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Monday, September 19, 2011

Shlomo Carlbach meeting Saba Yisroel

In 1983 (not 100%) E.M. Klien, who resides now in the settlement of Nachleyail, was sitting in a resturaunt in Manhatten (in the 70's) and R' Shlomo Carlbach walked in and after greeting him etc. R' Shlomo asked E.M.K. to take him to see "an alter yid" (an old Jew). E.M.K. drove R' Shlomo to a shtiebel in Brooklyn (he told me the name but I forgot, it has the word Netz in it), there they found Saba Yisroel and a few chevra, and Dov Shurun with recording equipment. Saba sat down with R' Shlomo and they spoke for a bit (didn't get an exact time on this, but maybe even for a half an hour, but I really don't know). No one there really appreciated the signifigance of this meeting (at that time Saba was still unknown, and they probably didn't know yiddish) so no one eavesdropped or tried to join.

The recordings we have of R' Shlomo singing the Petek and conducting a radio interview with Dov Shurun are from a different time.

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