight?) yes, not exactly at midnight, but I liked to get up two or three hours before daybreak and I got down... (to do what?) Psalms, midnight, Psalms... and I was... the Creator gave me such a sould that I yearned for Torah, I was on fire for Torah and fear of Heaven, I was solicitous, charedi (solicitous)... In any event – so what I saw that hasidim, how they conducted, I was the first, and I was the biggest of all Karlin. They screamed the prayer, so I screamed. Such screams I screamed that I could faint! “You are killing me! You are making me dead! You are killing me, what do you want from me?” an elder Jew, 80 years old or 90 years old, there was an old man next to me, he said to me, “You are a fiend, I am an old man, I already can't hear, and you want to make me completely deaf? What do you want from me? Why do you scream so much?”

Saturday, October 15, 2011

5772 - The Year of Na Nach on the Holiday of Na Nach

If anyone has noticed lately, there has been much discussion from bloggers about this year 5772 being the year that Moshiach will come. While there are many theories that are brought for this, there is one that is well related to Na Nach.

Let's begin. According to the Vilna Gaon (whose Yahrzeit is 19 Tishrei, the day after today's Yahrzeit of Rabbeinu), the books of the Chumash (Note: Chumash is the Gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman -354) corresponds to the slated 6,000 years of this world's existance. He notes that the story of Ma'asei Bereishis corresponds to the first 1,000 years, and the remainder of Sefer Bereishis corresponds to the next 1,000 years, Sefer Shemos corresponds to the 3rd millenium, etc. So according to this, Sefer Devorim corresponds to our present and final millenium.

Now, based on the Vilna Gaon's words, each Parsha of Sefer Devorim corresponds to 100 years. For this purpose, the Parshiyos of Nitzovim-Vayeilech, the only Parshiyos of this Sefer that are sometimes combined on Shabbos, count as one Parsha, making a total of 10 Parshiyos for this Sefer. Indeed, this Parsha/Parshiyos corresponds to this century 5701-5800. To note, there are 70 Pesukim in Nitzavim-Vayeilech (40 in Nitzovim & 30 in Vayeilech); and hence, each year corresponds to 0.7th of the Parsha.

With this said, what Posuk corresponds to our year 5772? The 0.7th for this is the 49.8th thru the 50.4th Posuk. In other words, they are the 50th & 51th of the 70th Pesukim. Now, the first of the Pesukim is (Devorim 31:10) - "Moshe commanded them (the Jews) saying: At the end of seven years, at the appointed time of the year of Shemitta on the holiday of Succos".

To briefly explain, this is the Mitzva of Hakhel of the Jews gathering in the Beis HaMikdash every seven years immediately following the year of Shemitta on Succos to hear parts of Sefer Devorim being read by the king. Now, in terms of Moshiach coming, the Talmud Bavli notes that Moshiach will come on Motzoei Shevi'is, the year immediately following the Shemitta year while the Talmud Yerushalmi notes that it will be the Shemitta year itself. Both Talmuds mention their respective statements in connection with the reason as to why the Beracha of Re'eh Na B'Anyeinu about redeeming the Jewish people is the seventh of the Berachos of Shemonei Esrei.

This is all very nice, but this year 5772 fits neither of these categories, and is in fact the middle year of the Shemitta cycle, so how can we prove from here of the possibility of Moshiach coming this year? You see, the letters of this Hebrew year are Hei-Tav-Shin-Ayin-Beis. Now, noting the midst of this Posuk where it says Miketz Sheva Shanim "at the end of seven years", first - the word used for "at the end" is Miketz, instead of Sof or Acharis, as it is related to the word Ketz which is associated with the Geula, and second - the last three letters of this Hebrew year spells Sheva. I saw it explained that while this year may not be a Shemitta year, it is (or may be considered) a Shemitta year in the spiritual worlds (Note: The way that we observe Shemitta nowadays, it is not an unbroken chain of Shemitta observance due to the past destruction of Bayis Rishon. Moreover, unlike in the past, we do not observe Yovel these days, which would otherwise change the year of the Shemitta being observed every 50 years). So, in case anybody thought that they would have a chance to sneak a few Aveiros before Moshiach comes, well, it may not be such a good idea now because if Moshiach comes this year, it will be too late to do Teshuva when he arrives...

