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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Words from Saba - from a new and ongoing translation

In any event, afterwords my condition improved, so I said to my mother, “I am very weak, I need a little meat with soup.” she gave me three coins, the equivalent of today's three grueshim, I went to the Hotel Shefer where the mother of Yisroel Shefer (Saba Yisroel's son-in-law, today the manager of advisors to the president of Israel) was. She was a good cook, yes. She (mother) gave me three gruesh to buy soup with a piece of meat, a piece of chicken. Nu Nu, I tasted the soup, I didn't taste soup at home in along time due to the dire poverty, I felt a good taste, yes. But H”Y returned to me my soul with miracles, I saw this a many times, miracles, miracles, H”Y showed me that he gives me to live. Yes. (So this healed you?) Yes, but she gave me a little, maybe two or three times. I needed many times, a week or two weeks, I am living by miracle. There was dire poverty and they accepted everything with love and happiness, father and mother … yes.

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