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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gmar Chatima Na Nach

Rosh Hashanah Greeting sheetlets:


Shanah Tovah Umetukah! Summary of Rabbi Nachman’s Last Lesson, Tik’u vachodesh shofar, Likutei Moharan II #8

It was Rabbi Nachman’s last Rosh Hashanah in his physical lifetime, and the first Rosh Hashanah he spent in Uman (in Ukraine). He became gravely ill over Rosh Hashanah, coughing up copious blood due to tuberculosis. Despite this he said this discourse, his last. He passed away several days later, 4thday Sukkot, 1810, z"tzukl z"yaa (See Chayey Moharan).

1. The Proper Rebuker needs the Voice that is like the River, like the Shofar, aspect of the simple, double, triple, quadruple Song: Y Y”K YK”W YKW”K.
2. To attain this voice is through prayer, which must be in compassion and pleading, which depends on Knowledge. When the Other Side feeds on our Knowledge then Knowledge is blemished and then cravings come and prayers are in the aspect of judgement. The Other Side swallows these prayers.
3. In that case we need a Prayer Master who can pray in the aspect of judgement, aspect of Pinchas. The Other Side will swallow his prayer but will be forced to vomit it out along with all the holinesses it devoured. Converts are made.
4. Converts are the aspect of Thunder, and the glory of Hashem is publicized by them.
5. Through revelation of God’s glory, prophecy is spread. But the Exile is like annulment of prophecy.
6. Revelation of God’s glory, like the shining forth of the sun, leads to healing and forgiveness of sins, for sins are like darkness. All this is attained by prayer, which gets multiplied by adding people. But when the prayer is not fit, the Tzaddiq may suffer for the people, God forbid.
7. Through the spread of prophecy, the imagination is repaired, and so is faith.
8. So we must beg Hashem for the true Leader who has the prophetic spirit.
9. And via faith will be renewal of the world to come, which is through mercies.
10. Then the entire world will be conducted in the aspect of Supervision, like the Land of Israel is, and then the New Song will be awoken, which is the melody of Supervision, aspect of Wonders. Mashiach and repair of the smell are attained.
11. This is aspect of Rosh Hashanah, when the prayer is aspect of judgment. This relates to repair of the head and knowledge and to the shofar blasts and the New Song and Tishrei.
12. The lung relates to all these aspects, i.e. the Knowledge, converts, glory, prophecy, imagination, renewal of the world, the New Song, repair of smell and awe. These aspects explain the story with Og in Berakhot 54 and also the verse “Tik’u vachodesh shofar/Blow the shofar on the new moon…”

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