Again, this is all very nice, but what does this have to do with Na Nach?

1)This verse concludes with Shnas HaShemitta B'Chag HaSuccos "Year of the Shemitta on the holiday of Succos". The year Shemitta is the Gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman - 354, and the word HaSuccos, in this instance (which is not always spelled with the exact same letters) consisting of the letters Hei-Samech-Kaf-Vav-Sav, is the Gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman - 491.

2)Rabbeinu's name begins and ends with a Noon=50, this Posuk is the 50th Posuk of Nitzovim-Vayeilech.

3)Rabbeinu's Yahrzeit is the fourth & middle day of the seven days of Succos, just as Year 5772 is the fourth and middle year of this seven-year Shemitta cycle - and consists of 354 days, just as Na Nach Nach Nachman is the Gematria of 354.

4)This Posuk mentions Moshe Rabbeinu's name, and Rabbeinu's Yahrzeit is also the day of the celebrated Succah guest - Moshe Rabbeinu of the Ushpizin. This may not sound so significant since in the Chumash, Moshe's name is mentioned 646 times, more times than anyone else in the Chumash, but doing the math, his name is mentioned once out of every 11 Pesukim, that is, less than 10% of the Pesukim. Moreover, in connection to the number seven, Moshe is the seventh generation in parental line from Avrohom Ovinu, the first Jew who was also the first to do Hafatza.

5)The 51st Posuk "When all the Jews come to see the face of Hashem your G-d in the place that He will choose, you shall read this Torah in front of all the Jews in their ears" begins with the word Bevo (when they come) - Beis,Veis,Vav,Aleph - which is the Gematria of 11, and as we know, the Petek consists of 51 words and 11 lines. Moreover, Saba's first name Yisroel is mentioned twice in this Posuk.

6)This Mitzva of Hakhel is the 612nd Mitzva of the Torah - the 2nd to the last Mitzva of the Torah, just as the word Bris - the Gematria of 612 - and as referring to Bris Mila, is the 2nd to the first Mitzva of the Torah. This is a most fitting connection to Rabbeinu as he is among the top of the rabbis to promote Shemiras HaBris, and instituted the Tikkun HaKelali as a rectification for Pegam HaBris.

7)Based on the view of those who hold that the reading of the Torah for Hakheil consisted of from the beginning of Sefer Devorim through the first paragraph of the Shema, the second paragraph of the Shema, and then from Aser Teaser (in Parshas Re'eh) through the Tochacha in Parshas Ki Tavo, there are exactly 148 Mitzvos (according to the Rambam and the Sefer Mitzvos Hashem, among other sources), and Rabbeinu's name is the Gematria of 148.


P.S. I once read somewhere of parallels between the Petek and a section of Parshas Nitzovim (Devorim 30:11-14), which includes the fact that each consists of 51 words (also noting that Nitzovim is the 51st Parsha). Now, based on the above computations of the Pesukim corresponding to the years, the year 5744 in which Saba received the Haskama from Rabbi Moshe Feinstein ZT"L for the Petek in order to spread Hafatza and Rabbeinu's teachings, corresponds to the 30.2nd thru the 30.8th Posuk of Parshas Nitzovim, in other words, the 31st Posuk - the first of the Pesukim that correspond to the Petek HaGeula!

Today was the Hilula (aniversary of death) of Rabbainu!

In northern Israel the main Nanach party tonight is by Ezra in Beit Shaan.
To find out more about Nanach and Succos - by the way Succoth has the same gimatria (numerical value) as Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman (with the inclusive)! check out the cloud index on the right side.

Friday, October 14, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel


(before this did you say Psalms) yes, (every day, how much?) I don't remember, but I searched, I sought out Psalms and I sought out books, (but you drank a lot of tea and coffee?) yes, afterwords I saw that it's possible to live without tee and coffee... R' Yisroel Karduner... what I saw! What I merited! What I saw from Rav Yisroel! I saw that he does not need tea, he got up for midnight without tea, without coffee. (maybe you remember another story of charity that you did when you were a child, besides the bread) besides for the bread? no. (no? And yet...) I, there are a lot of things, but I, I do not want to say anything that I do not remember clearly. This I remember clearly the kerosene and oil, father said that I cause him such difficulty, I light the kerosene and on the eve of Shabos there is no kerosene. “This is Yisroel Ber, Yisroel Ber took the kerosene!” And mother said, “the oil? I need the oil for Shabbos!” I asked for another two drops of oil....

