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Monday, July 18, 2011

Nanach developements

B"H this week I merited to make some journeys with Sharon from our Hebrew The main purpose was to get to the hillula of the Ohr Hachaim on Mount Olives - right across from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. B"H the excursion was filled with all types of pit stops and amazing surprises. Every once in a while we would have to turn into some out of the way village to visit a Nanach, to provide his with books or other Nanach stuff, or to receive nanach music, sticker, and books etc.. B"H.

Right now I'm writing from the house of G.L. Nanach may H"Y bless him, right off of Netanya, where we are making a huge book swap - he is stocked up what's left over of tens of thousands (!!!!) of Nanach pamphlets that Aron Patz just had printed with special credit to Nir Shpitzer and almost all are gone. And we are providing him with the special Nanach publication of Sharon.

G.L. told us 2 amazing stories. One about Nir, who is an ex motorcycle stunt pro (B"H in the near future I should have some more info on that), recently on an impulse he decided to enter a competition, even though he has aged and has not practiced or exercised in years. As Divine Providence had it one of the contestants was injured (or something) and couldn't partake, and they agreed to let Nir take his place. Nir says that he doesn't know or understand how, but he left everyone in his dust, claiming first prize and many people wanting to back him. He told them that he's only interested if the bike he rides and all the promotions are Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman! Nir has been interviewed on TV. May H"Y bless Nir with all the blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

One of the contributers to the awesome new pamphlet publication of Aron Patz and Nir, had given 5,000 shekel, and received "orot" - "lights" i.e. he was got some really good jibes, and he pledged to give another 15,000. But he never gave the additional money, and a week or two later he tried to excuse himself, and tried to point Nir in other directions to raise the money. Last Friday this guy was caught by the police for driving under the influence (considerable) at 200 kilometers an hours. When he was taken to the police station he saw a woman perusing one of the newly published pamphlets (how she got it we don't know)! He was put in jail till after Shabos, on Sunday the judge set his bail at 15,000 shekel! May H"Y have mercy on him and have him correct his ways and fulfill his pledges and new pledges to Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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