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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Being Stronger than Miracles

The Talmud says that one of the miracles that happened in the Temple was that High Priest did not have a nocturnal emmission on the night of Yom Kippur. even though the practice was to keep the High Priest awake the whole night, it was still considered a miracle that he escaped contamination from a sucubus. Rabbi Nachman uses this to show us how the a person rises the stronger the powers of evil will hound him and persecute him. Rabbi Nachman further uses this to teach us, that if one does fall into an impurity, he should not be astounded and confused, he should not have complaint and a grudge, for does he see himself worthy of having miracles performed for him, like the High Priest in the Temple on the night of Yom Kippur?!

The Talmud (Kidushin 81) relates stories about Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Meir who belittled transgressors, until the Satan appeared to them as a very beautiful woman, out of reach (to Rabbi Meir - on the other side of a river. to Rabbi Akiva high up on a tree), they each made extra ordinary effort to reach her, and half way there the Satan let them go, saying that if he (Satan) wasn't warned from Heaven to be cautious of them and their Torah he would have made them worthless (two miuh).

Now in the end of times, when the Satan is making his last stand, and simple people like us do not have the special protection, we must do our best to remain loyal to H"Y and His Holy Tzadik and Holy Torah, but if we fall, we must take this instride, to do otherwise would be more than haughty, looking at ourselves as special and above the Divine Providence that runs the world.

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The villager said...

I think Rabbi Nachman would have said it just that way to our generation..thanks