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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Rabbi Nachman of Breslov teaches in Likutay Moharan (Collected Teachings of Our Master Rabbi Nachman, Torah 61) that by giving honor to rabbis that are unworthy, calling them with titles of honor, causes the banishment of Jews from places of Jewish settlement. In last weeks haftora (weekly portion of the Prophets) the Prophet Yirmiya castigates the false prophets and leader of Israel. This apparently was as it is now a very big problem the Jews suffer.

High rent in Israel is an aspect of banishment, especially recently when it has actually driven hundreds of people out of their houses.

Thousands of Jews have been praying to be able to resume living in their houses (unfortunately many are praying to the government... but undoubtedly much of the prayers are directed to H"Y). In such a state rabbis should be cautious....

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NaaNaach said...

check out this anagram:
Jerusalem: Jesu (the Hebrew reference to J.C. which is actually the acronym YS"V - may his name and rememberance be obliterated) lamer. The power of Jerusalem to make j.c. lamer!