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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Importance of dancing applies to women as well

The truth is that this is obvious and doesn't need proof. However a short while ago there was a woman who published on her blog criticism against women dancing (even though her main point of contention was their dancing in public, she definitely insinuated that there was nothing positive about their dancing). The truth is quite clear all over the Torah that it is very important for women to dance (in mitzva). We find e.g. that evil queen Eezevel, wife of Achav, had one good point to her, that she would dance to bring joy to the brides, and for this her hands and feet were saved from hell. This Shabos I read in Kochvay Ohr from R' Avrohom ben R' Nachman that one time Rabbi Nachman daughter had a severe tooth ache, and without getting into the whole story, Rabbainu told her that there will come a time that she would be joyous and dance and then she would be healed. This is in fact what happened, one day she was filled with joy, she closed the shutters to the windows and danced, and she was cured.

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