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Monday, June 27, 2011

Why Korach's sons and other Levites maintain status..

Although Korach leads a rebellion against Israel's divinely anointed leader, the Levites are honored and reinforced by the end of the parasha, why?

Because Moses executed the judgement of a full Sanhedrin on 250 people on his own then saved the whole nation from destruction by pleague through the orders he gave to Ahron. (A Sanhedrin is allowed to execute a criminal every 70 years).

Since the Korach and his men had paid for their sins, and the nation had been "saved" by the Levites- the children of Korach did NOT carry the blemishes of their fathers.

Could it be that the Holocaust is precisely what gave this generation the purity needed to enter the holyland? Let's not squander it away!

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The villager said...

Take note that Moses can do this after having given his rouach ha kodesh!