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Friday, July 22, 2011

Doctors cause more death and harm than they do good

Rabbainu warned very strongly against endangering one's life by visiting a doctor God forbid. It is a very big trial when one is sick and is desperate to do something, that the something should not be going to a doctor God forbid. There is a tradition in Breslov that if one does capitulate and goes to a doctor, he/she should make sure to go to the very best. Scientists have recently admitted that there is great danger in going to doctors, and the danger is lesser if one is vigilant to get the best treatment.

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Anonymous said...

Doctors' main purpose is to "save" lives not to make people die.I agree being exposed to places such hospitals increase the chances of infections but it doesn't mean people who get sick should not look for a medical assistance.It's due to being exposed to this life of flesh and blood that illness may come.A person who has an acute disease can't just wait for the worst to come but look for a doc for a treatment.We know some exagerate but the thing is to be wise the best one can and counting on responsible professionals.