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

A simple man but Kosher:

And I was very simple, and I had very strong will to be a truly kosher man, to serve Hashem in truth, and to learn and to pray. Nu nu... especially since the years after the bar mitzva began, the war of 'sins of youth' started, yes – thoughts. And I didn't know what it was. Who could tell? Who could gauge? I had difficult battles. If I had any defect, even the slightest from the thought. No, no, no... God forbid I did not defect like the... any defect, the slightest, this was by me like the most evil man in the world, yes. I did not find a place for H”Y, for the Torah, yes. And this brought me to H”Y, specificly what I endured, and I overcame, and I fought, and I said, “I love H”Y no matter what will be, I desire to serve Hashem.” I prayed in the synagogue with fervor, and with faith, and with truth, yes, to the extent that I was alone (unique – unparalleled)....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The Desire to serve H”Y:

This is a wondrous story and very awesome, for someone who gives heart truthfully. And therefore I said it is befitting and very important to tell over and write, all that transpired on me, from the day that I became intelligent (sensible), because this is a continuation from when I became intelligent until I merited to draw near to Our Holy Master this is a matter of continuation, this story from then, this continues and this is a continuation.

H”Y was gracious with me and bestowed me with such a soul, that from the day I became intelligent, that I was still a small child, my heart was burning very much to serve H”Y and to merit to fear of Heaven and faith and everything important. My desire was to cleanse myself from the vanity of desires, from all the desires of this world, just to serve Hashem. But certainly when I was a small child I didn't know anything, but the soul yearned very much, even though I didn't know anything, but my willpower and my heart, by heart was afire just to serve Hashem, and not to work at any craft or labor. My father was very poor his whole life, and then he became blind, and I was still a small child, oy vay, Master of the World! And I had yearning to aggrieve my soul, to conduct fasts, at a time that I was still very young, how old? Seven, eight years old... (you fasted at the age of seven, eight?) no, just the day preceding the first of the new month, or (the month of) Elul, in the time of the days of repentance, Elul. For example, the first of the month I wanted to fast, and my mother was very devoted and she had very great pain, “What is this with you? You are still a small child, what will you do fast?” So I didn't want to listen to her, and I did a fast every day proceeding the first day of the month, for half a day, but in the month of Elul, the day proceeding the first of the month, the whole day. And I caused great pain to my mother from this. In any event, more passed over me... this is known, that for every matter of holiness, the 'opponent' (satan, evil inclination) intensifies. On one side I had very strong desires for worldliness, and from the second side I had fear of Heaven, I despised my (worldly) life, I felt great pleasantness.

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From ongoing translation of Saba Yisroel

Strong desire to serve H”Y:

I had strong desires/will, and I had heavy battles, and I searched a place of respite. After I bought the prayerbook (and after you bought the prayerbook you did midnight?) not every night, but I had strong desire to get up at midnight and to recite Psalms, and sometimes I did not get up. But I remember Tiberius, the atmosphere was very hot, and the heat was strong during the day so that at night it was also very hot, because the stones (/bricks) were heated by the sun, and there was very great heat. And all (the people of) the city would sleep on the roofs, I too. But I got up a few hours before morning light, and I got down from the roof and went to our house. Our house was like a cave, there were no windows, it was like a cave. And I got down from the roof, after midnight the air is a little cooler, and then is the main sleep, the main life, and I descended into the room, and we had a small lamp, “number 2”.....

Will to be a Kosher person:

I got up early [before daylight] and we had a small lamp of “number 2”. I lit the lamp and I said Psalms and prayers, I began to pray. So the whole week I lit the lamp for a few hours every day, and it was deficient at the end of the week. And there was a container of kerosene (or some type of oil), this was a container from Shabos to Shabos, and I used it, and it came Shabos and there was no kerosene. So they said, “Oy, Yisroel Ber makes it tough on us, he lights the kerosene and we don't have enough to finish the week. And also I was born as a very weak person, miracles how it was that I... how it was that I grew up and I live. Yes, but blessed is H”Y....

B"H This Yom Kippur I Saw TS Nanach by the Kotel

We weren't able to shmooze, but he looks good B"H wearing white and gold.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Nanach Dream.

