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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rejected from School for Being Nanach

B"H today my son was rejected from the local Old City cheder, solely for the reason that we are Na Nach.

This morning my wife called up the administrator to find out the results of our sons application to register in the Pre1A class for the upcoming year. He frankly informed her that they were not interested in having him as part of the school since he comes from a Na Nach family. My wife politely and insistently demanded that he explain what was this 'great flaw' of being Na Nach that was enough to reject a good kid from a religious home. He responded that in Na Nach it is an OK thing if a person sits and reads Tehilim the entire day.

At the end of the conversation my wife informed him that Baruch Hashem we have full Emunah that our son's Torah is not dependent in any shape or form on enrollment in their Cheder.

B"H this is the second time we had the ability to sanctify the name of the Tzadik. The first time was when my wife got fired from her position as a cook at the local American seminary after she got caught bringing a Yisroel Saba to work.

But as Sabba said the Sheker will Fall, Fall, Fall and the Emes will Rise, Rise, Rise.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a nasty case of erev rav

Anonymous said...

Send him to any cheder in Meor Chayim. Either sefardi or the semi satmer one there. You should be thankful he was rejected from any cheder in the old city. Any cheder there is no place for young children.

Anonymous said...

why aren't you sending him to nanach cheder???????!!!!!!!!

Tzfat Nanach said...

It was very convenient and down the street, no hasah. Kid is still little.

Anonymous said...

OK to say Tehillim all day. Sounds like a compliment. But it's not just OK someone who can say Tehillim all day is an extraordinary super soul

NaaNaach said...

in Lubo. lure there is a story of a simple Jew who would read Tehilim all day, and he transformed into a very awesome Tzadik (I forgot all the details, but that was the jist of it).