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Friday, July 15, 2011

Death of Leibel Kletzky

Yesterday sitting with a Nanach friend by the holy tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai I decided to do a Shi-eelas Sefer (asking a question and opening a Holy Book to see what is discussed) about the murder of Leibel Kletzky. The reply I got was something that I didn't want to share because it seemed like something the charedi world would say, but after seeing the news that there was an outbreak of fires throughout Israel, including an extremely large one of 10,000 dunam, and knowing what Rabbainu teaches in Likutay Moharan (Collection of Teachings of our Master Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, Vol. 2, Torah 67) that upon the death of a tzadik fires break out, I received confirmation to what I had found - Torah 273 of Likutay Moharan which says that there are souls that are so holy that they do not fit in this world!

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Anonymous said...

This shows how much Na Nach is needed in the USA.