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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Learn from the Klipa

When a person falls into the klipa (evil husks) God forbid, this was also the will of God and Rabbainu, obviously he/she must repent and be remorseful for falling, but even more important he should not be blasphemous in thinking that his falling was outside of the Will of God. One must understand that God is One, there is nothing outside of God, God forbid. Allowing for the possibility, G"f, that there are forces outside of God, is the greatest sin and extremely harmful (this is in fact why christianity is so hideous, because by taking away from the absolute unity of God, God being absolute infinite goodness, one introduces evil and suffering unparalleled).

When one understands that God was with him even in the utter descent, he will have invoked infinite good and rectification. There is much to be said about that, as Rabbainu revealed at great length, especially regarding the secret of "Ayeh" - where, but here I would like to point out just one ramification.

Every place that a person finds himself, his whole surrounding and awareness are God speaking to him. The more a person gets used to discussing everything with God, as one does with a friend, the more he will devolop and be adept at understanding what God is telling him.

When a person falls into lust or desires, there are "sparks" of holiness there, translated into practical usage, this means that one can learn from the nature of the lust or desire how he should and could be relating to God.

This is an area which in my opinion is considered secrets of the Torah, because they are things that can not be discussed, for to talk about them one would have to relate the coarse and vulgar desire or act which could be very harmful and probably forbidden to even talk about. Even if it seems to one person that the nature of a particular desire or lost is very common and known to his friends, it might not be the case, and even if it is so, maybe the words he chooses or just the fact that he chose to speak about it, can implant bad messages into his friend's mind and consciousness. Therefore in this realm one has to put himself on the level of the Tzadikim that are privy to the secrets of the Torah and beseech God to reveal and invest him with the sparks of holiness that were there for him to glean, to know how to serve God and be holy with the experiences God shared with him.


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