My 8yr old son had a dream a few weeks ago that he was standing with his friends before judgment.
One of his friends turned to my son with a worried look saying "Don't appear before the Judge as a NaNach". To this my son pulled out his NaNach Kamaih. Suddenly this friend said "Be NaNach, be NaNach, I also want to be NaNach. I also want a Kamaih."
That morning my son related to me his dream with great joy.

From ongoing translation of Saba Yisroel

Story of the Prayer Book “Everything In It”, and the Beginning of Serving H”Y:

Afterwords there are many stories, because I prayed with fervor, more than all the children, all the children pray, like children, regular, but I counted the words like money, like one counts money, and with love and wholesomeness, “Blessed are You”.... In any event in this synagogue, I prayed, this was the synagogue... it was close to us, so I prayed in the synagogue, and this synagogue (of Karlin Hasidim?) no, no, I was a Karlin hasid, but his was Bi-an (Hasidim of Bi-an...), but because it was very close, neighboring right next to our house, I entered there to pray, and there is the synagogue of Bi-an there was a chasid, very ole, and he was venerable and important, he was in charge, he was in charge of the Kollel, he was in charge, and he was a big miser. (What was his name?) R' Yaakov Kutzir, Rav Yakov Kutzir, yes. This is something known' yes. But this was before 70 years, this was before many years, oy oy oy … I? Father was a pauper and didn't have the ability to buy me a prayerbook. I wanted a prayerbook with the midnight (prayer), with Psalms, with the Maamados, all the bequests and prayers.... [R' Yakov Kutzir] he saw my prayer that it was different from all the children, he saw that I pray with intention and clinging and with truth and wholesomeness, so I found favor in his eyes, his nae is R' Yakov Kutzir. He was a big miser, with difficulty he would give a piece of pach [very low denomination coins] to charity' but to me he gave every time, almost every day he gave me a large coin covertly, he put it for me in between the pages of the prayerbook, and this was a significant coin, and he gave it to me when I prayed, and he brought it to me in the book, in order that no one would sense that he was giving me. I was a poor child, and I has strong desire to have a prayerbook that would have in it midnight (prayers), and Psalms, and Maamados, and all the other prayers, and there was a prayerbook like this that was not possible to procure except in Jerusalem. It wasn't easy to come to such a prayerbook, one needs to ask an expert in order to buy such a prayerbook. And I had a relative, an expert, a maven on prayerbooks, and my mother asked him where is it possible to obtain a prayerbook that has everything? So he showed her this prayerbook, Kol Bo (everything), but such a prayerbook costs a lot of money, I didn't have money. So I took these coins, which this man gave me as a present each time, and I collected and did not give to father, and I gave the money to mother to safekeep for me, until H”Y would bring about events to cause her to travel to Jerusalem and then she would purchase for me. H”Y caused that my mother had to travel to Jerusalem, and then she fulfilled my request and bought for, with the money that I collected, the book of prayers which has in it all types of prayers that are in the world; midnight, and psalms, and maamados, and everything... and everything is in it as it's name says, and many prayers. And this was by me like a fortune, this prayerbook, becaause I asked her to buy for me this prayerbook which has everything. When she came back home with the prayerbook, it was so beautiful that I wanted to eat all the pages. Everyone was jealous of me, and they said, “What a prayerbook!” they asked me, how did you come to such a prayerbook?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Oyvagoy Nanach Posts

Holy Speech

This Rosh Hashana in Uman I overheard to simple guys talking about how they stopped cursing after realizing that Rabbainu emphasized so much the power of speech, and that just by saying good things one brings himself closer to the truth and rectification, and from this they understood how important it is not to say bad things or language - I was listening in on this and was amazed, B"H Rabbainu's light is getting out there!

Money Miracles Blessings Publishing

B"H one of the biggest mayfitzim ("spreaders") and Nanach publishers who will remain anonymous in this post (to avoid evil eye and unwanted/warranted honor), was visited over the weekend by someone who presented him with a sack full of cash (thousands of dollars), the person told our friend that the blessings our friend had bestowed upon him had all amazingly came to fruition, and there is more money on the way B"H. B"H this blessed and blessing Nanach is good to the cause and has already designated all the money to new publications of Rabbainu Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman. In general this was seen as a sign from Heaven that we should not concern ourselves with money issues and not even to be worried about selling the holy books, our job is to keep publishing and getting the holy books out there as much as possible, and H"Y will send all the money.... In any event now that there is money there for publication it definitely puts a strong obligation on us to use it fast... B"H.

p.s. anyone who desires a blessing from this particular Nanach can get in touch with me and B"H I'll hook them up, there might be a fee....

