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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bring the Holy Tomb of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov to Jerusalem!

In todays portion of Chok Liyisrael, the Sefer Chasidim (which often has ideas that Rabbainu promulgated) brings a Medrash (exegesis) how Moshe Rabbainu, having been told by H"Y that he could not enter the Holy Land, begged H"Y to at least be allowed to be buried there. The Holy Torah and Our Holy Sages teach us how awesome the burial of Moshe Rabbainu is, how he was buried by H"Y, and how he buried opposite the evil klipa (husk) of pi-or thus negating that strong evil influence from the world. Even still Moshe Rabbainu preferred to be buried in the Holy Land. This is be very clear, and it should be clear that undoubtedly Rabbainu would prefer to have his holy Tomb brought to Jerusalem, if we merit.

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The villager said...

Deuhhh, why do they say that if he had been brought here there would not have been a galus and the Temple would still be standing?