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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Saba's last year

The last Rosh Hashana of Saba's life he celebrated in Uman in the house right next the Holy Tomb of Rabbainu (which was miraculous that he procured it). (Yes Saba went to Uman till the very end, even after he was unsuccessful in bringing Rabbainu's holy tomb to Israel). The details I do not know, but the followers of the MSS attacked him, throwing stones and other things at him. Every year when Saba would return from Rosh Hashana his countenance was beaming, people with him told me that in this awesome aura you didn't need electric lighting. However upon returning this final time Saba appeared very gloomy. Ben-Tzion Grant went to visit the Saba before Yom Kippur to ask him advice about a shidduch - match. Saba told him "I am not here" and would not answer his queries.

as an aside, this morning Mordichai Eash Hakosel (The man of the Western Wall - Mordechai's been a icon at the Western Wall for many many years, wearing white and full of antics, last year Mordichai was interested in going to Uman but he was not Zoche) told me how he helped Saba, who was in a wheel chair, dip in the mikva of the Jewish Quarter of Old City of Jerusalem.

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The villager said...

Pray in the mikve to bring Rabbenu to Zion- ki mitsion tese tora ou devar hashem mi Yerushalaim