Miracle in Uman

On Motzoay Shabos - early Sunday Morning, about 2 am, a great miracle took place in the courtyard of the tomb of Rabbainu. This is story as I heard it from one person, and confirmed it with Aron Zupnik who was there when it happened.

The Keren usually set up on benches and tables right in front of the house of the tomb, facing the people coming into the courtyard. This year the Merkaz - "central" didn't allow them to function there, claiming the place for their own fundraising for a new building to keep Rabbainu in the Ukraine R"l. On Sunday morning, the guys from the Keren, seeing that no one from the merkaz was using the spot, moved in and set up the holy books. Someone got wind of this and a great confrontation took place, and the Keren guys aquiessed and began to move out. One of the Ukranian brutes (not sure if he was ordered to do so or if he did so on his own accord) picked up a bunch of the holy sforim, upon doing so he immediately keeled backwards and started convulsing, and he fell to the floor in a seizure, according to one account there was blood coming out of his mouth. The guard had to be carried out on a cot. The guard is reputedly still alive.

One of the friends said that earlier (before Rosh Hashana I think) they had set some of the holy sforim on the windowsills of the house of the Tomb (which is behind the coveted anual place mentioned above). One of the Ukranian brutes removed them, but his hand were shaking, later this guard became very friendly to our friends.

Some highlights from Uman Rosh Hashan 5772

B"H many of us merited to be by Rabbainu for the New Years. B"H was represented and advertised by means of a self inking stamp which I bought right before my trip, there wasn't enough time to have a stamp custom made, so I bought one that provides the user to set the letters of his choice. So I set the stamp like this:

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In Uman I stamped this on most of the posters that cover the wall and gates, eventually some of the letters fell out (the 'n' from news and info), I had to replace the 10 GIG, so I put in a 9, after Rosh Hashana someone who picked up on the change of GIG asked me if I had first been stamping 9 and then uploaded another GIG and continued stamping 10?!

Today (I wrote this post a few days ago) in the Kloiz (big building a minute away from the tzion, houses mikvaos and huge prayer halls on two different floors), on the Second floor - the Sfardim's shul, I notices that on the table in fron of each seat were stickers with the names of the people that had procured that particular spot, the stickers had accumulated over the years. This presented me with a very convenient 'in your face' vehicle for hafatza, and I went around stamping many maybe even most of the stickers, no one could have complaints that this was damaging or dirtying the place.... Furthermore often the way to get something cleaned or renovated is by puttng a Nanach on it, people are very quick to fix this up.... While I was stamping (the shul was full of people praying and people were very helpful, except for one person at the very end who pushed my hand away from stamping the sticker in front of him, but he didn't cause any more trouble B"H), one person proclaimed that this was in fact a "Chasima Tova"!!! - a good seal (more literly "stamp", this is the blessing/greating one bestows on his friend on the days following Rosh Hashana, when our verdicts have been written and are awaiting to be stamped/sealed on Yom Kippur). The next day I discovered that in the Shul by the actual Tzion, there were also stickers, B"H!, I stamped it all up.

In Uman the self proclaimed official central Breslov were trying to sell bricks for a new building for the Tzion. Breslover Chasidim had a custom never to build a new house outside of Israel, and so it is our hope that this will be an impetus for Rabbainu to decide to have his Tzion moved to Jerusalem this year B"H.

The Hebrew chief editor was detained in the airport and did not make it, on facebook he posted that he has gained very clear knowledge that there is absolutely no natural events in the world, but he writes that he can not reveal what had occurred, obviously H"Y pulled through for him big time. Once some followers of Rabbainu had an extremely hard time getting to him, Rabbainu said for this he would extract the teeth of the Satan, and so it is our hope that B"H next year Rabbainu will do exactly that, to all the rabbis and their partners who stand in the way of bringing the holy tomb to E"Y, and B"H we will see Rabbainu in the Holy Land.

