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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Parshas Buluk

As we are very well aware, it is the greatest privilege to say Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman even one time, even in the span of a life time, saying Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman just one time will reverse and turn everything for the good, and better.

If you ask, how can it be that just saying a few words can make such a dramatic transition, you need not look further than this weeks Torah portion - Parshas Buluk. Buluk fears the approaching Jewish nation, so he hires Bilam to curse the Jews. Buluk who according to Our Holy Sages was an even more powerful sorcerer than Bilam is convinced that whoever Bilam curses is finished. We know that the reward of goodness is 500 times that of retribution. So if a curse from an evil person could knock out an entire righteous nation, we can not fathom the power of holy words, Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, said by even a simple person!

The Ben Eesh Chay, who was not zoche (merit) to know the secret of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, nonetheless came to an hasaga (spiritual conception) that seems to touch Nanach. The Ben Eesh Chay writes that Buluk hired Bilam to say "Yisroel" (Israel = Jews) in the reverse fashion of the way we say Nanach - to first say Yisroel, and then to take off one letter, and then take off another letter etc.. And to say "Moav" the way we say Na Nach Nachma Nachman! - To see the full and exact text of the Ben Eesh Chay, visit the Hebrew, and it is also presented in my book Likutay Nanach (which you can download for free at

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The villager said...

OK, so what does it mean that if you start in UMAN or rather "from Uman" me-Uman you get to Odessa (Odesser) after 354 km. (Gematria na nach nachma nachman). Continuing to the land of Israel you get: Odesser Ber (well of water) Israel, Ebay (blossom or source of the ever flowing river of wisdome) ha nachal novea mekor chochma. Odessa is the last landbound address before Israel when you start on a straight line treak from Uman to the holy land.

You don't want to say it backwards, but does the last part compensate for the first? Odesser Ber Israel is spelled like avi-- since he is the "father" so to speak. The youngest is the oldest etc.. the student of Nachmani is Avii (Gemarra).

With the fall of the one, the growth of the other.