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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Keren's Nanach store under fire

The Keren's Nanach stand which overlooks the Arizal has recently (I think this was a week or two ago) come under fire from the followers of one of the MSS who apparently want to take over the franchise. They have put together a petition of 50 signatures, and one they have taken to acts of aggression like dumping their garbage on the stand. There was a little more action but I do not know the details and I'm not sure they're important. The main thing is that we are getting the message that our hafatza is having a very strong impact forcing the side of evil to feel very threatened. Also we should pray for the success of Nanach.


Gershon Wynschenk said...

Dear Naanaach
Who or what are/is M.S.S please?
gershon breslover[wynschenk]

NaaNaach said...

MSS is acronym for Mefursamim Shel Sheker - Public officials that are false or about falsehood