Apparently this year so a very minimal inclement of piligrims (also there was alot more organization, so people found their way and places and moved much faster and smoother, in the airports and streets), the main thing I think is that there was a substantial amount more than 22,000, which is the number necessary for the resting of the Divine Presence.

Yours truly got sick and there were times when I didn't even have the strength to tell people Nanach, H"Y. B"H over the New Years, sick as I was I had the opportunity to read the whole new amazing book of R' Shlomo Carlebach, "Rabbi Nachman Says" put out by Zivie Ritchey, it was like spending time in sichas chaverim (conversing with Nanach friends, a critical part of being a Breslover chasid) with Shlomo Carlbach. On page 148 - the gimatria - numerical value of "Nachman", Shlomo is quoted saying that only Rabbi Nachman really believes in H"Y! The books cover displays a picture of R' Shlomo with Saba Yisroel, and the book has a few pages dedicated to what Shlomo said about the Petek and Nanach (the tape recordings are available at the music site). The book received major funding from our Nanach friend B.F. of the Over Shabos I also had the opportunity to read stories of Saba Yisroel that were published by a MSS, the stories are AWESOME, and there is a great need to have them more available for the public and also translated B"H.

Our Canadian Nanach friend outdid himself with a complete production of different designer Nanach baseball hats; "I love Nanach" and the likes, and a whole production of designer Nanach stickers. He also had t-shirts. Airan often operates at a loss, and sold many at cost price and donated quite a stash for hafatza in E"Y. You can order the goods from May H"Y bless him and repay him infinitely in this world and the next.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sefer Hamidos on Shmiras Habris

Passing Tests Causes Miracles
Through passing a test, they make a miracle for him.
(Sefer Hamidos, Yeshua 4)

Tznius Return Stolen Energy
Through the Tznius (modesty) of a perso,n they give him back all the good that someone else took away from him through his prayers.
(Sefer Hamidos, Yeshua 6)

No Miracles for Perverts
Hashem does not perform miracles for a pervert.
(Sefer Hamidos, Yeshua 7)

Passing Test Brings a Miracle
When a person is placed in a test, he should know that if he is victorious and passes the test, Hashem will perform a miracle for him.
(Sefer Hamidos, Yeshua 16)

Embarrassment Brings Fear to Sin.
Embarrassment causes a person to fear sinning.
(Sefer Hamidos, Yerah 16)

Constant Fear of Hashem Atones Sins
A person that is always absorbed in his fear of Hashem Yisborach and it is never forgotten from him, he is forgiven for all his sins.
(Sefer Hamidos, Yerah 20)

Mikvah Brings Fear of Hashem
To gain fear of Hashem, go to the Mikvah.
(Sefer Hamidos, Yerah 31)

Denying Sin Leads to Degradation
A person that says he did not sin, is degraded by all.
(Sefer Hamidos, Kavod 10)

Most Humiliation Results From Pigam Habris
Most of the embarrassments and humiliations that come upon a person are a result of the sins of his youth (Spilling seed).
(Sefer Hamidos, Kavod 11)

Anger is a Sign of Sins
When a person has anger issues it is a sign that sins outweigh his merits.
(Sefer Hamidos, Kos 13)

Children Born Through Magic Will Be Perverts
Children that are born through the use of impure names and black magic will grow up to be perverts.
(Sefer Hamidos, Kishuf 1)

Bina Brings Teshuva
Through logic one merits Teshuva.
(Sefer Hamidos, Lemud 30)

No Set Learning Schedule Causes Impure Thoughts
A person that does not have a set time in his schedule for learning will come to have impure thoughts.
(Sefer Hamidos, Lemud 52)

Studying on Shabbos and Rosh Chodesh Keeps Away Impurity
A person that does not study Torah, since he has no time. By learning on Shabbos and Rosh Chodesh he keeps away the spirit of impurity.
(Sefer Hamidos, Lemud 65)

Do Not Study from Sefer of Evil Man
A book that was used by an evil man for his studies. Do not learn from this book, since its letters will make you evil.
(Sefer Hamidos, Lemud 82)

Every Verse in Torah Alludes Negatively to A Chaser of Lust
A person that chases after the lusts of his heart, can be found in every verse of the Torah using derogatory illusions.
(Sefer Hamidos, Lemud 85)

