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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fancy meeting you here

Today walking down King George someone stopped me and reminded me that he had invited me to his wedding in 2007 (on the Tayelet of Armon HaNitziv, which I think has been overidden with new housing), which I attended and did my best to Nanach as much as possible. This was still back in the day that internet wasn't everywhere, and he was bragging how his wedding was going to be on the internet, he was also excited that his name was Mordichai and the girls name was Esther.
So as Hashgucha has it, he recognized me, pulled me over, and told me that TODAY he divorced her. B"H he has two children from her (I think she has the children). B"H he's finally going to send me the video footage.

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The villager said...

The real wedding is only with the tzaddik of course.