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Monday, August 15, 2011

Moshe Rabbenu was a Breslover

Parshat Vaetchanan, chazal tell us Moses beseeches hashem, 515 times, to enter Eretz yisroel. (Vaetchanan is the numerical value 515)
What was Moses' supplication? Hashem helped me to understand, the word Leimor in the first sentence refers to the two following sentences which were repeated 515 times
To repeat two sentences 515 times one must dance and sing them.
Afterwards I saw the Bal Haturim who says the numerical value of Vaetchanan is the same numerical value as Shirah (song)..

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Gershon Wynschenk said...

dear all

thank u for reading this. the rebbe's name TRebbe Nachman ben Feiga equals 516, making the one tefillah Moshe Rabbeinu needed to enter Erets Yisrael

Yours sincerely
Gershon George Wynschenk