Separation from Torah Attaches to Satan
A person that separates himself from the Torah, attaches himself to the Satan.
(Sefer Hamidos, Lemud 86)

Lashon Hara Raises the Severity of Remaining Sins

Through speaking Lashon Hara, a person raises the remainder of his sins to the severity of the Three Cardinal Sins.
(Sefer Hamidos, Lashon Hara 2)

Mockery Can Cause Stumbling in Niuf
Through mockery a person will have many people trying to collect debts from him. They will also rule over him. He will also stumble in Niuf and his wife will rule over him.
(Sefer Hamidos, Latzanus 1)

Machlokes on Tzadikim Indication of Bad Thoughts
A person that starts controversy on the Tzadikim, it is a sign that he has bad thoughts.
(Sefer Hamidos, Miriva 15)

Most Perverts Oppose the Tzadikim
Perverts are for the most part opponents of the Tzadikim.
(Sefer Hamidos, Miriva 20)

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Words from Saba - from a new and ongoing translation

I went to school, and I didn't have what to eat, because I had given away the bread' yes. So I got a bad headache, I needed to eat but I didn't have. So my teacher, his practice was that on Sunday he would tell the students “This weeks Torah Portion is Noach”. Yes, he would repeat this many times in order that they should know know that this week is the Torah Portion Noach. He looked at all the students, and he detected that I was not listening at all, as if I wasn't in school, I don't hear at all, and do not know what-so-ever. So he left me, and then he called upon me, “Yisroel Ber! Tell which Torah portion is this week.” And I didn't know and didn't hear, just my head hurt me, that's all I knew, and I didn't hear at all what he said! Nu Nu … he hit me with cruelty, “What's this?! I said many times that this weeks Torah portion is Noach, where were you?! You do not listen?! What is this?! Where were you?! I give out my throat for nothing?!” He hit me, and I was embarrassed in front of all the students. He wanted them all to see and be afraid. The shame is impossible to describe, he hit me so much with cruelty. (How old were you?) little. (5, 6?) yes, aproximately. Beginning to learn the Chumash (five books of Moses), the portion Noach. I said from now on I will no longer give away the bread, if I give away the bread I will receive a beating, I will not give and I will not receive blows, and I will know that the weekly Torah portion is the portion Noach. Even still, I gave the bread another time to this pauper. This was by me all of Judaism. All that I heard about spirituality, about faith, about the Torah, was with me - I received new knowledge which hadn't appeared before, I didn't know from H”Y, from the Torah. I hear that there is the Torah and H”Y, so there was with me great happiness... I was the worst of all the children, the worst. I was burn into poverty and I was also a weak child. Yes, I have miracles that I am alive, that I was able to live....

He wanted to know which children were good and which children were not good, so he suddenly left me, passed over, he asked this child, “say which Torah portion it is this week.” But when he knw which portion, “Portion of Noach” ho ho, then he was already a good child, but ther were children that didn't remember, it needed time that they could remind themselves, “portion of Noach”, suddenly he came upon me, “what is the weekly Torah portion?” I didn't know anything' as if I wasn't in this world, yes, in a different court, nu, he is expectant, he is waiting, he is expectant, maybe I will remember... I? “what is this” doesn't know anything, Noach, Noach? So he – he waited and waited for an answer and there is no answer, does not know. So he asks me, “where were you? You were not here at all, where? In what world were you? What is this? You don't know? I speak and I give all my stregnth and you do not listen?” So he was very angry with me, and he hit me cruel blows. He hit me, “What is this? I speak just like that for nothing? And you do not listen? I speak and you do not know even the portion? Yes, do not know one word. “Where were you?!” Even still I saw that I need the bread, for I receive a beating, and such a beating! I suffered from the beating, and also I was embarrassed, I was humilated before the children.... He didn't hit even one other, just Yisroel Ber! (and the demeaning started from then!), the disgrace was more, more painful than the beating. I tell all of this, so that we know how much H”Y loves simple wholesomeness. I wasn't an intellectual just the wholesomeness of the heart, I very much loved the Torah and the commandments and the faith and fear of Heaven, and when I saw someone learning, or he was simple/wholesome and was reciting Psalms, then I thought, ah – this man he is thinking of the true purpose, fortunate is this man, he is busy with Psalms and he studies!