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Sunday, August 7, 2011

News from Israel

Today I saw a simple looking guy at the Rashbi and someone told me that this person was a litvack who had learned a lot of Torah and had smicha (rabbinate), then he found out about Rabbainu and started becoming Breslov, he prayed to forget all the Torah he had learned previously and started to learn everything anew.

This guy, he lives in Maalos, was once confronted by someone who told him terrible things about Saba Yisroel, so this guy was very disturbed to hear the slander and he went to the field to do hisbodidus about this, and even though he never had seen Saba he saw him on the horizon laughing. That Shabos this guy was learning Rabbi Nachman's stories and he was overcome with sleep, and he saw Saba laughing, he asked Saba to tell him a novelty on the story he had been reading, and Saba told him that the Story of the Wise man and the Simpleton - Wise - ChaChamM is acronym for 3 selfish desires. Kuvoad - honor, Chuchma - wisdom, Mumoan - money. Simpleton - HaTaM is acronym for [Likutay] Halachos, [Likutay] Tefilos, [Likutay] Moharan. Saba told him something else, the whole Shabos he tried to remember it so that he could write it down, but it wasn't meant to be - he forgot it. Saba appeared to him the following Shabos and the third Shabos. This guy also has seen Rabbainu.


Other news, there's a Breslov Yeshiva in Pekein - the town where Rashb"i and his son hid in the cave, where the boys start the day at midnight and try to follow the ways of Rabbainu. There are no rabbis, and the guy in charge does not go with any honors. One of the boys is Shivi Kellers son, Kfir. Recently some of the boys strengthened themselves and they were learning between 100 - 160 pages of Likutay Halachos every day out loud (10-16 hours a day). B"H may H'Y bless them and all of us to know and to live the Torah of Rabbainu.

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