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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Service of God and Making a Livelihood

The holy book Koachvay Ohr (Illuminating Stars: The followers of Rabbi Nachman, 14) recounts the travails of Rabbi Nussun when he began to draw close to Rabbainu. Rabbi Nussun was so infused with awareness of the future world consciousness he valued every second tremendously and was extremely diligent to consecrate all his time and effort to pursuits of holiness in prayer and Torah Study. He gradually stopped all his efforts at earning a livelihood, which led to his father getting very upset with him, kicking him out of the house. Rabbi Nussun was then on his own with a very dwindling income. One day when Rabbi Nussun came home his wife complained to him about not having any money and that she had already started to run into debt, causing Rabbi Nussun to feel very bitter and miserable. Rabbi Nussun went with to a different room and cried out to God: "Master of the World, isn't it so that before a person becomes 'kosher' in truth, the matter necessitates a prolonged processing, so meanwhile - for the time being - give me a livelihood". Rabbi Nussun told this over saying that his prayer was answered... (see the whole story there).

This story is disconcerting, if Rabbi Nussun, - who was a brilliant genius fluent and knowledgeable in all of Torah, and was visiting Rabbainu to learn from him directly, and Rabbainu was giving him specific rectifications and guidance according to the roots of his soul, - even still he ascertained that it would take him a prolonged process to be truly kosher, what's with us?!

[So for sure in the meantime let H"Y give us all the necessary livelihood.]

Our sole comfort and hope is that now in our times Rabbainu has revealed himself as the New Song, the Song of Redemption which renews the world in Faith, and B"H with the power of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman we will succeed!

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